Tristan Vs Zealot

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So I roll into Asakai on Saturday in my trusty Tristan. There are about 14 players in local and none of them are friendly. As soon as I land in my scanning perch I notice the Zealot. A quick d-scan and he is sitting alone either outside or inside the medium plex. I immediately knew what I was going to do, I even said as much on Comms and in Chat.

Of course I went for it. Engaging is a no-brainer. I'm in a T1 Frigate and, even if I lose, the risk to reward... ok, let's be honest here - I never worry about that anyway. It never once even entered my head and I'm not going to write it like it did. Geronimo!

The trick is surviving the initial approach. The Zealot was about 24k off of me when I landed. My Tristan is brawler scram kite fit, depending on ammo choice I can choose to hover at scram range or go in close blasters blazing. He got off a couple of good shots initially as I burned in at an angle, my AB keeping my sig radius nice and low. My AB was overheated, I wanted nothing more than to get scram and web on this guy. My only concern after surviving the initial distance was if he had a neut - which would be rare, but this is Low Sec and god only knows how people fit their ships.

And he never touched me again. The rest came down to managing cap, keeping my drones alive, and hoping that no one noticed what I was doing and came to help him. I kept a close eye on the d-scan. Once I got in tight I knew the Zealot was all mine if I could get the time needed to bring him down. I had to be very careful not to burn any modules. Once he entered structure a former Stay Frosty pilot entered local and I could see he was in a Comet. I acted quickly and invited him into fleet just as he landed on the plex. I never thought he'd shoot me instead of the Zealot, but you can't be careful enough. Just as the Zealot started to die he managed to whore on the kill. But, more importantly, the Zealot exploded. We also got the pod. As icing on the cake it turns out the Zealot pilot was a Goon! Yeah!

I wish that I could tell you the entire weekend went like that. Just one amazing kill after another. It didn't. I had a lot of fun this weekend and managed to get some good kills, but boy oh boy did I die a lot!! Weekends are harsh for the Solo/Small Gang pilot who flies without links and cloaked buddies and snakes and gate camps and whatnots. Always has been and this weekend was especially derpy for poor old Rixx.

It started Friday when I was bringing my Cynabal back from a few jumps out. I had taken it over there Thursday in the hunt for someone or something. As I jumped it into Unna I caught a Confessor on a plex gate. Next thing I know there are seven other ships on me including ECM and Links. My poor Cyn never stood a chance.

The same thing happened to my Slicer when I attacked a Retribution. Although it took nine of them including two Griffins to do the job.

I also lost a Tristan, an Algos, a Hawk and a Comet this weekend. And an Ashimmu. My poor Ashimmu. I've had that ship for almost three years, it was a gift from Oma Lorche from way back even before Stay Frosty was formed. It died valiantly, but frustratingly against overwhelming links and whatnots. Shame, but that is the way the bones roll.

I killed more than I lost, but it was a close call. Typical weekend and typical spit into the wind beginning to another month. I tend to be much more aggressive in the beginning of a month and more conservative as it wears on. lol, that's funny. Again I try to make it sound like I have a plan or something. I don't. Seriously. I just undock and take what Eve gives me every day. I have no control over it.


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  1. Why did he have conflag loaded? Of course he couldn't hit you!

    1. I have no idea. What is the old saying? "This is Eve, always count on stoopid?"