AT Title Sponsors & Custom Wallpapers

How can you get a custom illustrated wallpaper with your favorite ship featured?!?

A Band Apart intends to compete in this year's Alliance Tournament. This will be our first time competing as we are barely over a year old. As you all know competition is extremely expensive and for a young, non-Null based Alliance like ours, the commitment is extraordinary. And while we can probably manage on our own, numbers like 65b isk to participate are scary. Few of us manage to keep our wallets above zero most of the time.

So I thought, why not have some fun with this and offer my loyal readers a chance to not only help us and be part of our effort, but also get some cool one-of-a-kind custom swag? So for the duration of this effort anyone that donates more than 1b isk to Stay Frosty in-game and writes me an email at with confirmation and details regarding the ship they'd like to have made into a wallpaper (along with any specific requests to size, etc.) will receive their request as soon as possible.

The window for this opportunity will be open until the end of June. Depending on the response, please be patient, but all donations will be honored and each donator will receive a wallpaper if they request one.

In addition, anyone that donates 10b or more to Stay Frosty will become a Title Sponsor. Not only will you also receive a custom wallpaper, but your name or the name of your Corporation will be prominently mentioned in every AT oriented post between then and the end of the AT. Which, let's face it, will be a lot of posts. I'll probably even create an awesome graphic for it that will head each post. So be sure to also let me know how you'd like that support to read.

This opportunity is open to anyone. Limit one custom wallpaper per donation. Each donation will go specifically toward the AT Tournament and will be a huge step in helping our small Alliance compete. You'll also have my eternal gratitude and thanks, for whatever that might be worth.

This is a unique and one-time only offer, and a great way to feel a part of something. Thanks ahead of time, I know I speak for everyone in ABA when I say thank you for your continued support. It means a lot to us all.

Onward and Upward.

PS: And no, I can't give you print quality posters. Just wallpapers.


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