UPDATED: RJ's Icon Guide

UPDATED Eve Icon Guide
Click to download extremely high-resolution versions

Thanks to CCP and Orvar Halldorsson, the Director of User Experience for Eve Online, I am able to provide an extremely high-resolution version (updated with the latest changes) of my previously released Icon Guide. You can click on the image above and download up to a 8000 x 4500 pixel version if you so desire.

Suitable for poster printing and hanging above your desktop game space.

I can't make PDF versions available, but I think you will find this version of a high enough quality for most printing needs. I doubt many people would want a wall-sized version. 

I left the "Not A Moon" joke on this version, even though it is not officially in-game yet. Please maintain a sense of humor.

And enjoy.

UPDATE to the UPDATE: The original file contained an error that has been corrected. If you happened to download the file before 19:00 on July 7th, you may want to download it again. Apologies, but we do aim for accuracy. The error was the Industrial and Industrial Command Ship Icons were opposite. Again, this has been corrected.

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  1. Reminds me of Designer Republic's WipeOut 3 .... white n grey with splashes of colour!

    I would poster it but the wife as ever would rip it down...different tastes we have!