Typhoon Special Edition

Typhoon Special Edition
Click to download various HI-RES sizes

I started this one about three months ago. I'm not saying it took three months to finish, not in a row at least, but it sorta kinda did. Either way, this is the first NEW illustration in the ART PRINT series completed on the new computer. I didn't fully appreciate what the increase in speed, stability and working space would mean. Not until you get down into the meat of something do you really appreciate the small things. But it makes a huge difference.

Which is why this image is HUGE! It is 45"x14" and available for download at various high-resolution sizes by clicking on the link above.

This one is freely available as a thank you to Tweetfleet, readers and fans for supporting my GoFundMe last Fall. Thank you.

Enjoy! More coming soon.

Detail from the engines


  1. That is so awesome. Stunning, even.

    Very glad the GoFundMe has made a difference!

  2. Rixx, I have been waiting for you to do the typhoon since you started the Art Print series back when it was still a trash can. I do not currently play due to time and financial issues, but I check back in every few months. It was one of the first battleships I encountered as a new player, and I could not wait to fly one. Like every new player I eventually learned that bigger is not always better in space, but I still love the look of the new Typhoon and its versatility. So thank you!


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