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I started a Patreon about a month ago and I've been kinda quite about it for a month in order to make sure it was working properly, get things set-up on my end, etc. You can find it by following this link or clicking on the button in the sidebar.

Streamers, video-makers, and podcasters have a built-in method for collecting donations that support their work, and I have no problem with that. But artists and writers especially, have a more difficult time of it. It wasn't until recently that we (mostly Niden, T'amber and myself) finally got an answer back from CCP in regards to setting up Patreon to help alleviate this problem. The answer makes perfect sense, as long as we provide all our Eve IP based work for free to everyone and don't tie it into "rewards", then we can have a donation system to help support our work.

The beauty of Patreon is that you can pick whatever monthly support you feel comfortable with and even small amounts add up when taken along with everyone else. Its a great system and it really does make it easier to set aside time each month to work on special projects. Yes I would continue to work on Eve projects without it, but having it there makes it much easier to carve out the hours needed to make it happen. And it gives me some enthusiasm for doing even more than I normally would.

For example, this past month I produced 5 Art Print posters. That is two more than my normal rate for a month. In addition I took time to provide a ton of additional support for the community, charity work, memes, propaganda, logos, and audio/video support for those that asked for it. I also made 32 new hats for people over on Tweetfleet. Just in the last 30 days.

In the next 30 days I have even more planned. Including the release of the first volume of Fan Fiction "Empyrean Chronicles" which I plan on offering for free on Amazon - which features some great Eve stories and art from around the community. It is a project I am very excited about and can't wait to get into your hands. And that is just the beginning.

If you can please consider supporting my Patreon. If not, then please continue to enjoy my work, play Eve, and be nice to people. More than anything else, we need more of that around the neighborhood.

Thanks and keep the courage.

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