DeathRace: Guess the Number Pool

ENTER NOW for a chance to WIN!!

Leave your guess in the comments of this post along with your in-game character name. The commenter that comes closest to guessing the total number of racers in this Saturday's DeathRace, without going over, will win 100m ISK and the Faction Frigate of their choice!!

So, how many racers will we have on Saturday?

5? 50? 500? Or more?!? I honestly have no idea what to expect, the news about the race continues to spread like wildfire around the Universe. CCP was kind enough to post it on their Facebook page and we had almost 20k visitors to the blog yesterday! I participated in two interviews yesterday and my fellow bloggers and tweetfleet friends are posting and re-posting...


Planning and producing a Live Event in Eve is a scary piece of business. You hover in a twilight world between total and complete failure and OMG success! But this thing is a freight train without brakes now and there is no stopping it, ready or not it will be happening in just over two days from now.

In order to make things even more interesting, I thought "why not give 'em a chance to bet on the number of racers?" and make even more work for myself! Why not indeed. I'm insane. I'm about to lose what little is left of my sanity!

So leave your guess in the comments and let's see what happens. You could walk home with some coin and a shiny new spaceship in your hanger.

Now pardon me while I go cry in the corner for a bit.


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