January's Results

January's combat results are in and, while not as good as December, it turned out to be yet another great month for me. Which is odd considering I really haven't had that much playing time lately. Oh well, apparently I'm sneaking out and blowing up ships even when I'm not aware of it. Somehow.

You can see the monthly Awards wrap-up here.

Officially I was 123-31 in January. ( That includes the 17-6 Tusker FFA record of course ) 123 kills is one of my best months ever, according to Eve-Kill it is my second best month ever. However, 31 deaths is also the most I have ever exploded in one month. So I have to take the good with the bad and seriously stop exploding so much.

To be honest, I'm not sure that's going to happen. I take risks and I don't see me curbing my risky play-style. The other day I attacked an Omen Navy Issue in my Condor just to see what would happen, having never attacked an Omen Navy Issue in a Condor before. While I won't do that one again, I may very well do another. How else will I know? And how else do you get above class kills? Only by trying and dying.

I registered kills using 20 different ships in January. I've been trying to force myself to mix it up more and it seems to be working. I've officially "retired" the Sacrilege for awhile and it will be sitting in the hanger for the next few weeks, maybe longer. No real reason, but I don't like becoming anchored to one specific ship or a play-style resulting from using one ship. That gets incredibly boring.

Kills by ship in January:
Sac 40, Condor 38, Lachesis 8, Drake 6, Thorax 4, Caracal 4, Zealot 3, Cynabal 2, Executioner 2, Daredevil, Corax, Maelstrom, Imperial Navy Slicer, Vengeance, Manticore, Hurricane, Harpy, Tengu, Broadsword, and Fed Navy Comet.

I ended the month with 1,973 kills and 434 losses for my career, ranked #4,843 on Battleclinic.

As I say every month when I write this report, I remain terrible. I don't expect that to change. I also don't care one single iota about kill-board rankings, I never have. I play solely for one purpose and one purpose only - to fight. I'd be doing that if I lost every single fight ( although the Tuskers wouldn't like it if I did that ) or if I win every single fight. Having said that I obviously want to be good at it, and aI strive to be the best I can be at my chosen profession.

I have this friend who is incredibly serious about Golf. He has been playing for decades and he is really good at it. He isn't good enough to be professional because he never went down that path. Golf isn't that important to him, he loves to play and he strives to be excellent at it, but to take the next step? Not so much. And still, once, about ten years ago, he found himself officially ranked. It was way down at the bottom, but still, he was on the list for about 6 months. It meant something to him, as well it should, but it didn't define his entire life.

I look at kill-boards in much the same light. Yeah it's good to be ranked, good to have lots of kills, but it doesn't tell the whole story. It is only one part of the story.

Blah Blah.


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