Major News

Back in October of 2014 Major JSilva was leaving Eve and selling his main.  In what became a rather crazy and bizarre day, I made an offer on the forums to not only take the character, but to hold it in reserve in case he ever returned to Eve.

Thanks to the generosity of the community I was able to acquire the character and for the last year plus he has been holding down the fort as ABA Alliance Executor. And sometimes scout. And my Null expansion pilot. And whatnot.

But today this story comes full circle and Major has been returned to his rightful owner. The transfer is in-progress and should be finished here in 10 or so hours. I know the rightful owner since we've been in contact pretty much since before this happened. So no worries on this being a scam.

I will not be able to re-pay the donations that made this happen in the first place, my apologies for not keeping better records. But now I'm back to being without alts again, just Rixx and Anastasia the way it was always meant to be.

I'm glad this story worked out and Major is back in the right place again. I had several offers over the past year to purchase him, most significantly higher than the original purchase price. But that was never going to happen. Even if this had taken many more years. I gave my word. And that has always been worth more to me than money.

Good luck Major. I hope you are wiser now and enjoyed your brief stay with us in A Band Apart.