Kirk Douglas Memorial Roam

Slasher Roam

Any excuse for a small gang roam! Yesterday about 12 of us got into Slashers and named them all, "I Am Spartacus!" (Or variations thereof) and headed off into the wilderness of low security space for adventure, fun, and good humor. My good friend Lufax organized and FC'd this one, so mostly I could just enjoy being in fleet and having fun.

A Band Apart is very active these days, with regular roams and other activities, along with our usual amount of solo and small gang tomfoolery. Despite what you may hear from other corners, low sec is jumping these days and we are not having any problems finding content. We remain on the look-out for like-minded pilots and corporations to join Stay Frosty or bring their Corporation into the Alliance. So if you, or someone you know, are interested then contact myself or join one of our in-game channels The Frosty Hammer and/or Eveoganda to talk more.

Mostly I just wanted to share the screenshot. But here are some of the highlights:

Osprey Navy

I managed to bring my own Slasher safely back to my hangar, but others in our group were not so lucky. Our group of Slashers was more a kitchen sink affair by the time we returned home.

Good times.