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A quick one for a busy weekend. I had a conversation in fleet yesterday that made me want to return one last time to a topic that has, obviously, been beaten to death in these pages. I'll warn you upfront that this is yet again about Faction Warfare and the module associated with it. If you want to skip reading the following I'll understand. I'm not even making an engaging and creative graphic for this post.

Let's follow a logic tree:

1. Banning or removing WCS from Eve is obviously a bad idea.

Why? Mostly young players (and some alts) use WCS to establish themselves in Faction Warfare and make iskies. Removing WCS would also remove the perception of safety that these players rely upon to engage in their moment of safety. This would make FW less profitable for young players (and some alts) and remove players from Low Sec.

Obviously, no one wants that. Least of all me. In fact, I want the opposite. I am a LS Advocate and I want LS to be even more engaging and have even more people playing in it. Low Sec is best sec.


2. Given that, why would Rixx want to ban WCS?

Because he doesn't. A fact he has repeated over and over again. Look, there are tons and tons of rational and well-discussed treatments on this issue on the internet, I've written some of them myself. But the thing is, no one pays any attention to them. Because they are BORING! If you want someone to pay attention you can't be boring and dull. And goodness knows, I am usually anything but boring and dull. Which is why people pay attention. See how that works?

3. He obviously can't catch people using WCS which is why he wants them banned.

This is rather spurious given the evidence. It also seems to indicate a penchant for preying on the weak and young, an argument also not backed up by any evidence. In fact the opposite is true. While I adhere to a rather simple rule, "Kill All The Things!" in my gameplay, the simple fact is that we are looking for good fights. Not easy ones. And while we do often kill ships with WCS fitted, "farmers" are not our primary targets. In fact, often when we do catch one we will send them iskies to help them on their way. Just last month alone I gave back nearly 250m to young farmers who ran afoul of Stay Frosty.

And that is a pretty typical month. I know other Stay Frosty pilots do the same.

4. So if you don't want to ban WCS and have no problem with them, what do you want?

Primarily I want LS to be an awesome place to play, for everyone. Secondly I want Faction Warfare to be awesome. FW brought new life to Low and I'd like to see it continue to flourish. To those that say I don't play FW and have no say in it, I say Pffft! I live in FW space, I play in FW space, I engage with FW every day. I am your biggest fan.

I spoke with several CCP'ers about this issue when I was at Fanfest. And never did I say to them that WCS needed to be banned. What I did say was that the entire FW mechanic needed to be looked at, that the module needed a fresh pair of eyes, and that changes needed to be made. Changes that would continue to ensure the perception of safety for new players, continue making isk, and make FW an even more engaging place to play. Which only benefits us pirates.

More than anything I just don't want Low Sec to be forgotten while CCP is off making Sov changes to Null.

The good news is that changes are coming. And I believe that the aftermath of those changes will be better for all of us.

And that will be a great thing.


  1. The leap from point two to point 3 is herculean. I would've gone for '3. Rixx gets irritated when the target leaves, even though he is pointed/scrammed'. It happens to me too: I get pumped for the 'inevitable' fight, and it never happens.

    Viz "the entire FW mechanic needed to be looked at, that the module needed a fresh pair of eyes, and that changes needed to be made."


    Rob K.

    1. Rixx the pirate flying in space does get irritated sometimes. The other night when I was out I had six individual attempts to engage in a row warp off after they were pointed. I'm human and I freely admit that annoys me. But that level of annoyance is part of the game, I am the hunter and it is up to me to catch my prey. And I'm ok with that.

      That is a whole different issue than the meta of mechanics involved.

  2. While you say you don't want WCS banned and you indicate you want FW change, the implication of this vague article seem to be you don't want WCS to do what they currently do. If in the context of a FW systems overhaul then perhaps there is merit.
    My issue is this: if special rules or restrictions are applied to FW these rules should not give non FW pilots advantages. If WCS or any other module is limited in use in FW complexes then those plexes should be limited to FW militia. Otherwise I see no need for special consideration in this sandbox environment.

    1. I would like to see an environment where people didn't feel the need to fit four WCS on their ships, but I realize that is probably not going to happen. What is most likely going to happen is a fundamental change to the way in which FW works, most likely including Entosis links in some way to flip systems or spawn plex. (This was discussed with CCP and they seem to be leaning this way) So most likely scenario is that WCS become pointless or less useful in the near future.

      As I've said, I do understand the need for them in the current system. But that doesn't mean the current system is optimal - either for FW or those that prey on them.

  3. Why for Bob sake Fw has to be profitable for newbies
    Incursions aren't
    Lvl4 missions aren't
    Burner missions aren't
    Escalation in C6 aren't

    So why Fw please should be profitable WITHOUT fight?

    So deny acces to Fw plexes to wcsed ships or even if you have one in your hangar. Or give Fw npc infinite scramble point


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