Naglfar Art Print Poster
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The series continues to grow with nearly 120 posters now. I posted the Nag image because that has been the most complicated and time consuming one so far. As a general rule the Caldari and SOE ships have been the easiest and the Minmatar have been the hardest, with Gal and Amarr somewhere in the middle. The Nag is especially difficult given its rather distinctive size, shape and orientation.  The base image of this ship was built out of about 14 different images and took some serious photoshop work to get just right. And then about 14 hours of vector painting, layering, and effects to get the details down. I bet I pulled about 20 color channels when everything was said and done. It was totally worth it, I think it turned out especially awesome.

Anyway, back to work.


  1. I'm sure I'm being completely unreasonable on this, but any chance of having the orientation of the white frame text & sig in your 'normal' configuration ? My poor brain hurts when trying to reconcile the vertical nature of this ship and the horizontal frame.

    BTW, I was very much looking forward to this print. This and the Moros look outstanding together.

    1. Oh man and here I thought I was being super clever designer guy with the Vertical... and yet horizontal layout on this one!

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    3. You could always have two versions, like the Paladin

  2. +1 for a portrait layout. This is epic & will proudly sit next to the signed Archon that Blackhuey & the DP.S guys gifted me over the weekend. First cap I ever flew *sniff