Eve is full of them. I often mock them right here on Eveoganda. Others do as well. It might be hard to believe, but this is all done out of love for the universe of Eve Online. It isn't intended to destroy or make people stop playing, it is actually the opposite intent. We believe in our game so much, that we feel it can withstand pointing out its naughty bits in public.

Look, Eve doesn't have any clothes on!!

Most recently my good friend and fellow blogger Stan has written several stories based around the absurdities that we take for granted in Eve. I highly recommend them. I've certainly written more than my fair share of them over the years right here, but you'll have to search the archives yourself. That isn't what this post is about.

There a lot of things we take for granted. Most of which really have no true bearing on game play. From our ships floating in the docking hanger to the confined reality of the CQ, there are "game" based inconsistencies everywhere you look. As I said however, most don't impact game play because they are universal.

But if I had to name one singular inconsistency that does actually impact game play, one singular thing about Eve that drives the logical mind a bit loopie, that doesn't make ANY sense at all... I'd be forced to think about windows. Not chat windows, or UI windows, but real honest to goodness windows made out of glass.

When you are docked in a station and supposedly sitting comfortably in your CQ, or perhaps in your pod waiting to undock ( who really knows ) you can't see outside!! Despite the obvious observable fact that most stations have hundreds of thousands of windows. I know this because I can see them from the outside. In fact, some stations are little more than giant windows. Some even have gigantic greenhouse windows that cover almost the entire station.

But you can't look out.

Talk about absurd. This is the penultimate absurdity within Eve. It is Monty Python level silliness.

Oh sure, you have the local count and you can tell there are 37 pilots in local, but which ones are right outside? You have no idea. Not a clue. Is it clear out there? Or are all 37 pilots currently camping you in with insta-locking Arty Pests?!? Undock and find out.

Thing is, like most of these things, I'm actually perfectly fine with the system as it exists. But I also imagine a solution that isn't hard to implement and that would bring new life to a place in Eve I try hard to never, ever visit, the Captain's Quarters.

Y'know that giant screen down there? The one that takes up an entire wall ( I'm working solely on memory here ), what if one of its functions was to show a station schematic with little colored dots showing the ships currently outside or waiting to dock in the station? Wouldn't that be a wonder? Or, even more crazy, a docking camera that showed you a view of the docking section of the station... before you decide to undock?

I know its crazy talk. And, as you probably guessed, I'm no fan of docking station games. They do serve a purpose from time to time, but seriously I'm willing to forget some elements in order to enhance others. And if it meant the end of station camping, or at least a serious Nerf to same, then it would be worth it.

What say you gentle reader?


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