DeathRace: THANK YOU!

I want to take a moment to personally thank everyone that has supported the upcoming DeathRace. From the sponsors, the donations, the offers of help and to those that will be participating. Thank you all. This event, no matter what happens tomorrow, could not have happened without you and your help.

I'd like to start by mentioning just how great The Tusker's have been. My timing turned out to be perfect, as our campaign down in Evati was extended for two weeks, and just ended a few days ago! I also picked a tough time for many of our EU pilots, so apologies to them. But when you have to consider all TZs, someone is going to end up being inconvenienced. But my Corp's support means a tremendous amount and this event could not happen without it. Thanks guys.

And a special shout out to our "rivals" in R1fta as well. They were quick to jump at the chance to support the event way back at the very beginning. You guys are always a great source for good fights and I appreciate you supporting the race. Hope to see lots of rebel pilots racing around low-sec tomorrow.

And to Crossing Zebras for your support, thank you. A great Podcast and a great group of people.

Special thanks also to Simc0m [TEST] for donating an entire line of Faction Frigates and 900m in prize  money, Krull Krull for his donation of a Machariel and choice T3 Cruiser, Namibstewie for the Navy Megathron, Shiho Weitong for 2b (+/- market price) in raw materials, MicloaD [-A-] for his 1b in Prize money donation, Joffy Aulx-Gao for his 200m Donation, Jinrai Tremaine for his 500m Donation, and Lord Kronical for 200m ISK and an Oracle, Naga, Tornado and Talos!

Thank you gentlemen!!

And thanks to everyone who cross posted, podcasted, tweeted, forumed, and otherwise spread the word about DeathRace. The Eve community is an amazing thing and all of you prove that each and every day. I'm proud to be a small part of such a wonderful and creative group.

And a special shout-out to CCP Manifest, CCP Phantom and John from the Community Team, thanks for noticing the event and for your support. It is always heartening to know you have the backing of the company behind you. And, most importantly, the people that make it work. Thanks guys!

As the ISD Reporter pointed out I am a "known Pirate". But those that know me also know I am many other things. I must be insane to do this, but I still feel that such events serve a greater purpose within the universe of Eve. They can help to break up the normal certainly, but they also bring the community together and the players that fly out in space. Don't get me wrong, this isn't Live Aid or We Are The World. This is a DeathRace after all. Which, in my mind at least, makes it a uniquely Eve sort of party.

So I'd like to end this post with a very special thank you to two people. Those that will race tomorrow, for coming out and trusting an old crusty pirate like myself. And to my wife, for not leaving me when I told her about it.

Now, let's race.