TESTes & Incursions

I didn't get the chance to play much yesterday, but we had an interesting mass visit from TEST Alliance in local. Nearly a hundred or so moved thru Hevrice yesterday, primarily due to a currently running Incursion event next door and up-thru the constellation.

I admit that the politics and turmoils of Null Sec are a fading interest for me now that I've been living in low for the past three years. I used to keep up to date on who was fighting who and then write about it here on the blog, but it has been a long time since I've bothered. Frankly, if it wasn't for Mord and some of my other fellow bloggers, I wouldn't know the first thing about Null. Nor care.

But we often see mass migrations impact us from time-to-time. PL went thru in force before the war and now TEST is moving thru afterwards. I can remember other "tails between their legs" alliances doing the same over the years. It isn't a boon to us that live there for a variety of reasons. Primarily they aren't moving thru a region to fight the locals, they have assets to move and while we popped about 10 of their Cynos yesterday, that really doesn't add up to much. Annoyingly the Null pilots tend to be neutral and not flashy red. So that makes taking on their station hugging assets pretty difficult. (My personal opinion is that any Null Sec Alliance pilot traveling thru Low/High should automagically be -5 is beside the point. lol, oh man would that shake things up!)

The subsequent Incursion has effectively shut off a major roam pipe to the North, which is annoying as... um, a really annoying thing can be. We have no personal interest in an Incursion and they are frankly... well, see the last sentence. I just wrote myself into a circle there, didn't I?

The problem is, much like Null Space these days, I don't know the first thing about Incursions either. I'm laughing as I write this because I used to care so much about all aspects of Eve, tried to learn the mechanics involved, read the associated things that needed to be read and stay current on the goings-on. But I really just don't do that anymore. I honestly have very little idea of what an Incursion actually is, how it works, what is involved, or anything else about it beyond what it means to me flying thru one of the systems infected.

Is that a sign of the early onset of Bitter Vet Syndrome?

LOL. No, it isn't. It is called focus. I'm focused on Low Sec, piracy and running a successful Corporation. And also writing a blog, getting thru that pile of commissions, finding time to play the game I love... y'know, things like that.

It was good to see our Brothers from Null yesterday. Good banter in local. Lots of links shared. We shouldn't be such strangers.

We'll have to visit more often.


  1. Thanks for the mention, Rixx. Yes, you should visit more often. Nullsec needs the odd visit from intergalactic anarchists.

    1. I'd be more informed if only you wrote more often y'know.

  2. I don't think I've ever seen an incursion in a FW constellation. I just assumed that it didn't happen. I was pretty surprised when I first jumped into Muetralle the other day and the rats on gate actually attacked me. I have seen a couple fleets out running incursion plexes. That's a good opportunity if you have the numbers to take them on.