A Band Apart: Roll Tide
ATXIV Propaganda
It has been a relatively quiet run-up to the Alliance Tournament this year for my Alliance. Having finished in the Top 16 last year certainly helps take some of the edge off this year. We didn't have to worry about getting in, since we had an automatic bid, and we didn't have to fight in that weird feeder round crazy. Whew.

So we've just been quietly going about our business since almost January or so, to be honest it all starts to blur together after a while. Real practices started being serious after Fanfest and we've been doing solid three-a-weeks since then. This is a tough slog for everyone. We all have real lives out here and it can be difficult keeping everyone enthusiastic, especially when it comes to Time Zone weirdness, work schedules, and the dull ache of non-internet spaceship crap we all have to deal with.

But that is all part of the game, isn't it?  My job as Alliance leader person is to put the pieces in place and then help them as best I can to succeed. We are truly lucky to have the people we have, from our FC, support FCs, theory-crafters, pilots, and all those supporters behind the scenes cheering us on or building things for us. Which is all very exciting. Mostly I just write the checks. And pay the bills. And interject what I hope is some wisdom into the mix from time to time.

How will we do this year? I have no idea and neither does anyone else. I know that we will be ready and that everyone will give it everything they have. Of that I have no doubt. The rest comes down to the luck of the draw, the comps aligned on field, and the millions of split-second decisions made under extreme pressure. 

I'd like to see us do better than last year. I think we left a lot on the field last year and those losses still sting. I've probably watched our matches from last year about twenty times in the past few weeks. That isn't healthy. But who cares? I'll probably watch them some more before July 29th.

Lots to do before then. We are almost a month away.

Steel City Eve 2

Last year we had a blast hosting our first ever Eve Meet! So we decided to do the dumb thing and have another one, this time at our house!

More information is available over on Eve Meet at this LINK!!

Everyone is invited, doesn't matter who you are in-game, or what you do, come hang out with us and spend the day talking about Eve, eating, drinking, and having a lot of fun.

So we hope to see you there.

Could Eve Survive the Cinema?

EVE: Blood of the Empires Promotional Poster
Tom Hardy is the Pirate
Over the years I've had some fun imagining Eve as a television series (like above) or as a film. I've made fake movie posters, teased Ridley Scott pictures on Twitter, and created funny one-offs from time to time. I do this because, like I suspect most of you do, I think the idea sounds amazing. Who wouldn't want to see Eve on the big screen in the theater or the big screen at home? And we know the idea has merit because we continue to hear that such an idea is "in development". I heard it myself at Fanfest again this year from Torfi himself. And he would know.

Last I heard Ridley Scott's Scott Free Productions had the rights and that Icelandic Director (who most recently directed 2015's Everest) Baltasar Kormákur was involved somehow. The word from Fanfest hasn't changed much in the intervening years. "These things take time", "Rome wasn't built in a day", etc. Which is all true. Some properties can take decades and decades to be produced. I was just reading a story about Cowboy Bebop's decades long development. There are hundreds of examples like that.

So what is the problem? What is taking so long? I have zero inside information. Other than a life-long interest in film production, thousands of television commercials, three failed television pilots, one almost (so close) greenlit film script, and a brief movie review career - I know nothing. But I can make a few educated guesses. A thought experiment. Why not? 

The biggest hurdle in my mind right now is that Eve is a video game. And video game based films and television productions have a nasty history of failure. Every time one comes along you'll hear the same things being said, "This is the one!" Most recently that happened in the run-up to the release of Assassins Creed last year. And despite Michael Fassbender's obvious passion, that film didn't exactly light the world on fire. I haven't even seen it myself yet, and that should tell you everything you need to know. (I will eventually!) I have my own theories on why video game films tend to do poorly, but let's just go with the accepted reality that they have pretty much failed to live up to expectations in the past.

Ok so combine that with the other obvious issue - cost. Science fiction is expensive. Even for television. So even a modestly budgeted Eve film would land in the $120-175 million dollar range, a TV show maybe in the Game of Thrones range of 7-10 million per episode. An Eve based production could be made for less, or made for much more, the point is that it is going to cost something. Plus marketing and publicity. It is after all, an investment.

So combine an unproven genre with expensive production and you get major roadblocks. All of which brings us to another issue that I think needs to be addressed - the Pod. One of the things that the new Frigates of Eve book settles once and for all is the long-gestating argument amongst Eve nerds regarding the "space captain" idea. One I've written about extensively here in the past. For those not aware, the argument raged between different camps for years. Did your space captain walk around in the ship? Did they have a crew? Are you trapped inside your Pod all the time? Or a million other variations. The lore strongly leaned one way or the other, often contradicting itself depending on when it was written. But I think the FoE book has finally settled it. You are in your Pod the whole time.

And while that is a cool science-fiction based futuristic whatnot for us, looking at the outside of our ships 24/7 - it doesn't make for a very cinematic answer. Tom Hardy is not going to spend 45 minutes of a movie floating naked in green goo doing voice over work while his body twitches every so often. Ain't gonna happen.

And obviously that would have to be changed for any potential story.

None of which means anything really. The fact is that Eve has all the potential in the world to be the basis of tremendous stories set in an exciting and different science-fiction universe. It would be, and could be, incredible. We all know this. But will it ever be given the chance?

I hope so. My fingers have been crossed for so long they are turning black.

PS: If I had my way it'd be a 10 episode limited series on HBO or another premium network.

After Hours #22 with Bei Artjay

After Hours #22 with Bei Artjay is now available.


Being a Part of A Band Apart

Here's a little thing I wrote about A Band Apart... (ahem)... I'm part of A Band Apart. What part of A Band Apart are you a part of? Is that your part of A Band Apart? I'm glad I'm a part of A Band Apart. A part of it is being part of a band of many different parts, with many parts that you can be part of. So you can do your own part while being part of a greater band of many parts that can combine as one like Voltron or Captain Planet or something when all the parts work together when the need arises. So ask yourself, what part of A Band Apart would you like most to be a part of? The pirate part, the wormhole part, the ganky part, the hisec part, the indy part, even the part that fools around in null? There's sure to be a part that you can feel truly part of, and therefore you too can become a part of A Band Apart, and stay part of A Band Apart. Because we all work together even when we're apart, which is one of the best parts of being a part of A Band Apart.

— Bluey Snuttsoff, A part of A Band Apart

No Contest

Just a few of the hundreds of shirts I've designed for the greater Eve community

So today, in a classic example of bad timing, CCP announced a shirt design contest.

If one was given to conspiracy minded thinking, one might view this as more than it is. Contests are nothing new, CCP runs them all the time. In fact, I've won many of them over the years for Eve and Valkyrie. My shelves are gladly over-running with contest earnings. Next to my monitor as I write this post is an Eve Valkyrie poster hand-signed by the team from England. These are among my most prized Eve possessions.

I've even skipped contests in the past due to lack of interest at the time, or to give others a chance. I realize that sounds kinda arrogant, but I don't intend it to be. Contests are often fun especially if the subject matter or goal is interesting enough to warrant participation. But I'm not a contest professional, I am actually a creative professional. More often than not that means I do not participate in contests, for Eve or for anything else. I like to get paid for spending hours and hours doing what I get paid for. Its called making a living and I've been doing it for 32 years now.

No I don't believe that anything evil was intended by CCP announcing this contest. I am, after all, but a speck on the windshield of their Titan. An annoying speck. But a speck nonetheless. But I won't just be standing out of this particular contest, instead I am actively boycotting it. And encouraging others to do the same.

I am encouraging ALL creatives in the community to NOT enter this contest.

Here are my reasons:

• The rules are terrible for you. Win or lose, CCP owns your work. This means they can use it anytime they want now or in the future and you have no say about it. Every piece you enter becomes their property for eternity. Think about that for a second. That is borderline criminal when you think about it.

• The prizes are not very good. You don't even get a t-shirt!

It is a bad contest that is set-up to essentially troll the community for free ideas. And for that reason I will not be entering anything and I strongly suggest you do not as well.

For me, I can't enter. If I enter and don't win, CCP can claim my shirt designs suck and yet they can keep my art to do whatever they want with it. If I do manage to win one of the prizes, CCP gets the chance to look great in the eyes of the community and I get nothing. I already pre-ordered the Frigate book and I already have t-shirts with my name on them. A couple that CCP printed themselves.

It is a no-win situation. And given the context of the past few months it is (probably) unintentionally insulting. Big benefit of the doubt here. I'd rather spend my time creating new shirt designs for my own RedBubble store and the long list of commissions that need my attention.

And yes, I suspect they will get a ton of submissions and I wish anyone that does enter the very best of luck. But I really do encourage you to have more self-respect for your time, your creative energy and your work than that.

If you don't respect your work, no one else will.

Keep the courage.

Postcard Backs

At Fanfest this year I handed out, among other things, 400 sets of Art Postcards featuring art on the fronts and backs. I held out on posting the backs for awhile, but here they are in all their glory.

Fanfest Postcard Back #1

Fanfest Postcard Back #2

Fanfest Postcard Back #3

Fanfest Postcard Back #4



Have you been on Facebook or Reddit in the last few days? Sheesh, talk about anger. There are some truly hostile, angry, mean, and often personal things being said about certain people at CCP. It doesn't even matter why, or what, or any of the reasons for it. That isn't the point of my post today. Just keep that in mind as we move forward. Hundreds of people, anger, vile words, and Memes, and whatnots.

Now that we have the proper mental picture, let us reflect on your friendly neighborhood blogger over here on Eveoganda. Generally regarded by most as a decent enough fella. Given to troublemaking tendencies sure, but always with the greater good in mind. He gets mad sometimes, but its always about making Eve better. Gooder even. Putting Frills back on Vagabonds. Hats on avatars. Opening doors. And often advocating for a better Eve Store experience.

Oh and I make arts. And videos. And I have this podcast. Etc.

Back when I started this blog I was just a faceless player starting his adventures in New Eden. Over the years that has transformed a bit, mostly just due to pure hard headedness on my part. Stick around long enough and stuff is bound to happen. Along the way I made fun of CCP sometimes, they banned my store, I made Frills on Tweetfleet avatars, they did their thing and I did mine. It wasn't until they called me one day to suggest we do some work together that things changed. For awhile there I seemed like a golden boy, shit was tight. Suddenly my support tickets got answered right away. Finally, after years of rejection, the logs finally showed things. My art hung on the o7 Show walls for over two years. I was in like Flynn. And then things went the other way rather quickly.

No need to re-hash old news. So lets skip ahead a bit and reflect on the following photo. Please keep in mind the Facebook/Reddit anger thing I mentioned earlier.


So that's me (on the left) with Hilmar (on the right) at Nora's in Reykjavik the night before Fanfest. He walked in and after a few minutes I went up and we started talking for about fifteen minutes or so. We even had a nice laugh about the time he shot me down at the Charity dinner in 2015. I felt comfortable enough to invite him to join me on After Hours to talk about the legacy of Eve and the early days. Anniversaries are coming up and he seemed genuinely interested in doing it. Send me an email he said, and my people will work out my schedule.

You see even with all the crap that was going on at the time, I'm still just a big old goof. I figured all this stuff was behind us and we'd all just move on down the road like adults.

Uh no. What you don't know is that I did send that email and I got an immediate reply. You see Rixx has been a bad boy, he wrote bad things about CCP and the store and the Art Posters. All of which was true, but never mind that we are putting him on super secret probation. Although we are not going to call it that. So non-super secret probation. Either way the results are the same.

So no to having Hilmar on the podcast. My art came down off the walls of the o7Show in case you didn't notice. My segment "Hauling Thoughts" nowhere to be seen. (And no word from anyone on that either btw, it just didn't air.)

So yeah. Lately I've been struggling a bit with what this means going forward. What role do I have now, what should I write here in these pages? I criticized a company that makes a game I love for doing nothing for a year, keeping my mouth shut about it for a YEAR, until I finally had enough. Dealt with it. Like an adult. And then sat thru a horrible roundtable with twenty other players all of whom felt exactly like I did. And wrote a well-reasoned and logical article about it.

Remember those angry Facebook and Reddit posters from earlier? That's like a Hydrogen Bomb next to my little hand grenade.

So essentially I've come to this conclusion my friends. I'm moving on without CCP. I don't need them to play Eve and run my Corporation or Alliance. I don't need them to make more art or write or podcast or make videos or anything else really. I won't need them to make an Eve based Card Game or an Eve based Coloring Book either. Once I started thinking about it, I quickly realized I don't need them for much of anything.

I'd rather do this stuff with them, sure. But they don't need to be there. And given the childish and often immature ways in which they seem to handle things, maybe I'm better off without them.

HTFU indeed.

The Grand Naglfar Marathon Roam

Naglfar Art Print Poster
Vertical Supremecy
My good friend and fellow Stay Frostian Watson Crick runs in real life. Runs, as in running. I don't understand this, but he does it (often with his beautiful wife) and has gotten relatively good at it. Recently he ran a long distance in what he called a "Marathon". Oddly, this does not refer to the town in Greece as you might expect. But rather to a race that takes place over long distances. On foot.

Whatever the truth of that happens to be, it did give him the excuse he has been looking for to finally lose the rather large Capital Ship he has been hiding in his hangar. So last evening he organized what he called the Naglfar Marathon Roam and a bunch of us crusty Pirates and fellow ABAians decided to join him. I decided, if Watson was going to risk his Nag, I should probably escort him properly with one of my Bhaalgorns. Draped in its impressive ATXIV skin. One must dress up for these formal roams. We actually had two of those in our fleet. Quite impressive.

Everything got off on the right foot as we entered Vey and discovered a Cyno lit on one of the stations. We are not usually in the business of popping Red Frog cyno ships, but the pilot was a good sport about it as we held him down and let the Nag kill him.  Many LOLS were shared in local that day my friends.

Next our scouts started telling us about an E-UNI gang headed our way, a bunch of Osprey and Caracal types. So we waited on the other side of a gate for them to jump into us. As you can see from the Battle Report we came out pretty good in that fight. We lost two ships and we cremated their entire Logistics wing and took down a few others before they warped off and disengaged. It was a fun brawl and I wasn't even primary for once. Although my Bhaal did dip into low armor, it more than made up for it by draining all three Ospreys.

Of course you can't just warp a Nag around Low Sec and expect to live forever. Although living wasn't the goal of this roam, our only intention was to have some fun and some good fights. We heard about another gang of Cynabals roaming around and figured they'd make for another good fight. Eventually we did clash and things were going ok until the Cyno was lit.

Let's see, a Rev, 3 Archons, 2 Moros, 2 Thannies, Scimi, 5 Cynabals, and other assorted ships. We stood our ground and had a fight, but it honestly didn't take long for the Nag to explode after that. You can see the Battle Report for yourself. And yes, 13% efficiency is pretty terrible. But y'know, like most things in Eve, the numbers don't tell the full story. We had a blast together and it was a fun night that we all knew would end in a Hot Drop somewhere along the line.

And yes, my Bhaalgorn lived. Mostly just by chance. It is after all a long range ship, so I had pulled range from the gate to better hit targets with mah lazors and neuts. Once the battle was clearly lost I realized that no one had pointed me, so off to the station I warped. Which was kind of a bummer, since I had actually purchased insurance before we left home.

Stay Frosty my friends.

PS: Watson wants me to inform you that he runs Half Marathons. Something to do with training time and still having time to play Eve or something.

A Brutix Moment

So yesterday I'm out roaming around with about 3-5 fellow Stay Frostians and we're doing the usual stuff. Trying hard to find content in empty corners of Low Sec and engaging pretty much everything we can to drum up some business. Mostly just having fun and chasing people around. This is pretty much what we do on a regular basis. Trouble makers. Instigators. Insane Engagement Doctors. We are rather famous for it. To be a successful Pirate you have to cultivate the concept that you will fight anything, anytime, anywhere. And no one, in my humble opinion, is more well-known for that than we are.

Such a public persona comes at a price however. There are times when people will try to use it against you. There were a couple of these ideas being bandied about in the neighborhood yesterday. In one system we had someone sitting in a Medium in a Talwar, with his cloaked Stratios buddy inside waiting. And there were others, I don't want to give away any more free ideas. Figure these things out for yourself! This is why I try to get everyone who happens to be on-line at the time into a fleet. Even if you plan on flying solo, you should be in the Stay Frosty fleet together. This way we can share intel, potential targets, and opportunities. And yes, that sentence was aimed internally.

And so it was that this Brutix showed up on scan, alone in our home system. Look, most likely the guy is not an idiot. I don't know him, but I'm going to just assume he isn't. We could have engaged him in our Frigates and killed him, maybe lose a few ships, take forever, and give his backup plenty of time to arrive. Or, I could dock up, jump into a Brutix of my own and see if he wanted to play.

Sometimes its better not to be the hunter and appear to be the prey. So I warped to a Large and waited. Sure enough, he landed and we danced. Just FYI, my Brutix fit is much better than his. But I have hungry mouths to feed so my Corp mates also came along. One of them brought a Ferox! How's that for Pirate humor? (I love it, earlier he was in a Drake!) I told everyone to overheat and kill the Brutix fast, align out to the station... because help was coming.

Sure enough that's when the Bhallgorn and friends showed up on d-scan. Luckily Battleships take forever to warp, so we had time to finish the Brutix off and warp away just as the Bhallgorn landed.

All of which isn't even the point of this post.

In my earlier days I would have docked up and gotten into something bigger and engaged that Bhallgorn. And then had three Carriers drop on my ass and go boom. The advantage of your own home system is that no one knows what you have on hand. And sometimes it is better that they don't. I have a crazy hangar. But these days I'm really trying to be smarter about how I use it.

In addition, and this is the real point here. I'm trying to be a better CEO. Because it isn't just me YOLO'ing into a potential hotdrop, but it is also my Corp mates. And while I encourage everyone in Stay Frosty to go for fights, often against impossible odds. I also like them to use their brains. There is a fine line between daring and stoopid. And I'd like them to err on the side of the former.

This isn't a new thing of course. But it continues to be something I'm trying to work on every time I undock. I'm not only the Pirate Lord of Low Sec but I'm also the CEO of Stay Frosty. And I'm trying to work on being better at both those things.

Every day is an adventure.

PS: If you'd like to live the life of adventure and become a notorious pirate Stay Frosty is always open. No prior experience needed. Just join the in-game EVEOGANDA channel or just go ahead and apply. We take everyone.

Alliance Tournament XV

Things are heating up for this Summer's Alliance Tournament. Yesterday we got a look at some stats from this year's prize ships and they are, as always, very impressive. This will be A Band Apart's third Alliance Tournament believe it or not. And after last year's Top 16 finish, this time around we are automatic bid worthy! (Forms and Plex already delivered.)

I could not be prouder of our team. We've already been hard at work with our practice schedule for well over a month now and the rules are not even out yet. I don't expect many changes this year, but there are always the subtle things that you have to look out for. Maybe some point changes when it comes to certain ship types? Who knows. But we will all find out around this time next week.

Funny, even after almost nine years of playing this crazy game, I'm still racing to get a few skills trained up before the Tournament starts. All of Rixx's skills are sub-cap skills and even with 160m+ already trained, there are still a few more that could use topping off. Right now that is Marauder V - which is an extremely loooong skill. 20 days to go on that one. And then a few weird skills I never thought I'd need.

If we make it to the final weekend of the Tournament this year, it will happen on my Birthday. Which I consider a good omen. That Saturday is also the day we are planning on our next player meet - Steel City Eve II: This Time It Is Personal. Which I just realized... one of these things may have to change.

I really enjoy the AT, the practices, the teamwork, and everything that goes into getting ready and then playing. I'm expecting good things from our team again this year and hoping that we can make a solid run at an even higher finish than last year. Top 16 was amazing for our second year, but we can do better. So much depends on seeding and placement and other random things that are completely out of your control. Which is all part of the fun.

Onward and upward.

In Extremis?

in ex·tre·mis
ˌin ikˈstrāmis,ˌin ikˈstrēmis/

1. in an extremely difficult situation."they suddenly find themselves in extremis 20 miles out to sea"

at the point of death.

Given the recent lack of activity here in these vaunted pages, it would only be natural to start assuming that I've decided to stop writing in the blog. Perhaps I am burned out. Toasted. Turning bitter old vet, or else have succumbed to distraction. After all, I do have a lot of irons in the fire these days. The truth is buried somewhere in there, but the fact is that I was simply taking a nice break from writing here in these pages. I have no intention of stopping any time soon. If ever. There is just too much sweat equity in these words and images.

Having said that, I did purposefully take a short break. Primarily because my usual morning window for writing has collapsed due to my new job. Put that up against the energy expended in the lead up to Fanfest and then the horrible explosion of reality that certain... well let's just say that everything didn't go that well. And it has only gotten worse since. I'm not going to go into details, but suffice to say that recent events have led me to some new conclusions.

From now on I'm re-focusing my energies into some more narrow directions. First and foremost I will be playing Eve more regularly again. Last year took a lot of energy and while I never stopped playing Eve, I didn't play as much as I should have. My Corporation suffered and my Alliance as well. Medals went un-rewarded, plans fell to the side, things got a little ignored. That is going to stop. My first and most enjoyable passion is playing Eve. That has to remain my top priority. And it will be.

I owe it to my friends and family in Eve, most of whom fly under the A Band Apart and Stay Frosty banners, to give it my full attention.

Secondly I will continue to build the RedBubble store and annoy the crap out of certain people at CCP. New items will continue to be added each week. I'm incredibly excited by how well the store is doing, but I know it can be even better. RedBubble continues to exceed my expectations and keeps adding new products all the time. I'd also like to see more Alliances taking advantage of the swag opportunities for their pilots. Again, just contact me to get started. I've sold almost 750 items from the store since it was launched in December. All without a single return. 

After Hours will continue as well. I'm enjoying Podcasting more than I thought I would. And I really think the format I've worked to develop is unique and provides a great chance to really communicate with people. 21 episodes in now and I have no reason to believe I won't just keep doing them.

The past few months have been challenging for different reasons. The new job has been going extremely well. But it is taking time for me to get used to less time. Some things have suffered from both a lack of time and a distinct lack of enthusiasm. I sincerely apologize for that. Anyone who I owe work or forgot to get back to, please forgive me. I will be trying to do better.

I have some exciting NEW projects in the works that I want to give my full attention. More on those later. I will tell you that they involve a New Card Game and a Coloring Book. (Hater Alert - No I will not be crowd-sourcing anything, everything I have planned will be paid for by me.)

And now for the negative. Or the positive, depending on how you look at it. From this point forward I am done with talking about, or dealing with, or anything else to do with the Eve Store or merchandise. I'm finished beating my head against that wall. I'm also done with expecting anything to happen on that front. From now on I'm just going to mind my own business and focus on my own projects. 

I had my say. Time to move on.

After Hours 20: Alan Mathison

After Hours Episode 20 with Alan Mathison is now available HERE.

We discuss all things Exoplantary in perhaps the nerdiest After Hours so far. Project Discovery, science, crowd-sourcing and much, much more. Enjoy!

Fanfest Iceland Photo Album

Fanfest/Iceland 2017
Click on the image to see the album

Finally getting around to getting our photos organized, at least a little bit. Here is the first album of images from Fanfest/Iceland if you are interested.

A Special Message

One of the Fanfest SwagPacks I gave out
What a ride these past (insert any amount of time you'd like) have been. Our lives have been turned upside down, and incarcerated - but never defeated. In large part thanks to you dear reader and the generosity of the Eve Community. Despite what any of the haters out there might say, this great community of ours, my fans, and my readers (and listeners!), saved my family from homelessness. Not to pay legal fees, or imaginary child support, or anything nefarious like that. Simply to help us keep our home at a critical moment in time. And it worked. And we have been able to re-build our lives, put the legal troubles to rest (finally!) and move on. All thanks to you.

And there is no one more grateful and appreciative of that than I am. A lot of my most recent projects came about because of that gratitude and more are coming in the future. But one thing my wife and I both wanted more than anything was a chance to say thank you IN PERSON to as many Eve players as possible. And where else can you do that better than at Fanfest? We both worked very hard and sacrificed a lot to make this trip happen and to also put together some special items as a way of saying thank you.

You can see the full range of swag in the image above. I created four special Eve Postcards, front and back and we had 100 of each printed. Then we created several stickers and had 250 (or more) printed of each. Then Mom Bellicose sent us some of her o7 Tattos to include. And my wife made a bunch of special holders with paper cut out Tristans on them for a dozen or so extra special supporters. Like Norbert above, who makes me the most incredible books! Thanks my friend, the books are among my most prized possessions.

I personally handed every single piece out to as many people as possible at Fanfest. In my mind that was my primary reason for being there, so it was our highest priority. And while circumstances did not always allow for a verbal "thank you", I hope that the sentiment was implicit every single time. For that was always my intention.

As I've said before, I couldn't care less about what anyone thinks. I'm grateful and I always will be. I'm not embarrassed or ashamed of what happened. I needed help and a bunch of people practically demanded I allow them to help, which then snowballed into a much larger effort that really had very little to do with me driving it, and everything to do with how amazing you all are. It is an enduring testament to this great group of players and something I will never forget.

If I missed you or if you read this blog and were not able to attend Fanfest, let me say Thank You. I hope that in lew of swag you will take this blog, After Hours, and all my other ongoing projects as my way of continuing to say thanks.

Fanfest also represented the last time I'm going to specifically bring this up. All of these events happened well over a year ago and in my mind they are ancient history now. I'm not commenting on any more comment threads about them, or responding to haters on Reddit, or anywhere else. Any more negative comments here on Eveoganda will be dealt with the same way they were before, by being deleted. I didn't do that for the last year, I allowed those that wanted to be negative their chance to say what they wanted to say. But I'm done.

Now is the time to move on. I need to start playing Eve again and hang out in-game with my Alliance and Stay Frosty. I feel the need to Pew Pew and practice for the AT.

Time for more Eve.

Iceland from the Passenger Seat

We are back from Fanfest a day later than planned, our Icelandair flight into Boston arrived late and we missed our connection. But we are finally home. I'm sure I will have more to say about Fanfest in the coming days and weeks, as well as have more photos to share with you. I believe we took well over a thousand photos between us. So that is going to take some time to sort.

In the meantime I cobbled together a side project of mine. We rented our own car this trip and went on a couple of tours with a good friend of ours that runs Moonwalker Tours. We became friends with Bessi Jonsson back in 2015 during our last Fanfest trip. During all of our adventures from the furthest West and almost the furthest East in Iceland I shot a ton of footage out the window of our car and his amazing Land Rover Defender Moon1.

So yesterday I took some time and edited some of it together in this meditative and incredible look at the vast landscapes of Iceland. It is certainly more for us to remember our adventures, but I thought I'd share it with you.

More to come, but in the meantime, enjoy this short film.

Iceland is an incredible place.


Announcing the launch of my NEW Portal at

I had this idea almost two years ago when I first bought the domain, but various and sundry things have kept me from doing anything with it until recently. It all worked out for the better for having waited, now that I have the Podcast and the Alliance Store up and running, it makes even more sense to have a central website that links out to everything. Including Eveoganda.

You may be asking yourself why? What purpose does this serve? And why should we care? Good questions dear reader and let me try and answer them as best I can. As for the why and what I simply thought it was time to bring all of my various projects together under one roof as it were, an easy to remember location that makes it easy to find everything. Frankly I've put nine years of hard work into Rixx and he has become more than just my Eve identity. Because of my presence on so many platforms Rixx has become synonymous with my real life identity. A pseudonym. An alter-ego. We are one and the same. So its time to embrace that fact and run with it.

As for why should you care? Your own mileage on that issue is your own business. Maybe you don't care, and maybe you do. Either way the site is up and running and I'm going to be using it into the future. For now it is just a portal with some art and basic information. But it won't be staying that way for long. Eventually it will be expanding to include not just Eve related work, but also other genres as well. And ultimately it will house original artwork that will be for sale. But all of that is down the road a bit. For now it is starting life as a portal.

As an artist this is a big step for me. Rixx has come to represent the Eve side of my personality and my work as well. It is a rather unique position that I find myself in and one that is rather unexpected. I certainly didn't start playing this character nine years ago with this in mind. But here we are. So it seemed only natural to embrace that duality and make Rixx the side of me that draws spaceships, talks about gaming, and works on projects in the Eve community and beyond.

Its all me after all. The last nine years have been a strange, amazing, and unexpected journey and I'm looking forward to seeing where the years ahead of me will lead next.

Thanks as always for traveling along the road with me. It has been a much better trip with you around and I hope you'll stick with me.

Onward and Upward.

PS: Despite the day this is not an April Fool's Day joke.


Click to embiggen

I had no reason to do that image, I saw this photo from NASA earlier today and decided to put some Eve on it. Nothing else to it. Not serious. Just playing around.

Today is a weird day.

Remember Myrskaa (again)

Myrskaa Red Poster
Click to download heap big versions

I was inspired by all the other entries in the contest and thought of this one late last night. Good fun. I like when I have an idea, sit down and make it happen. Everything just comes together in a rush and boom, I've just given birth to something that didn't exist before. Before this was a gray and brown photo of an industrial welder that I once used for a corporate ad for a client years and years ago. 

There are a bunch of solid entries in this contest and who knows who will eventually "win". I have nothing to do with that decision and I always feel the same way about contests - whatever. You can't think about them, or worry about them, or let them bother you. I've won contests I barely tried and entered at the last minute and I've lost them when I poured my heart and soul into an entry, and vice versa. Art. Everyone has their own opinion.

To everyone that entered I would like to say, well done. You inspired me and I believe you have inspired many others. It is rare to see an Eve Fan Art contest get this many entries, so that is very exciting. I wish you all the very best of luck and would like to encourage each of you to continue. The greatest gift you can give an artist is encouragement and support. And all of you have mine.

Someone once tried very hard to kill the artist inside of me. And while they failed miserably, it has taken me years and years of hard work to overcome and break thru the other side. I still struggle with it and probably always will. But what they failed to understand (and probably still do) is that it won't die. Because I won't let it.

Don't let yours die either. 

Justice League Trailer

I'm an unbiased comic book geek, I enjoy Marvel, DC, and lots of others. Always have. The "house" has never really mattered to me as much as the stories and the creative teams working on them. I admit to growing up in my early years primarily on Marvel Comics, but this was back in the rotating rack in the corner store days - so my choices were rather limited. Once the comic explosion happened in the early eighties - everything changed.

I would like to live in a world where all the comic movies rule. I'd like to enjoy well crafted and well told stories featuring great heroes and awesome bad people. I don't really care if they are Marvel/Disney, DC, or Marvel/Fox, or whoever.

Having said all of that the new Justice League trailer has me worried. Eight months out from November and they decided to drop this thing, probably before it was 100% ready. The CGI effects on Cyborg look like they need some more work. But even beyond that this thing has some areas that give me pause and cause some concerns.

Once again we are looking at Zack Synder directing and right off the bat that can be a hit or miss proposition, mostly miss lately. While I enjoyed huge chunks of Man of Steel, overall the movie was more fail than failure. Some truly odd choices that didn't make much sense. And BvS last Spring was just a holy mess of mistakes compounded on top of each other. Again, some of it wasn't horrid, but the overall story was just so lame it doesn't matter. Parts of it physically hurt to watch.

With all of that in mind, some concerns. This still "looks" like BvS, same grimdark lighting and de-saturated color schemes. Some '300' style studio stage looking green screen work. And a huge pile of CGI work. One wonders if the Sun ever shines in the DC Universe? I get that we have a few jokes thrown in to lighten things up and they work, just like anyone with any intelligence at all could have guessed - but everything still feels extremely heavy and self-serious. There is a weight to everything that feels self-imposed and that comes with a certain level of danger for this movie. Frankly if it plays things much like BvS did its going to be raked over the coals. Even if it doesn't deserve it.

Aquaman and Wonder Woman are awesome.

Like I said, eight months to go and maybe things will look better as we go along. Hope so. Right now I'm excited for the movie, just hoping it is much better than the last two entries in the DCU.

One Week Until Fanfest

Signing Posters
Not this year
A week from today Liz and I will be jetting across the night sky towards the land of fire and ice once more to attend Eve Fanfest, see all our friends, and visit a country we fell in love with back in 2015. So much has happened since our last visit it feels like a lifetime ago. I think this is why we are so anxious to go back this year. After years of turmoil and fighting the good fight (and losing it) our lives are finally starting to feel like normal lives again. Plus, so much of that last Fanfest was eaten up by those posters. Store signings, media, player presentation, roundtable, dinners, lunches, more signings, more media, more meetings, so much of my time was devoted to promoting them. It felt rushed and cramped. Not complaining here, I'd do it again in a second. It did feel rushed though.

But this time I've tried to scale back on the activities. No player presentations this year. Just fun stuff. Because of all that activity last time we missed the Tweetfleet Meet, so we can do that this year. We missed the Pub Crawl, so we can do that this year. And I'll be able to attend more presentations and more fun Eve stuffs this time.

MOAR FANFEST! That's the theme this year.

We are bringing some swags with us this year. We are not rich peoples, but we've pooled our resources and saved our pennies to bring along some tasty freebies as a thank you to all of you for your support over the years. Despite what some people would have you believe, we do appreciate you. And while writing and drawing and podcasting and video-making and all of that is one way I can show my appreciation, another way is by handing you something at Fanfest that we made and paid for ourselves.

So if you see me please feel free to come up to me and interrupt whatever it is I am doing. I heard from so many people last time that I didn't get to meet because they were shy, or didn't want to interrupt, or whatever - don't do that.  Seriously, I do not mind at all. I really don't.

Sadly I did not bring enough for everyone. With thousands of attendees at Fanfest it would be impossible for me to lug that much swag around. We tried our best but we really only have a fraction of that. So please don't feel bad if we've run out, or if you only get one piece. We're going to try and stretch them out so that the maximum number of people can get something from us.

Die-Cut Rixx Art Tristans!
MOAR Fanfest, MOAR Friends!

I'm really looking forward to hanging out and enjoying Fanfest this year. I'm sad that certain people are not able to attend and they will all be missed, but I am also excited that certain other people will be there this time - so it all kinda balances out. I wasn't able to attend last year and I hope people missed me.

Seven days until take off.

Couple of Podcasts

As well as being a piece of shit scammer© I also enjoy being an awesome guest on podcasts. In addition to the Open Comms show I posted earlier this week I also spent time on two other podcasts, Mindclash and Tyrant Scorn's Legacy podcasts.

In all seriousness, here they are and I hope you enjoy them. I'll be editing a new episode of After Hours this weekend, so that will hopefully be out early next week. Until then, get your Rixx Fixx with these two excellent and completely different podcasts.

The Mind Clash podcast – episode 29: arts and crafts (I also designed the logo)

Legacy – episode 3 (feat. lockefox, rixx javix & steve ronuken)


Signature Hats?

CCP Frame's Signature Hat

I always found it surprising how few people ask for military hats for their avatars. It happens, but not that often. So yesterday when CCP Frame asked for a "anything you want" hat, his avatar was perfect for it. Not to mention monotone and with a cigarette hanging from his lip. It was his request that I sign it also, hence the concept of signature hats.

What are signature hats? Mostly likely they are hats with my signature on them.

Fanfest is coming!

Deep Roots

I haven't seen this piece in probably twenty years. Its from 1983 or 1985 and probably the first large sized painting of a spaceship I ever tried. I know I had been drawing spaceships, and other things, for much longer. But this was an airbrush and pastel painting. You have no idea just how much I hated airbrushing.

I have no recollection of working on this. During this period of my life I was cranking work out left and right, trying to find my way. My style. My voice. Anything. So I make no claims as to the subject matter, because I simply don't remember. This may be an original, or I might very well have been using someone else's work as practice, or inspiration, or a launching point. Who knows.

It was good to see it again and realize that it wasn't lost to time. To be honest it is rather horrible. Looking back on old work is like watching yourself talk to a girl for the first time, its awkward, slightly embarrassing, and you could do so much better now.

But yeah, my spaceship roots run deep.

CONTEST: Remember Myrskaa! Propaganda Poster

Remember Myrskaa
Click to embiggen

My friend Makoto Priano is holding a contest regarding the recent Myrskaa Incident in Caldari Space. I literally learned about this myself yesterday. I have gotten so far behind on my reading. If you want to learn more there is a solid primer over on CZ that will spell things out for you.

We shall all learn more about this during Fanfest.

You Can't Make This Stuff Up

So over the past few days we've had a rather messy and confusing incident in Stay Frosty. It really isn't worth going into details, but essentially someone outside the Corp accused someone inside the Corp of violating a 1v1. After that it gets confusing, angry, and sad. Lots of things happened, none of which involved any drama, and it turns out that the accuser is probably lying anyway.

But the eve mails are amazing. I'm going to share the string with you, but in fairness to all involved I will change the names.

Hi Rixx,

Hope you're well. I'm writing to issue a complaint about members of ST-FR who gave me their word and then broke it. I'm not sure if this matters in ST-FR but i hope it does. NAME and I were about to have a 1v1 duel when I discovered a unique rat in a belt in Oulletta. Since i was a member of ST-FR (albeit for one day), I offered to let him join me on the condition of not getting others to jump me, and then we would continue our 1v1. We go kill the rat, which i tanked, and he took the loot (a Barghest blueprint) then proceeded to attack me. I figured our 1v1 started so I engaged. 
A navy domi SFSenior then jumps in and neuts me and they proceed to pummel me to death. 

I don't care about losing the ship, although it was worth about 1.5 billion with fittings. I'm disappointed that our 1v1 was not honored tho. Genuinely thought better of ST-FR than that.

Honoring 1v1s is a core tenet of Stay Frosty and as such we take it rather seriously. I understand that you have already been compensated for your loss and the offending party has been dealt Pirate Justice.

Fly safe,

Frankly, i'm less concerned about myself as I have plenty of ISK. My bigger concern is that a friend invited me into his corp, and it is a new corp, and that 1v1 violation put a 1.7 billion isk loss on our killboard. On the one hand I get that if you're not ready to lose a ship, don't fly it--totally true. But again, reasonable precautions WERE taken here. It was not just NAME--it was also SFSenior. 
Let's be honest--NAME was insignificant. SFSenior was the reason we're having this convo right now. Even when I told SFSenior that we had a 1v1 it was completely ignored. It took me a long time to die, SFSenior had ample opportunity to see if i was telling the truth. Why should he be let off the hook? It was because of SFSenior's inappropriate inteference with a neuting navy domi that I lost a ship that could easily have tanked NAME. 
I would like to ask that either SFSenior be punished for making no effort to verify my claim of a 1v1, or that something be done to balance the 1.7 billion isk killboard loss for my corp. I understand fully that I'm proposing not-insignificant things here, but my CEO is very frustrated with me now because of this. 
Alternately, SFSenior can fit a billion worth of fittings and allow one of us to pop him. If that's too much, then maybe an alt of SFSenior. He shouldn't be let off the hook.

I think you may have misunderstood my previous message. So let me reiterate that this is internal Stay Frosty business and your part in it has ended. Whatever compensation has been afforded you is the end of the compensation afforded you. SFSenior will not be punished by anyone. Nothing will be done about the supposed 1.7b. And a member of Stay Frosty will fit up a ship to be exploded on purpose WHEN HELL FREEZES OVER JITA!
If you feel wronged please feel free to seek your revenge against Stay Frosty. Our pilots are everywhere and easy to find. And they enjoy having revenge brought against them.
Stay Frosty, Rixx Javix Pirate Lord of Low Sec

Whoa there drama queen, come back down to earth. I understood your message perfectly well. It's your leadership skills that I significantly overestimated. I made the mistake of speaking to you like an adult. Lesson learned.
SFDirector- thanks again for being a stand up guy throughout this. SFOther too demonstrated a lot of integrity. Maybe one of you guys can coach Rixx on this gap in his skillset. 
SFSenior- no hurt feelings, we'll tango again soon.
Rixx- Why you would go through all the effort to build a corporation and not give a shit about its reputation is beyond me. But now I can definitely see why Suleiman kicked you from the Tuskers. Got more respect for him after meeting you.

Person, (From SFSenior)
Wow... said a guy with total of 4 kills and 6 death.. with almost 6 billion losses.. LOL.
Oh wait... this must be an alt of yours. Your main is a super l33t pvp-er that will kill us and hunt us down. I am so scared now..
Git gud scrub... If you want to kill me, hunt me down. I am active and around in Ouelletta. If you ever undock from Station II, just catch me. I am easily caught.
And by the way, you cannot lecture about leadership skill from a guy in 3-dudes corp to a CEO of corp with over 200 active pvp-ers...

Wow. That email was so packed with idiocy that I don't even know how to respond to all of it at once. 
I may not run an Eve corp, but in real life I've built 3 successful startups and I hold an MBA from the business school Financial Times ranked #1 in the world in 2016 (Harvard was 2nd) and 2017 (Stanford was 2nd). One of those start-ups is in executive coaching and each of the teams I assembled in the ventures consist of high performing individuals from HBS, Wharton, and Stanford. But hey, what do i know right...anyways i'm sure this talk of 'high performing individuals' probably sounds completely alien to you so don't burden your mind with it. Imbecile.
Your attempt to imply I fear undocking is retarded given you neuted me in a belt, and particularly so given I caught you on scan before ever going to the belt. Jesus, even when you try to insult me you still look like a moron.

Anyways, I'm sure we've all had enough of this convo. Fly safe. 

Person, (From Rixx)
He assembled his team in Ventures, that was his first mistake! 

Person, (From SFSenior)
yup in internet, everyone is a successful CEO and graduated top if their class from ivy league.. lol amazing you have to justify your status in your fabricated real life. git gud nerds.. your mom's basement is not a suitable dwelling for 40 years old virgin

Person, (From Rixx)
Credit due for not claiming to be a Navy Seal though!

He did send us a link to a LinkedIn account, but honestly I can't be bothered.

When Did You Stop Beating Your Wife?

For the past three days I've sat idly by and let the tidal wave of events surrounding comments I made over on Crossing Zebras pass over me. I've sat idly by while the Reddit threads went way up and over 1,200 comments or more. I've sat idly by while The Mittani publicly called me every name in the book, and while a certain legit ex-con raved and ranted about me everywhere, including last night on the Open Comms Show.

There is no way to "win" against a tidal wave. The best course is to let it make landfall and pick up the pieces afterwards. This is what I am doing. The more certain people speak the deeper the hole gets.

But I do start to wonder. What exactly do I owe these people? This bully who runs a prominent Eve Corporation clearly is not interested in the truth. He has insulted me, my wife, my family and everything that I've stood for in the Eve Community. He clearly has no problem with this attitude based on lies. He hates me for the wrong reasons. And before you start thinking that "hate" is a strong word, please listen to him rant and rave about me on the Open Comms show. This is a person who clearly doesn't care that everything he is mad about, everything he is clearly jealous about, is a lie.

So how much of my personal life do I owe you? This bully has stated clearly that he deserves to know everything about me, in fact he seems to believe it is his right to know. And yet, despite my attempts to be an open book and answer any question anyone has ever had - that isn't enough.

Clearly these Haters/Bullies/JealousRageMonsters share one thing in common, they are not interested in truth. They are only interested in protecting their own side of an argument they know I cannot "win". Whatever winning means in cases like this. What they all fail to realize or understand, is that I have zero interest in winning. I can't fight Pandemic Legion in-game and they know this. I can't fight 60,000 Goons, and they know this also. I actually have no interest in fighting them. I'm a low sec Pirate because I choose to be one. This is the game play I've chosen. So they know they are protected by their own largesse inside of Eve. Which is a great position from which to be a Bully, isn't it?

And so they make the assumption that such largesse protects them outside of the game as well. Which, granted, it largely does. There are no Police out here in the community. No one monitors or protects or guards against the words they choose to say. No one except me.

So, what do I owe them? Nothing. I owe them nothing.

In fact their words and actions accomplish the opposite of what they intend. Being bullied only reinforces what I have always known, you have to stand up for yourself in this world. You can't let people roll all over you. In these pages I've done just that over the past eight years, I've stood up to bullies. I've fought what I believe to be the good fight both in-game and out. I've called people to the carpet for idiocy, for aggression, for mistakes, and for picking on the little guy. And I learned a valuable lesson yesterday listening to Mittens on his show, it actually works. It was a surprise to learn just how much of my activity he is aware of and how much it bothers him. Turns out he not only reads this blog, but it bothers him. Let that sink in for a minute.

I am going to stop doing one thing however. I'm going to stop trying to appease the bullies. I'm going to stop trying to explain, when clearly they have no interest in listening. Let them rant. Let them rave. They are all clearly jealous and upset by the fact that this great community of ours reached out to me in my time of need. And that it worked. It worked when their own pet projects failed. My projects do not fail. When I set out to work with CCP I did it. When I set out to accomplish something I do it. I left the Tuskers because someone made fun of my children and leadership refused to do anything about it. So I set out to build a better Pirate corporation built around a great alliance that is WITHOUT Drama, and I did it. When the Vagabond needed its Frills back? Done. When we wanted Hats in-game? Done. When I set out to accomplish something it gets done. And yes, my GoFundMe campaigns (initiated by the community) succeeded beyond my wildest dreams. They also got done.

If you step out, if you expose yourself, if you stand up for what you believe in, you will be attacked. This is the way the world works. Eve isn't special, it works that way here too. I've always said what I believe and stood up for what I believe in, and some people do not like that. Those people tend to be very vocal, angry, jealous, and filled with rage. That's how it works sadly. There is nothing I can do about it.

Believe me when I say this is how I am in real life also. People have always told me that it can't be done. I can't be who I am. You can't create a Card Game. You can't write, produce and direct. You can't be the writer AND the creative director. You can't start your own agency. You can't do it. And yet, I did.

If you hear me and understand what I am saying then you are the silent majority. Do not despair, there are more of us than there are of them. Bullies are always outnumbered. They only thrive when intimidation works, when the threat is greater than our resolve.

A certain percentage of Eve thinks I'm a lying piece of shit? So be it.

The rest of you know the truth. I'm going to keep hanging out with you. I'm proud of you. I'm proud of the fact that you saved me when I needed it most. Nothing anyone ever says will ever change that. I'm not ashamed of how the community stood up and helped me and my family.

I am not ashamed.

And I never begged.

I didn't need to.

My Official CSM Ballet

Every year I write an official Eveoganda blog post in regards to the CSM election and generally speaking every candidate I endorse tends to get elected. I'm not bragging, but it usually works out that way. Except last year, I really wanted Joffy to get a seat on the CSM and I failed him. That took some steam out of me frankly.

So this year I wasn't going to bother. I typically have conversations with new CSM candidates in private and I haven't done that this year at all. But, like always, I know almost everyone that is running. So I feel very strongly that the above ballet is solid, representative of a wide range of Eve play-styles, attitudes, experience, and approaches. That is a solid bunch and I have no hesitation in throwing my opinion out there publicly behind each of the choices.

Vote for who you want. But in a community where not everyone actually gets a chance to know people, I think I can offer a bit of an honest perspective that others are not always able to. I don't represent any power bloc, I represent the entire game. Certainly I always strive to see Low Sec properly represented every year, goodness knows we need some love from both the Pirate and FW side of things. But generally I tend towards balance when choosing a CSM.

So there you have it. Hopefully we'll get yet another great year of CSM representation from the group that gets elected. They have a high bar to strive towards, last year was probably the best CSM we've ever had.

Keep the courage and be sure to cast your vote HERE.

PS: There are many good candidates that did not make the final 10. I wish I could include everyone, but there are only 10 slots available.

FREE Swag Coming to Fanfest

A little over a year ago the Eve Community offered to help me and my family in a moment of dire need. It isn't over-stating things to say that the community saved us at the exact moment we needed saving and made it possible for us to continue putting our lives back together ourselves. A course we had been on for years that suddenly and without warning started tipping in a dark direction. There are those haters out there that will never let this moment go, they keep bringing it up every chance they get. But I remain steadfast in my own belief at the inherent goodness of this great community.

I'm not interested in re-hashing the whys and details of that moment. Suffice to say that I have felt incredibly beholden to everyone that donated since then. I re-doubled my own efforts to provide creative support for the community in the year since. I've released hundreds of pieces of artwork, provided countless logos, banners, and helped develop projects that you are not even aware of. All in a dedicated effort to return something to the community. I worked with Eve-NT and Crossing Zebras, I produced 14 videos for the Alliance Tournament (and dozens of bulletin videos), branded the Arena e-sports, helped charities, started After Hours Podcast, created videos of my own, kept blogging, held a player event, and numerous other things.

All of which culminates with us attending Fanfest this year on our own dime. No help from CCP this time. Nothing to sell. In fact, we're bringing with us a ton of awesome FREE stuff to give away for FREE. As further thanks for all the Eve Community has done for us.

That stack of Stay Frosty stickers (250) is just one of three sticker stacks we'll be bringing with us. In addition I have a smaller stack of original Rixx Javix artwork that I am also bringing with me, I can't tell you what it is without spoiling the surprise, but it is awesome. I'm also having FOUR original Art Postcards printed that I will be handing out as well. Again, I don't want to spoil the surprise, but they are gorgeous. Not only that but each Postcard features lore-based art on the back. Each one different and featuring additional original art. Four color printing on both sides with a nice UV coating. In addition I think Liz and I are also getting some original Rixx Art t-shirts made, but those are going to be just for us. (Sorry, I'm not a rich person.)

All of which is available in limited quantity, so apologies up front about that. I'll do my best to spread things around, but we are certainly not bringing enough for everyone.

This is the culmination of my own promise to myself last year, to pay back the generosity of this great community of ours as best I can. But it also serves another purpose as well. It serves as a reminder of what could be a great store experience based around Eve, there is no reason why awesome stickers, cool Postcards, unique t-shirts and other amazing items are not available to the greater community STILL. After years and years of fighting the good fight for this to happen, I've finally realized that it might never happen.

And while I still can't sell you Eve based materials, I can provide the next best thing, which is what the Rixx Javix Store is all about. After Fanfest I will be re-doubling my efforts with the store and providing even more "gamer" related merchandise and a place for Eve Alliances to sell their own branded merchandise.

In the meantime, if you do get one of these items at Fanfest, be sure to show it around and ask, "Why can't we have things like this in our store!?!"

Why indeed.

PS: The word "FREE" is used in this post as a counter to the crowd of people that constantly accuse me of trying to profit from the Eve Community. I just wanted to be clear about it since these people do not tend to read the entire post and take things out of context. I'm being forced to dumb-down my writing a bit in response. That's all. I'm sure most of you knew this already.

Behind the Curtain

This is my Fan Art player presentation at Fanfest 2015. I am the first non-CCP affiliated artist to EVER officially work with CCP Games. At that Fanfest my posters were sold as a pilot program to see how well they would be received. They sold more than any other item in the Eve Store. I missed a lot of Fanfest to sell posters because I felt it was worth it. Those in charge of such things selected a company in California called QMx Online to sell the posters thru, despite QMx not having the ability to ship Internationally. I was happily under contract with CCP and the contract seemed fair. CCP would share with me monthly sales reports against which I would be given a small percentage of those sales. After six years of trying to climb that mountain, I had finally made it.

Andrew Cohen, CCP Spitfire and Me at a Fan Art Roundtable Fanfest 2015

Except I never did see one of those Monthly Sales Reports. Not one. To this day I only have one person's word for how many of the posters have been sold. At least up until January 2016.

January 2016, at the height of my own desperation, and at the end of the debacle known as the Fountain War Kickstarter, and after months of not being paid and seeing the posters being sold at Eve Vegas - I was told the contract would be cancelled. As part of some over-arching "house cleaning", but - and this is important - CCP would buy my posters from me for a flat fee. In addition, and at the time this was extremely important to me, they'd also like to buy eight MORE posters from me. I was heartbroken that the contract was going to be cancelled, but not surprised after the KS had failed. There are always consequences. But at least I would see something out of it, and as you all know, at the time I really could've used the additional money.

Today, a year later, none of those things happened. I put together a proposal for additional posters, for buyouts, and nothing came of them. The contract was cancelled, under what I consider at best false pretenses, and I was left with nothing. The posters are still being sold right now and have been for the entire year, and at last year's Fanfest and Eve Vegas again.

For those of you out there that think this is about money, let me be even more clear. In total I made right around $600 selling posters with CCP. 1,100 posters were sold at Fanfest in 2015 from which I saw nothing. This has never been about the money. For me this has always been about my own love for Eve and the passion I have for the community. Plus, y'know, thirty years of proven professional marketing and creative success behind me. Our game should be bigger. It should be more involved and more open and more tolerable and more encompassing. And I believe that art can have a huge role in that. But it doesn't.

Does that strike anyone else as odd?

For all the talk last week from Hilmar about how well CCP is doing, let's not forget one little guy in Pennsylvania that got screwed over at the one moment in his life when he could least afford it.

This isn't about money. It isn't about any legal issues. Or copyright. Or Intellectual Property. I don't want money, or anything. I've even worked with CCP since the contract was cancelled. They called me to do the London office opening and I got paid for that work. If CCP calls me tomorrow to work with them on another project I would in a heartbeat.

What do I want then?

Nothing. I don't want anything.

This Fanfest I'm going to enjoy as a player. Just me and my friends hanging out all week in Iceland.

I'm looking forward to it. I have a lot of FREE goodies to hand out.

PS: A few people seem to have gotten the idea that I am printing my own versions of the posters and bringing them with me to Fanfest to give away for free. As much as I think that would be an awesome idea, I simply can't afford to do that. What I am bringing is a bunch of stickers and some other things to give away for FREE. I don't want to spoil the surprise.

Amarr Portrait

Amarr Portrait
Super crazy resolution downloads available!

I caught these two on their way to work one morning. Like most Amarr they didn't smile much, and by "much" I mean not at all.


King of Rock

The other day coming home from work I switched my Pandora channel over to Grandmaster Flash and listened to early Rap on the way home. Rapper's Delight, The Message, The 8th Wonder, New York, all the classics and, of course, Run DMC. I'm still a sucker for early days Rap because it is the Hip Hop I grew up listening to. My musical tastes have always run the entire spectrum of the dial, a reference some of you might not even get.

And then King of Rock by Run DMC came on. And it struck me that certain types of Rap are like certain types of Low Sec Pirates. Both come from semi-criminal environments, both skirt the edges of respect, and both often feel the need to pound their chests to be noticed. Either way I started writing lyrics and I couldn't stop.

Just for fun, here is Lord of Low, based on Run DMC's King of Rock:


I'm the lord of low, there is none higher
Sucker FC's should call me sire
To burn my kingdom, you must use fire
I won't stop flyin' till I retire

Now we rock the gates and fly correct
Our ships are on time and fits connect
Got the right to choose and will select
And other pirates can't stand us, but give us respect

They convo'd us and said we're gettin' bolder
There's no one colder
It's not Shadow Cartel and I'm notta shareholder
As one def pirate, I know I can hang
I'm Rixx from Stay Frosty, flying with my Gang
Roll to the rokh, rokh to the roll
Stay Frosty stands for devastating ship control
You can't touch me with a ten foot pole
And I even made the devil sell me his soul

Now we crash through camps, slide through gates
Bust through cynos and always take baits
And when we're on a roam, it's always a trap
You can hear our guns from across the map
For every living person we're a flashing threat
It's me and Stay Frosty, so where's the dragnet?

Now we're the baddest of the bad, the coolest of the cool
I'm Rixx, I rokh and roll. With Stay Frosty, I rokh and rule
It's always Trick or Treat and never April Fool
It's all brand new, never ever old school

You got care in your bear and you can't comprehend
When your fits don't work and on WCS you depend
Piracy ain't nothin' but a pilot's jam
I'm Rixx Javix rockin with my band

Now I flew in ice belts and never mined
And my manual skills have never declined
I've been on many shows, including the o7
Take many frigates, the menace heaven
So all you sucker FC's, you gotta say please
Cause when I jump gates, It's loot I seize
Got a Corp so strong, it causes unease
Is it hard to believe it's Stay Frostie

I try to log in, every day
And Jose goes to school, never stray
And Cerv breaks the records he has to break
And we all undock with no delay, HEY!
I rock the tweetfleet with the words I speak
And Skir cuts the fits that are unique
And Jose makes us practice every day of the week
And we are the crew that can never be beat
So don't try to diss me, try to be my friend
Cause if you do, you'll get yours in the end
The ships we fly, shall set a trend
Because a devastating gang is what we send

We'll reign on your brain and rock your knot
When it comes to Eve, give it all we got
To be FC's, we got what it takes
Let the losers lose and the breakers break
We're cool cool cats, it's like that
That's the way it is, so stay the hell back
We're causin' hard times, for sucker FC's
Cause they don't make no songs like these

Gallente Portrait

Edouasha Portrait
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You know me, I can't stop. Actually this one was in the works, technically I started this one before the Minmatar one, so I finally had time tonight to finish her.

What am I doing? I dunno. A few weeks ago I had the idea and its been in my brain and it won't let go. So the only thing to do is to do it and see what happens.

I like 'em. Even if no one else does.