Guarding Against Bitter Vet Syndrome

Having played Eve for over five years now I can tell you straight up that the old Bitter Vet lurks around every corner. It becomes easier and easier to get angry over the slightest change, buff, nerf, free item, or change of the wind. And life itself, out here in the real world, increasingly needs attention.

I just took a break for a couple of days. It was so bad that I even went about four hours last night with nothing in my skill train!! I know, ARGH! lol.

Mini-breaks are one of the tools I use to keep Eve alive. Eve tends to be very streaky and enveloping, in other words, the more you play the more it sucks you into itself. This is immersion sure, but there is a dark side to becoming immersed. You can lose track of other things. And events within the game start to take on a value inappropriate to their true value. When suddenly that last exploded ship is finally enough. You've fallen off the edge.

This kind of cycle isn't good for anyone.

Some people turn to special projects, a podcast, a blog, a work of fiction, these are all tools that some use to break from the actual game - while still remaining involved with Eve itself. For me that escape is easy, I have my blog and my work. Like the picture of Rixx that is on this post, no reason at all to do that - but it was fun.

In my humble opinion Bitter Vet Syndrome is best defeated by the opposite force - a sense of fun. If you are not having fun in Eve something is terribly wrong. And eventually that serious business of yours is going to bite you in the ass. And you'll find yourself extremely bitter about a closed door, or a changed hull model, or worthless ships artificially inflated on the market being given out behind your back, or something.

Thing is, everyone's definition of fun is different. And that is perfectly ok. All Eve is about really, is finding your happy place. Miner, builder, trader, shooter, defender or explorer. Where is your happy place?

Find it and enjoy it.

In the meantime, fly something you have never flown before. Go somewhere you have never been. See something you have never seen. Act in a way contrary to your nature. see what it is like. Try it on. Be daring.

Falling into a rut is the enemy of fun and the friend of the Bitter Vet.

In the meantime you can admire that awesome portrait.


  1. I committed my first act of piracy the other day. Killed a rifter in a belt. I felt really bad. But it was fun. I have fought in low sec before even taken gate guns but always apart of a fleet under someone's command. This was the first time i did it as a solo pilot. The best part of eve is that you can have played this game for 3 years and never experienced something as simple as attacking someone all by yourself. There is always something new to try or to even try again that brings the game back to life.

  2. Yeah, I understand what you mean Rixx. A few months ago when I was playing a lot, I noticed that I took everything far more seriously. It's easy to forget that this is just game due to its complexity and strong emotions that pvp gives you. Also the killboard can become quite an addicting thing. But I soon realized all of those things didn't mean shit. It's just a game and it's only meant to be fun. It's not suppose to be something that you take seriously or worry about. When that happens it's better for someone to see what really matter in life and just step away from it for awhile.


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