1v1 EVE COMIC #96

I know, two comics in two days! But I can't help when inspiration strikes.

In all seriousness though, this new Frigate Bay in Battleships is going to be... searching for the right word here - interesting? Lots of interesting changes lately that no one ever asked for. But unlike this Red Dot Menace, this one feels right somehow. This is the kind of out-of-the-box thinking that we need on other issues as well.

Issues like:
• Abandoned POS Towers - please lower the HP of abandoned POS towers so that we can blow them up without spending 36hrs hammering away at them. They are abandoned. They should be easier to kill.
• FW - Don't even get me started. This needs so much love.

There, that was two things that need some creative thinking. Are there more? Oh sure, of course, but let's focus here.

If we can get two things done, then we can get 18 things done.

Ya gotta start somewhere.


  1. You know... CCP used to do this kinda stuff... think Apocrypha... But, when they (granted so very badly announced WIS via Incarna) we totally freaked out on them. And yes I know the was also Monacle Gate and other issues but all in all, we freaked out instead of...

    Instead of all of us saying, oh I dunno, something like "Interesting", and "This is the kind of out-of-the-box thinking that we need on other issues as well." Noooo we went all "CCP YOU SUCK?" on them and threw a Gods damned riot all over New Eden and WE... dammit man WE, the players, we scared them into doing nothing really exciting or new for years.

    WE made them stop out of fear. Fear of US... fear for how we, their playerbase would react. I for one am deeply glad Hilmar has taken ownership of EVE back from us... I'm glad he is willing to take the abuse and crap some (many) will throw at CCP, and at him personally, no matter what they do with the game and to DO stuff make changes, sometimes radical changes, to try new things and new ideas... because it's the right thing to do.

    I am glad he is giving us back some of that old Chaos the game used to have... a sense of exploration, a sense of the unknown, a heady scary feeling that you don't KNOW for sure what's goinng to happen when you undock... It actually gives one a reason to undock it does.

    1. Well said. I couldn't agree more. I know you know, but for others out there it is important to remember that a lot of what happened back then was a result of how CCP treated the player base. It wasn't all on us throwing a temper tantrum, they certainly asked for a lot of it. Which I also believe has changed, to varying degrees, in the years since then.


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