The Stay Frosty Family

The Stay Frosty Family has just gotten bigger and better. Introducing our sister corporation - Lucifer's Hammer.

We are taking the same core philosophy that has made Stay Frosty one of the largest independent corporations in all of New Eden, and are applying it to High Security space. Lucifer's Hammer is now accepting open applications from Industrial minded pilots, led by a strong team of aligned Directors, with the sole intention of building one of the most dynamic and powerful industrial corporations in all of New Eden.

But that dream has to start somewhere and it begins with you. This is a unique opportunity to join a corporation from the ground-up and add your own unique abilities to this opportunity. You have a chance to help shape the future of both Lucifer's Hammer and Stay Frosty, by being on the same team - together.

This is not going to be an Alliance in the normal way you might expect. For many reasons it is best to not "officially" align both Corporations. But this will be a much stronger bond than any typical paper Alliance. A brotherhood, if you will, of philosophy, objectives and intent and most importantly of all - fun.

I believe this is rather unique and new. Two corporations on either side of the High and Low fence, working together. And I strongly believe the sky is the limit on what we can achieve together. We are busy assembling our leadership team, Lucifer's Hammer will be Director led with my alt remaining as CEO. So that common bond will remain the unique tie that binds both corporations together.

I wish I could share all the details with you now, but we are literally building this Corporation from scratch as I type this post. Direction, opportunity, and details are being decided and implemented now.

I was born in Null space, a place where the concept of "Carebears with Teeth" was born. Many of my first Corporations were extremely powerful industrially based, so I want to bring that core concept to play in Low Sec and in High.

Get those apps in and let's build a future.

Mine Ore Die!!


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  2. Stay Frosty only accepts mains. Will Lucifer's Hammer operate on the same principle?
    Anyway, can't wait to get home and apply. This might keep me from training WCS skills and undocking that new FW alt I keep thinking about :)