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Yesterday I was teamed up with a new Stay Frosty pilot named Sam Record. Sam had just joined us and had never really PvP'd before, so I was showing him the ropes and we were having a blast. There was a Retribution in Asakai that kept showing up on d-scan and eventually landed in a plex. I had Sam align as I warped in to tackle. Sam was in a T1 fitted Executioner and I was in my Comet. I caught the Retri and began working on it and then called Sam to come in and assist. The Retribution would have exploded with or without his help, but again, I was trying to show him the ropes and encourage his first day of PvP in Eve. Retribution exploded and we let the pod go. Immediately local exploded in anger and nasty words. Based on the vitriol, I must have had a Falcon.

And then I got this sweet tear filled email:

"From: MaryJane Andersen
To: Rixx Javix

Rixx shitting himself on comms: " help help i need help i cant do solo pvp" hahahahahhahahaahah XD

Kill: Numitor Eto (Dramiel) 

whats ure best solo kill today? an atron? hahahaha scrub"

And shocker, I'm blocked from replying. Now this person obviously has no idea who I am or that I have over 4k more kills than they do. Or that I could have brought a bunch of other people to that fight and blobbed her properly. Or that I don't use links. Or anything else about me. Which is fine. This is why we encourage our pilots to give "gf" in local win or lose. Nothing is more pathetic than a sore loser.

And believe me, I explode in a lot of ships. I know. I am not an elite PvPer by any stretch of the imagination. I do not aim to be one. What I am is a workhorse, the content provider for my Corporation and those that fly with me, and an unstoppable force that PvPs every day. I don't care about losing ships. I have no fear. That is who I am. And I have become extremely good at that specific game-style. (Just the other day someone pulled a Recon trap on me solo in my Comet. I killed the bait ship and then started killing the Rook. He was in deep structure when I exploded. That is how I play Eve in a nutshell.)

So what kind of people do I encounter on a daily basis? Let's make a list. And yes, I have names for them all.

Trophy Hunters
These people want to fight me so they can have my name on their killboard. Which is fine, I enjoy these fights. The only issue, and something I have to always be aware of, is just how much they want it. They might have links in system, they may be using Slaves, or have back-up, or ECM. Any potential loss is a future link in local, so I have to be careful of Trophy Hunters. But most of the time I take the fight anyway.

When I enter a system with people in local and then suddenly they are all in a safe spot or docked up, these are what I call Gophers. They pop their heads up to see if local is clear and then go back into their holes when it isn't. You can't blame them, and I don't. I can always come back later when things have calmed down, or warp somewhere and wait. I'm very patient like that.

So there is usually a T1 Frigate in a plex they shouldn't normally be in, like a Kestrel in a Medium. This can be a Recon trap, but it can also be a Percher trap. You an easily tell when there are about 5-6 other people in local all holed up in a safe spot. I attack the bait and then they all warp in to blob me. This one is easily avoided. Or sprung. Sometimes its fun just to let traps happen.

Pirates Helper
This also happened to me yesterday. An Ishkur was approaching me from about 80k away. I was in my Comet and waiting patiently. I figured he would attack, people in Ishkurs are usually very confident people. At about the 40k mark however he stopped, aligned out and warped to a safe. No spike in local. Nothing changed. This is a perfect example of a moment when someone looks up your killboard, or uses Pirates Helper. And then suddenly decides that they better not engage.

They warp off but then they feel bad about it and want to explain that normally they would stay and fight, but y'know, not right now. The excuses can be rather hilarious, from my wife is coming home, the tea is ready, the dog needs a walk, my low slots are empty, I need reps, I already killed you a gazillion times and another one would be silly - those are all real ones by the way. I get it dude. You don't have to fight me, it isn't called non-consensual for no reason. I'll catch you later.

Hang On A Sec
These are the "gimme a minutes", the people who want to fight me... eventually. Y'know, once I give them time to get links up in local and call for back-up. Believe it or not, if I'm otherwise bored, I often do wait and take the fight anyway. Beggars can't be choosers. It is always a bad idea though to give the enemy time and nine times out of ten I lose these fights. But again, you take what you can get. And I don't care about losing.

We currently have a lot of these around the neighborhood. These are different than Trophy Hunters, these are people trying to prove their own self-worth. The difference is obvious because Provers never travel alone, always have links up and running, and always bring more to a fight than they need. I bring a T1 Frigate, they bring an AF, etc. These are among the most annoying people in all of Eve. All you can do is keep exploding their ships and hope they change their ways. Or failscade, which is usually what happens.

The Angry Avoider
The other day in Ishomilken one of these showed up. They are rare, but it still happens from time-to-time. The Angry Avoider talks forever in local about how awesome they are, they will link kills that might even have your name on them, and they won't shut up. But they will never actually fight you. And nor will I fight them. It is always a bad idea. What I will do is wait for them in another system and then catch them and explode their ship later on. Funny, they don't talk much in local after that.

This list doesn't include Blobbers, Gate Campers, Recon Trappers, or that huge Goonswarm gang that caught me fighting a Slicer on the gate the other day. Those are just the kind of normal things you find in low sec these days.

Thing is, all of these people are awesome and they make Eve a fascinating, weird, funny and constantly challenging place to play. I wouldn't change a thing. Keep doing what you are doing, even when it makes no sense at all. Please don't stop.

What would I write about if you did?


  1. Part of the Signal Cartel Credo is a "No Tears" policy and I'll get pretty harsh with any of our members that I see not living up to that. Katia coined our salute to each other in "Fly Clever" and I've always taken that to mean that our brand of PvP happens before the first opponent ever lands on grid. If we get caught and killed, so be it, just means we lost that round. If we get camped in a station, just means we should have taken steps to avoid that beforehand. There's no reason for rage out over it. And honestly, I'll never understand why people rage out over losing a few space pixels.

    1. I understand that Eve can be frustrating, that it can be very difficult, and even that people can become extremely passionate about it. Those things are easy to understand. So I suppose it isn't a leap to see how those emotions can often get the better of some people in certain situations. I try not to be judgemental and try to deal with them with good humor, it isn't always easy.

  2. I've seen a whole lot of tears while I've been in Fade. My reaction to a fight itself is always "gf", maybe talking about things that could have happened ("Wow, that was close! If you'd have abandoned drones, you'd probably have had me!"). But when people toss those salty tears out, I admit I'm not strong enough to just take it. I definitely milk it, egg them on, and get them to produce more.

    On the other hand, SMA have been very talkative, and most of what they've been saying is positive, showing them eager to learn and holding no hard feelings about us hanging out in their space. I've been impressed by the attitudes of individual pilots. One of them, I gave a Scythe Fleet Issue and told him to solo roam until he lost it. Another convo'd me for advice how to avoid getting killed next time. One guy good-naturedly asks me what I'm flying every time he sees me - on the off chance I'll answer.

    Local can be a source of good engagement and interactions, and I've had a lot of convos with people who killed me or who I killed. But those tears... they do not reflect well on those who generate them!

    1. I love chatting with people in Local, especially when I've just slipped past their 35-guy gate camp :) Had many a charming and fun conversation with folks in Local, including you!

  3. I never really get shitting in local, if I get blobbed I may say something like "cmon guys lets be fair now" but I wont rage and froth like some deranged individual

  4. Never been a talker much... but lately i been getting frustated when blobbed, mostly recons gets me... ecm the most...


    1. Those Recon traps are annoying as crap! Believe me, even I get a tad annoyed when it happens to me.

    2. There is one morw category of elite peeveepee. And that's the try hards. They might be totally cool when they lose. but they don't believe they will lose on a fair fight and that pride makes them as irritating as the rest. Rixx you fall in this category. Sorry to be blunt but you do.

    3. I have no idea what the heck you are trying to say, but I appreciate you trying hard to make a logical comment.

  5. I like the content you put out on your blog most of the time, but these list submissions make you seem like an elitist who doesnt see their own faults.

    Yes that kind of people are around, but you and your corp do that same stuff too.

    1. I suppose that certain people are incapable of seeing the humor in things, even when I label a post "humor" to make it even more obvious. Most of this blog is self-deprecating humor aimed at myself as much as others. If you can't see that, then I don't know how to help you.

  6. Meh, none of the Stay Frosty's I've fought really fall into any of these categories.


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