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I've created the official FFA Page here on Eveoganda to collect and promote information, prizes, donors, and other goodies about the upcoming event. You can visit and bookmark the page HERE.

This will be the 5th FFA that I've been a part of and the 12th or 15th (depending on how you count certain things) live player run event I've produced or helped to produce. It is tremendously easier these days with the amazing support and help from the team in Stay Frosty and A Band Apart. These days I simply have to say, "Ok, time for another one!" and everyone springs into action and volunteers their time. I'll probably end up thanking them a gazillion times in the coming month, but let's get started early, thanks!

A HUGE thank you to Alekseyev Karrde and the great people in NOIR. for working with us and agreeing to be the "Hells Angels to your Altamount Free Concert". (Great line Seth!) NOIR provides a huge piece of the puzzle and helps to get this event off on the right foot.

Our scouts have been busy selecting the event system and this time we are going for something a little different. As always my goal is to make this event something that EVERYONE can participate in and have fun fighting other players in T1 Frigates. As we all know, T1 Frigates are the great equalizers of Eve. Even the oldest bitter-vet can only carry so many skill points with them when flying a T1 Frigate, which gives players of all ages the best chance they have of getting a good fight. Sticking to Frigates also means we won't have to worry about TiDi or lag either. 

The final system won't be announced until before the event but it will be located in Low Sec but easily accessed from High Sec and points beyond.

Be sure to share this post and the Event Page link on your own Corporate and Alliance forums!

The building and fitting of 3-4,000 Frigates is well in-hand internally - what we need is prize donations, special ships for mini-events, or direct ISK support. ALL Donors will be featured on the official page, in all promotional materials, here on Eveoganda, and in each prize awarded. Plus you'll be awesome!

The in-game channel EVEOGANDA is a great place to contact someone, or you can send me a message on Twitter, eve-mail me, or email me at

So that's about it for now. We have a little over a month to go and, as always, I'll be updating things regularly as we go along.

Stay Frosty.


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