The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

Oh man, sometimes Eve is such an evil, mean, rotten, stinking bitch. No matter what you do, or how hard you try, she'll kick you in the nuts time and time again.

And then she loves you again. Sigh. What a relationship we have, me and Eve. I'm smitten though and I keep coming back for more.

So, let's rehash some of the recent highlights shall we?

Sac Vs Proteus
Sometimes when you are docking in station a Proteus will dock with you. And sometimes you get the idea that maybe you should wait outside for it to undock again. But then, sometimes mind you, the pilot logs off and you dock up and go afk for awhile. And then, when you return, you realize that the Proteus pilot isn't docked, so you undock to see if he is still in local. And lo and behold he is actually sitting there! You engage him, knowing full well he'll probably just dock up again. But with Station Guns shooting you, he starts engaging as well. Sometimes it all works out just like that. Thanks to Dian for the assist.

Hookbill Vs Catalyst
I could fight this fight one hundred times and win 99 of them. And that isn't taking away anything from the other pilot, but the facts are the facts. This one was well in hand, we were fighting at an Acceleration Gate and I wasn't worried at all. lol. The key is keeping the blaster fitted dessie at arms length, which isn't difficult with two webs! Unless... unless you bump right into the Gate and lose all of your speed! Even so, it was close and the other pilot deserves all the credit. Well done.

Comet vs Corax / Comet vs Kestrel / Comet vs Merlin / Comet (DD) vs Atron / Comet vs ALL
Yep, all five of these guys were on an Acceleration Gate when I decided to attack them. I had just been in a fight in Ladister and already had some heat damage when I landed and started engaging. I decided to take the Corax out first, he was closer and I figured he'd be primary. Attacking five ships is a lot of fun, a ballet of decisions and insanely complicated. And kudos to them for engaging even when the Corax popped. I was starting to take some serious damage, but I hadn't had to engage my armor rep yet when I took down the Kestrel. But now the Merlins were on me. The Atron turned tail and ran off, more on him later. The first Merlin went down and I had used all of my Nanite in the rep cycle. At this moment, and this is why I put this in the Ugly section, I could have just left. But I didn't. I went for the last Merlin and paid for it as my Comet exploded. I was greedy, I admit it. I went back to station and jumped into my Daredevil and tracked down the Atron and killed him. Good fight all around and well worth the loss of the Comet. Thanks guys.

Prophecy Vs 3x Vexors
I haven't had the chance to try out the new Prophecy yet when I spotted these three Vexors in local. So what the Hell? I figured I would at least get one of them. I warped to the first Vexor, who was alone at the time, and got good positioning on him. But then his buddies landed right on top of me. Which was well done. It was a good fight, but I didn't have a chance against their neuts. I tried to manage as best I could, but without my web I was little more than a sitting brick. Oh well. I still love the Prophecy, just not against three Vexors!

With the DeathRace and RL being so busy lately I haven't played as much as usual, so we'll leave it at that this time. Plus I already wrote about some of the other good fights recently in other posts.

I will leave you with this thought. The Catalyst pilot and I talked a bit after the fight from above. He told me that normally he wouldn't think of engaging me. And this proves the point that I often make here in these pages, engage with confidence. You just never know what might happen. Even a fight that by all rights you should lose, is one that you will often win. The other guy can make a mistake, or his prop mod might be burned out, or he has the wrong ammo loaded... the risk is there of course. It could end up being bad or ugly... but it just might end up being the best fight of your career.

You won't know unless you try.