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It has been a long time since I ran a Twitter Tuesday, and since I've drawn a complete and utter blank today, it seems like a good time to open the floor to questions from Tweetfleet.

This does not count:
"RixxJavix Craving some bbq? need catering? Let Rib Crib Of Lakeland help you out with that!"

Morg Braktar @c_cozart
@RixxJavix is there an affirmative way to answer can I have your stuff?

The easy answer is, "When you pry them from my cold dead fingers!" But seriously I always answer yes and then never give them anything. Seems to work.

Thorn Galen @NibblerSA
@RixxJavix Why can't I convert the corpses in my hangar into something useful such as boosters, soylent green maybe ?

If you ever happen to crack open a Warp Core Stabilizer you will quickly realize where old corpses go. How this happens is still a mystery, but obviously the darn things are full of pieces and parts from dead decomposing bodies. Disgusting. I wouldn't recommend opening one. Gets all over your hangar floor. Smells terrible.

Daniel Montie @DanMontie
@RixxJavix what would you like to see in a capital rebalance?  Any new ship types?

It's rather obvious that Titan bridges need a huge nerf! Personally I'd like to see the foundations for new Sov/Null warfare implemented first and then have some new Capital ships spring from that dynamic. Instead of putting the cart before the horse, have some holes filled by need rather than want. But that's me.

RandomMcNally @RandomMcNally1
@RixxJavix Why do you drive in a parkway and park in a driveway?

Rixx doesn't "drive" or "park". But I have heard that Mudders still do this sort of thing on some of the planets I fly over. Strange people Mudders.

Orion Sa-Solo @Orion_Sa_Solo
@RixxJavix Are you still wanting to grow ABA, and if so what Corps are you looking for?

We are always looking to grow and we continue to consolidate and strengthen the Corps we do have. Our WormHole Corp is growing very well and we have an awesome cross-over Corps in Voodoo Children and Isopods, while our HS/Industry arm is growing by leaps and bounds. I remain convinced that someone dedicated to the cause could easily grow a younger player training corp if they wanted to take something like that on, but finding the right person is always a challenge. Otherwise it is all about finding the right pieces to fill the puzzle.

Lee Henderson @hendo007
@RixxJavix why do ppl "prank" you and expect you to call em back, however they use a withheld number...

Dude, stop being a sucker! I use a Sansha Responder that instantly tracks any incoming calls and lobs some big fat faction thermonuclear warheads at that location. It is surprising how few calls I get these days.

Carl Marsalis @CarlMarsalis
@RixxJavix What would you do with 5000 billion isk ? #tweetfleet #eveonline #allthemoneys

I would make it my personal goal to destroy the current blue ring of death strangling Null Sec. Period. I could do it, not a joke. It needs to die a horrible death and return to a more fractured and less monogamous standard. Otherwise we could have some seriously great fun with that kind of bread!!

Marc Callan @EVEMarcCallan
@RixxJavix What do you do with warp-core stabilizers you recover from ships you explode? Do you melt them down or simply trash them?

I'm glad you asked this, as it is rather complicated. First I have an Amarrian Priest on retainer who performs a complex exorcism ritual that removes the demon born spawn of HELL that lives inside each WCS, wrapped around the dead and decomposing bodies of capsuleer fallen that fuel each one. Once that is done the bodies are carefully removed and buried in hallowed ground. Then the component parts are burned in a fusion reactor reduced to atomic particles and then ejected into a singularity each month on a Thursday that ends in a number seven.

CCP's Lapdog ‏@webspaceships  1h
@RixxJavix should all ships in the game get frills?

Frills, Spiny Bits, Transforming Warp Wings, Opening and closing thingies, everything that makes the ship more gooder in my opinion. If I was in charge of the Art Department all the ships in Eve would have something like that on them. And more. Creativity knows no bounds.

Lucas Raholan ‏@LucasRaholan  1h
@webspaceships @RixxJavix are WCS the future of Eve?

Not in my Eve! I will never give up getting WCS banned to Transports and Industrials, it is a personal crusade! Do eet CCP!

Lee Henderson ‏@hendo007  1h
@LucasRaholan @webspaceships @RixxJavix also, when can we get eve on our android/iphones?!

I think a companion app would be awesome and should have been done already, skill training, and other features could easily be done from a mobile app. Then, when you start thinking about tablets, the possibility of actually playing Eve starts to make some sense. I'm all for it.

CCP's Lapdog ‏@webspaceships  1h
@RixxJavix how does one get into Jove space?

Mark knows the answer to this one, practice, practice, practice!

Harri ‏@meanharri  59m
@RixxJavix Where is flat Rixx currently residing this morning?

Flat Rixx was last seen entering the Emporer's Room at Ceasers Palace in Las Vegas. That was six days ago.

Doomchinchilla ‏@Doomchinchilla  39m
@RixxJavix what do you think of the massive lowsec coalitions forming? EE +SYJ + others, Shadow Cartel + DT + SCUM.

The only reason for a large low sec coalition to form is to build the foundation for potential Null Sec deployments. There is no other reason since a large coalition is counter-productive to low sec. So it'll be interesting to see what they have planned.

Morg Braktar ‏@c_cozart  5m
@RixxJavix new question! What is the best recipe in the universe (this or any alternate) for a Pangalactic Garrgle Blaster?

Seriously the best thing to do is just wrap a hammer in some gold foil and then have someone beat you in the head with it. Produces the exact same result and is much cheaper and easier to obtain. Although, because I am awesome, I down a full quart of Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster before I undock, which might explain some of my losses recently...

Ruumi Yyrkoshin @Yyrkoshin
@RixxJavix Will *that* door ever open, so I can get a proper sleep in a proper bed?

I hate to say it, but I don't think the door is going to open anytime soon. CCP has not said anything in a long time that even hints slightly at plans beyond the door. And with cutbacks eating into overall Dev time, the new six-week expansion schedule and all the other projects on their plate... doesn't look good. But then again, "never" is a long time.

Sho Menao @ShoMenao
@RixxJavix What are your thoughts on the current balance of tech 1 bc hulls in low sec and also in nullsec?

I think T1 BC ships are pretty decently balanced, but that they suffer from being squeezed between options that are so much better at jobs they should be doing. Sadly there are not any easy answers to how best to address this issue, a lot of the problems come from the proliferation of ship classes that grew up around them. So many of the Cruiser hulls are so good now and then Command Ships and everything else above them, create a tremendous amount of pressure. I'd like to see them more role specific, that might help things. But I don't know how likely that will be anytime soon.

FunkyBacon @FunkyBacon
@RixxJavix have you ever RPed in a PPC?

What is a PPC? Power PC? Pay-per-click? I dunno.

Jason @fenjayminor
@RixxJavix Who would be the cast for "The Young and the Reckless", a soap opera set in Ishomilken?

As long as I get to be Victor Neuman the rest of them can do what they want. And not Victor now, but Victor from like the late '80s Victor. Dude was rich and got all the ladies.

General Stargazer @Blind_Hope
@RixxJavix if you could be a soup, what kind of soup would you be?

Is Chilli considered a soup? If so I'd be a hot-ass burn your throat Chilli. With beans. A Chilli without beans is not a Chilli.

Aegea/Shantetha @Litefire01
@RixxJavix can i borrow your tristan? and did you remember to clean the orange off the controls?

I fit my Frigs on-demand, so I'm usually in my Tristan or it has exploded. But if I have a spare fitted you are more than welcome to it. I don't use oranges, I am a scurvy pirate!!

T Hesh @SpaceVowels
@RixxJavix favorite pirate frigate? Faction frigate?

My favorite pirate frigate is still the Daredevil. I don't fly them much anymore, they tend to attract the wrong kind of attention for solo work. In other words, I usually get blobbed to death eventually. My favorite faction frig is the Comet, I love that ship and fly it all the time. It is versatile, tough, and has great range projection. It is, in my opinion, the perfect all-around Frigate that isn't T1.

Abi @nbemo
@RixxJavix Q1: why have named your char Rixx Javixx? Q2: do you have alts? :D

When I first heard about Eve I noticed the company CCP was based in Iceland. The Capital of Iceland, Reykjavik, is the basis of the name Rixx Javix. It is pronounced the same(ish). I do have one alt who is the CEO of Lucifer's Hammer and primarily my transport alt. She can also fly an Archon, which was primarily trained to move me around the universe. She is not training anymore however.

Sindel Pellion @SindelPellion
@RixxJavix Date, marry, kill: @meanharri, @Fuzzysteve, @CCP_Falcon

Despite Harri volunteering to be killed, I shall do my best to answer this one. I would marry Falcon since CCP access means CCP access and that would be good for everyone - I'm willing to take one for the team. I'd date Harri, cause let's be honest, that would be really fun in a seriously non-sexual way of course. And that leaves poor Fuzzy for the compost bin. Sorry dood.

Leo d'Green @Leo_dGreen
@RixxJavix Would you ever join CVA? :) And I mean, really join, with no intention of stealing, sabotage, or other anti-social behaviour?

I have to be honest here and let you know that should CVA be the very last Alliance standing and everyone else remaining in Eve is in the Alliance, that I will be the only one left on their KOS list solo'ing miners in whatever systems they may own. So, to answer your question, there is no way in Hell that Rixx Javix will ever be a member of CVA. I will hold on to my character forever, just so some idiot doesn't buy it once I'm gone and join CVA. In fact, now that you mention it, I'm going to make that part of my Last Will and Testament.

And that is the end for today. Thanks to everyone who participated. I enjoyed that.

More to come?


  1. Sweeeeeet. And MOAR spiney bits and frills!!


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