Yesterday's Pew

A new recurring feature in which I will pick a random day and relate what happened blow by blow. Yesterday seems like a good place to start.

Monday, February 17th, 2014 in Eve

Between normal CEO duties, practicing and preparing for the upcoming NEO tournament, and general insanity, my play-time in Eve has been seriously curbed lately. So it was yesterday that I found only a few short hours of actual play-time.

As always I try to challenge myself as much as possible and decided to fit up a new Breacher. I hadn't flown one of them in a long time, so it was an easy choice to make. I decided to try a new fit that I'd been seeing around, and fighting myself from time to time.

As usual these days, all of this is happening during constant convo requests, forum management, and other "work" related activities. I don't mind at all, but being CEO of Stay Frosty is an interesting and constantly changing thing.

I got the Breacher fitted up, joined the regular standing gang, and undocked. As always I immediately hit d-scan and saw two Venture's in system. Always a good way to shake off the rust. The first Venture got away because I landed pretty far from him, the Breacher is not exactly a fast ship. The second one actually took two attempts to catch, but eventually he was caught. I could have easily podded him, but I'm trying not to pod Venture pilots these days.

Hevrice was crazy busy and no place for a fragile frigate, so I headed out to see what I could find. A couple systems over I detected an Algos plexing in a medium. An Algos is tricky for a Breacher to take on solo, so I asked in fleet chat if anyone else was up for it. By the time a couple mates showed up, the Algos had disappeared. For awhile we engaged a few other targets, chased Dilium around a bit, and almost caught the Algos once. I even de-cloaked a Rifter, but over-shot the point and he got away. It was clear the Algos was stabbed, as I chased him to the Sun and he still managed to get away.

Fortunately the Algos pilot warped right back to the Medium and I jumped with him into the plex. Point, web, called out in chat and soon the Algos was in a million little pieces. Yep, he had a cloak and three WCS on his sad little ship. So I didn't feel bad at all about podding him back to his CQ.

The usual chase, run, get away, near misses, guy is stabbed or cloaked, engagements later I landed in Oullie. Three Catalysts in a plex turned and ran from my single Breacher, but I did manage to catch one of them in a belt a few minutes later. Because he had run, we also podded him home.

Almost immediately I noticed the Vexor on scan. He was sitting on a station, so we waited to see what he would do. In a busy, crowded, constantly changing system he warped to a belt. I'll give him some credit for being mindlessly dedicated to ratting, as he kept running and then returning to different belts. I'm not even sure he saw us to be honest, so "running" might be a bit harsh. Either way I eventually caught him and we killed him rather quickly. That fit is rather... interesting. So yeah, also podded.

Back to the hunt. A small gang of ships was hanging off a plex trying to bait us to pull out and engage. We managed to box them in, and some ran off, but I pulled a rather nice manual move into a burning Hawk and caught him long enough for Amenio's Slicer to pour dps into him and he went down. Despite a lot of hard work earlier, this was the first really good fight of the day.

I moved on to Loes and immediately spotted a few Incursus on scan. They may or may not have been together, either way one of them was alone in a plex, so I went in. Kudos to him for not running away and moments later we were dancing the pew step together. Luckily for me he was blaster fit and having a very hard time hitting me, although he did get some very good shots into me and I was OH'ing just about everything. He finally did go down.

Almost immediately the other Incursus landed. I did consider running off, some of my mods were rather burnt, and I only had half-charges in my ASB. But running away isn't something that I typically do, so I burned into him and we went at it. Of course, this Incursus was rail fit and immediately gave me more trouble than the previous one. I made the call in fleet chat for help, but I already knew they'd arrive too late for me. The brave little Breacher finally had enough and exploded under me.

Excellent fights and totally worth it. Especially when my mates reported that they had caught him and dispatched him shortly after I exploded.

With that I podded home to Hevrice and docked up for the day. A great run in a fun little frigate. What will I fly tomorrow?

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