World War Bee Movie Poster

World War Bee Movie Poster
Click to embiggen! Just like Mittani's head.

I'm a big fan of other people's work, and one of the designers I respect is Olly Moss who did these gorgeous Star Wars posters which are the inspiration for this World War Bee poster.  After I posted it over on Imgur, I got a lot of comments about the missing bees. So I went back and added some actual Bees flying out of Deklein. So there.


  1. I assume the attribution is for the background image of space which perhaps you got from our Observatory? However, considering our public neutral stance I don't really care to see Signal Cartel's named used in a decidedly non-neutral piece of propaganda. We have nothing to do with either side in this or any other conflict and prefer not to be part of any propaganda related to it. Others may feel differently who are also mentioned and not involved, but that's my official position on the matter, as we take our neutrality ridiculously seriously.

  2. You should follow me on Twitter, that way you can send private DMs instead of commenting in public. I also have an email address, which also makes conversations easy and confidential. Or Slack works. Or FB Messenger even. There are so many choices really.

    Either way, I removed your corp name from the poster.

    1. It's all good, this is just where I was when I thought to comment. No hard feelings, Rixx. Thanks for removing it. And I don't even mind if you delete these comments!


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