1v1 EVE COMIC #50

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Two Tuskers are out in deep low-sec hunting in their Rifters.
They're buddies and always fly together on these long trips into deep space.

After a long day and not much success, one of the Tuskers is suddenly unresponsive.
His buddy tries everything, yelling on comms, requesting messages, even bumping,
but nothing seems to work.

Finally he asks for help on Corp Comms.

The Tusker CEO, concerned, gets on the line, "What's wrong?"

Tusker, " I dunno, we've been hunting in low-sec all day and he just stopped moving!
I've tried everything."

The Tusker CEO asks, "Is he dead?"

Tusker, "I don't know that either!"

Tusker CEO, "Well you need to make sure!!"

Comms get quiet for a second and then the Corp hears the sound of Autocannons
and a very loud BOOM!

The Tusker comes back onto Comms and says, "Ok, now what?"