Mrs Javix' Journal

My wife decided to start playing Eve after our trip to Fanfest. Every so often she will be writing about her experiences as a young player learning the ins and outs of her journey. This is her first entry.

2 weeks in and I suck at Eve, but that's okay!

I'm two weeks in to this thing called Eve and I love it, I want to blow stuff up, but I can’t even remember where to go to fit my crappy rookie ship half the time.

And the Rats, that was cool at first. Then I had three shooting at me before I was even in range to do anything, stoopid slow Ibis.

But you know what, I really like it and I want to get better and figure out how I want to configure those crazy dialogs on my screen. When I have had time to play, there’s been a lot of “hey Rixx, come here, what’s this, why do I do that?” I am fortunate to have someone there to help, and there are a lot of resources for learning, but I am one of those 'figure things out the hard way kind of people IRL', so it’s likely I will be that way as an EVE player. I haven’t been able to play as much as I want but that’s okay, I work it in when I can. I am eager to explore and see what else is out there because from what I have experienced by not even playing there is community and many different paths to choose.

I would like to say that I dislike the IBIS, it is slow and all I want to do is blow up Rats and when I warp in and there are three of them I don’t stand a chance. And that sucks, but it makes me want to try harder, get moar stuffs so I can have a better ship and weapons and get moar practice. Rixx tells me what areas to avoid and other tips but I can’t remember, so I think I will probably be investing in some post-it notes to frame my computer monitor.

The learning curve is steep, and I am not comforted by Rixx saying, “They didn’t have that when I started.”  But that challenge is what is so enticing about it. And then there is the metagame aspect, it intrigues me. I don’t know exactly what I want to do in or around EVE, and I imagine that I will try many different things. It is exciting to know that there are so many options and paths available with communities to support them.

That last part is what really got me thinking about playing EVE in the first place. Community and paths. Real life blows sometimes, I don’t find much in common with people I work with or meet in my community. I have changed careers and jobs more than a few times. I like to try new things and learn. So why not have a hobby to do that? I have explored other interests but a person can only knit so many scarves or make so many pieces of jewelry and those are typically very solitary activities unless I join some group, which I tried, but no thanks. So why not EVE. Why not choose to play a really difficult, ever changing game where I can blow stuff up or be blown up instead of telling my boss fuck you.

I considered EVE for a long time, and I just couldn’t make up my mind. Did I really want to play this game? How am I going to remember what all of that stuff does? Do I want to be a pirate with Rixx or do my own thing? What about the jerks, sexism, and just crappy people in general? What finally helped me make up my mind happened the day we returned home and I returned to work. In a conference room, with three hours of sleep and jet lag, reviewing a web site I created for a group of engineers and the like, a couple of them asked “How was Iceland? Why were you there?” So I reluctantly explained about Rixx, “Oh I used to play WoW, I think I may have tried EVE at some point, do you play?” Before I could answer one of the managers had queued up the This is EVE video on his phone. “Oh that’s not the one I tried but it looks really cool.” So a few of us talked about EVE and Iceland and it was cool. Then one guy said, “I don’t know why you would go to Iceland.” I ignored it, there’s a lot of that in my workplace, hence the reason I mostly keep to myself since I don’t dig small minded jerks. A little later in that meeting that same small minded jerk made one of those casually sexist remarks. There was a lot of Whoa dude! after that, but at that moment I had made up my mind. I put up with a lot of that at work, and frankly that was the final straw. So I went home and signed up, and started learning the very next day how to fly my rookie ship.

I might forever suck at EVE, but at least I am playing. And that is my big middle finger to small minded jerks everywhere.


  1. Hi Mrs Javix,
    Well EVE is filled with small minded jerks but also a lot of cool people. So to hell with the haters and have fun. I expect a killmail with Rixx name on it in due time ! ;)

  2. Welcome to Eve Ms. Javixx - Good to have you on board!

    (Goddamnit Rixx, give the lady a few hookbills to play with at least!)

    1. She has a fully T1 fitted Merlin sitting in Jita station, so don't let her fool you.

  3. or she will ECM you to death with that Ibis...

  4. My boyfriend plays EVE, and he was having so much fun I had to see what was going on, at first I was using the account he created for his mining hauler (yes we are industry miner types)....then one day I created a new account that became our mining hauler and the old hauler account was mine all mine! I watched my boy friend pvping (he hunts pirates yes we're looking at you Rixx) and I took a couple of the Agony Unleashed courses and well...My boy friend is good at pvp and flys big ships...not that I'll really need his help.

  5. oh and nice hat!

  6. Hang in there, EVE remains ever fascinating due to its complexity...wondering your way through is the best way to do it! The Agony Unleashed courses are really fun for PvP training. Also, if you want to know more about exploration, come sit in the EvE-Scout channel in game and ask questions; it's a friendly crowd who will answer nicely...we don't tolerate any crap there. I know you have the -ABA- Brain Trust at your disposal but never hurts to dip a toe into some of the other nice communities in-game.

  7. I can't wait to hear about Mrs. Javixx's first time Mr. Rixx has her jump through the gate blind to see what's on the other side. Come on Rixx, you know you can't wait to do that:-)

  8. One Less of them, one more of Us, welcome!

  9. Thanks everyone! I love the hat too. I look forward to maybe seeing all of you in space once I am a little less derpy behind the wheel!

  10. There are a small percentage of small minded jerks everywhere, in game included. But, there are so many good people in Eve that is still amazes me compared to other games. The first few pirates that ganked me as a new player were very polite and helpful with advise after the fact. People like that are what got me hooked on the game. Welcome to one of the most unique cultures I've ever found on the net. And of course, love the hat.

  11. Nice chapeau !

    Welcome to the 'verse. You will remember the idiots and small minded-jerks more than they deserve. However, the majority of us are really happy to see any new player, and try to be as helpful as possible.

    Although Mrs. Knug fully supports my EvE addiction (She refers to Eve as "the other woman" but maintains that $15 per month for a mistress is actually quite inexpensive . . .) She has absolutely no desire to join our ranks.

    Plants vs. Zombies is her gaming limit.


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