My Morning Cup of Coffee

If that goddamn beeping doesn't stop I'm going to hurl a smartbomb thru that screen. I need a cup of coffee that's all I need. How early is it? What? That was some dream, something about Amarrian hordes... I dunno, fading already. What is beeping?! The other Astarte was out of range y'know. Gotta get up.

Get that cup of coffee.

Ugh. I was podded last night wasn't I? That explains the dream and the ugh-head I'm wearing. I'm getting too goddamn old for this shit. I need a cat I can kick. Grumble. Beep. Beep. Ok, ok, I can get up I swear I can. I shouldn't have done that.

It's gotta be Joffy beeping. He beeps. Early in the morning. Something about a War Dec or something, again. My wife went to Dodixie yesterday and didn't get in trouble. Be smart. Uhh, my head. Gimme the remote! There, silence.

I swear this Zorr isn't fitted properly. I can feel navigational computations on my retina, and that ain't right. Gotta talk to Doc. Where did I put my pants? Next time I get podded I'm going to just not wake up again. Maybe. I did like that Amarrian chick in my dream. Ok, ok, let's get this day started. Coffee. Convo. Crap.

Ahhhh. God, I look terrible. I swear these clones ain't right. I can't put my finger on it, not without coffee. But it's the little things. My left eye was higher on my face yesterday... maybe. What the Hell do I know?  The water in this station smells like feet. Blue ice feet.

Coffee machine. Click. Minnie Blend. Probably full of rust flakes. Grrrr. Ok, pants. Shirt. Shower. Not in that order. Wait, new body, no shower. Works for me. Where is Mr.Cuddles? Oh yeah, no clone for you old buddy. I need a new cat. To kick. Alright, alright I hear your silent muted beeping! Thank god for this couch.

I think I fell asleep during one of those conversations. I may have agreed to something I'll regret in a few days. Again. What happened last night? Yeah, yeah, nice kills. Good work. Stabbed plexers. Looks like a good tussle, sorry I missed that one. Damn, that hurts. Gotta check the hangar stock. List that. Sell that one. Did I talk to that new recruit? Meh, I'll just let him in anyway.

Yawn. Oh man, that Zorr rings when my ears pop like that. Huh, never considered that navigational trick before. Thanks implant. What's beeping now? What did I lose last night anyway? Tristan. Four packs of smokes. That number for the light show producer. And some coins. Oh, and that lucky plant Zelda gave me. And Mr. Cuddles of course.

Coffee yes. God, it is full of rust flakes! Scotty better have a ship ready, I'm inna mood this morning. There are mornings when I just don't wanna get in the pod again. I must be getting old. That's funny. Nah, the coffee is starting to work. I'll just have to go in the pod, still no bathroom in this place. Stank. Dark thoughts. I'll feel better once someone else doesn't.

I forgot shoes. The gangway is freaking cold. What is that? Oh look, the number for that light show dude. Musta' fallen out. Sigh. Here we go, no hanging around in station for this scum-sucker. Time to breath water.

Did I change the filter on the pod? No. Goddammit. And the heater must be busted, this shit is cold. I'm going somewhere else. I don't have another orifice to shove a wire into!!
Yeah, yeah. Oh...

Oh yeah. That's the ticket. Hello ship. You and I are going to have some fun today, whadda say?

I knew you would.


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  2. It's all in the Coffee, your survival depends on drinking that first cup.
    Hehe, thanks for another good read. o/

    1. Thanks! For some reason this post has really gotten popular lately. Very kewl.


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