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Stay Frosty is looking for a few good pilots. Now going into our sixth month, with 130 pilots across all time-zones, we need a few more experienced, dedicated, insane un-docking fools to help lead us to the promised land. We have the infra-structure, the meatshields, the anarchists, the dedicated pilots that are spreading chaos throughout low sec, all we are missing is you!

Seriously. Stay Frosty is dedicated to old-school Small Gang and Solo undocking and getting after it. We don't care much about the rest of it. We are under the constant threat of War, station-camping, ganks, local booster alt insanity and the open hatred of half of Eve!! (We just haven't gotten around to the other half yet, but we will.) So we must be doing something right!

I could go on and on, but I think you get the idea. If this sounds like the kind of insanity that gets your blood boiling, that makes you want to log-in and get involved, then you are the exact kind of person that we're looking for. For you, ship-spinning is something you do in space while d-scanning for targets! Oh yeah, that's the hunter's mentality. Other people might not appreciate you, but in Stay Frosty you'll be among friends. We are all a tad crazy.

We are so crazy we don't even have any limitations on joining, put in an app and you get in! How insane is that?! (And yes, we have lots of spais. We love 'em!! They bring fights!!)

So get off your butt and join the in-game channel: EVEOGANDA

Or visit

Or just join already. Put those skills to use. Blow things up real good.


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