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The other day CCP put out a call to help decorate two large walls in some newly expanded space. If you missed it, you can read about it at this Dev Blog. It is a rather unusual request and one that is rarely (if ever) made. So I encourage all of you to consider entering.

Given the dimensions given in that article the final specs put the murals at 8 feet wide (270cm x 135cm) so these pieces are going to be huge! It would be insanely awesome to have art hanging in CCP HQ, so naturally yours truly is making a go of sending along some submissions for consideration.

I have some ideas in the works, but I've already submitted three pieces for them to consider. I might even do some more, but time is really at a premium right now what with preparation for Fanfest well under way. So we'll see how much time I have to put some additional pieces together. I may just end up with these three submissions.

See what you think.

The Patrol
This first one might seem familiar as it is based directly on a Signature Wallpaper I finished recently and is currently on rotation in this blog's header image. This might be one of my favorite pieces ever as I think it captures so much about what Eve means to me. It is extremely evocative, there is so much potential story in that image. And I think it would make a great mural.

Paisly Caracal
This one is admittedly a little bit out there, but I wanted to try something more striking and influenced by a pop-art sensibility. Granted this isn't what most Eve art looks like, but I like it for that reason alone. It is a strong element and I'm not sure CCP's wall is ready for something like it. But you never know.

Paisly Caracal Blue

Rip in Imagination
A lone Comet makes a mark on space-time and rips open space itself, revealing New Eden and a map of Star Systems in its wake. The negative space on this one is the whole point and it makes for a powerfully striking image that captures, in my opinion, the entirety of the Eve experience in a single image. At least from a certain perspective. Which is why I liked it so much.

Stratios March

Nothing Ventured

I have no idea if CCP will choose one of these for the wall murals, but I hope so. Like I said, I may do a few more or I may not. Undecided right now.

I hope you all enter if you can and good luck.


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  2. (Grrr, typos)

    As people will be looking at them around their computer screens for hours upon hours, I would suggest something along the line of the second image, but with a color easier on the eyes than orange. Something like light blue or a medium to light green. Once you've picked the background, go for a ship whose hull color naturally matches it.

    The first image is too visually dense, it's good to stop by and look at it for a while bu not so much to have continuously in your field of view. The third one may not be easy to interpretate unless you can see it as a whole, which is unlikely in a room filled with desks and computers.

  3. I've got to say, I really do like Rip in Imagination. Well done and good luck!

  4. The Patrol is my favorite, followed by Rip in Imagination. Good job.

  5. At least one of them should surely be exploding. The lowsec touch.

  6. Rip in Imagination is my favorite. I like the orange background caracal as well but wouldn't want it on my wall where I can see it all the time.


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