Where do we go from here?


I've been writing in these pages for over ten years now. I've watched blogging transform over those years from a bustling and vibrant community to a withered shell of its former glory. I've watched hundreds of blogs pop up and fade away. And still I continue on. These days, even for me, sitting down to write more words about a game I've been playing for 12 years can be challenging. I still play every single day that I can, but finding a topic that hasn't already been covered is difficult. Things change of course. Triglavians come and Sansha incursions go, but generally speaking we've all been there and done that.

Add to that all that is happening out here in the real world. 2020 has been a real bitch. And no matter what part of the world you call home, you have to be feeling it in one way or another. This constant stress hasn't helped things. Blowing up another spaceship is still fun and all, but in the context of a rampaging, little understood, politically charged plague? You get my point here.

Yesterday I sent an Alliance mail out to everyone in ABA regarding a buddy system for voluntarily sharing contact information with other players in the Alliance. In case someone needs help, or disappears, or in some other way needs us. Along with that email myself and Starfire Dai (the CEO of Lucifer's Hammer) also shared our contact emails. We are in many ways a type of family and we care about each other enough to have each other's backs in-game, we should have each other's backs out of game as well. If you are reading this I encourage you to consider something similar in your own organization.

So far me and mine are doing the best we can. We are the very definition of "hanging in there" and trying our best to stay positive. Somedays are better than others. But we are fortunate. For now. Understanding that none of us can know what might happen next. And living every day with the sure knowledge that it can get worse. Which might be the first time in my own life that I've truly believed that. Which might be the saddest thing I've written in this post so far.

Which brings us right back to Eve and blogging about Eve. Eveoganda will endure. I will continue to write in these pages and share my adventures with you. Both in-game and out. It is too late to stop now. There may be gaps these days, but the desire to continue remains strong.

Keep the courage.


  1. I'm hanging in there. I don't have much in life that makes me happy, which has been the case for a long, long time now. There are days where I just want to lay in bed all day.

    Thankfully during this time I have EVE Online to keep myself going. Without EVE, I don't know what I would be doing. I most likely would have mentally broke.

    Other than EVE, pretty much the only other thing I have is my dog. Means the absolute world to me.

    Definitely thankful to CCP Games and the EVE community for giving me an avenue to escape into a world that is much better then my current one I am residing in.


    1. I am not in game, just did some Google and read a lot. Perhaps I can post my fit for Titan and capital ships here, rather than on Reddit.


  2. Actually EVE Online's set-up promote senseless bullying, scamming and various other negative behaviors. In fact, there were people who do farming and care-bearing in EVE Online and only got blown up, abused by those so-called elite PvPers.

    Long ago, I played a game (now dead) Anarchy-Online. If you are in a place where the "gas" or ether is set at 100%, you cannot be attacked.

    In that game, one player came to me and told me his sad story in real life. It dawned on me a majority of gamers probaly do not have something positive in real life, they look for an escape or try to build a better life in game. Unfortunately, there are always those who vent out their anger and frustration from real life onto others.

    Anyway, I told the guy about my extremely difficult childhood, then also told him how I survived and became smarter, got helped then became physically much stronger too. But one has to be nice and clever to get help. Nobody will want to help an angry person.

    I gave the guy a tip: Lay low, seek help, find a mentor/master, continuously do self-improvement. Then I promised him: when it's all over, you look back and will be proud of yourself; it makes life more interesting.


  3. Here is my Titan fit for both Anti-Bee Coalition and Bee Coalition:

    Have the shield to be bumped up with max rating resistance. If you can get the rating to 90% then per 1 shield repair equal to 10 new damage.

    Have the armor to be moderately bumped up with resistance, and added armor. Balance it out, high resistance with low armor is like 9X1, while having low resistance with high armor is like 1X9. What you want is 5X5. The armor is to buy time for the shield repair, and most importantly, to avoid being alpha-strike.

    Have one emergency hull damage control to buy time for the shield to be repaired as well as the armor to be repaired.

    If you are a capital ships then use capital module like remote capital repair if you still have enough power grid.

    Don't fit tracking computer, don't fight sensor boost with the resolution script. Capital slot is for Capital need if you cannot get it from another ship. Have smaller ships do the remote boost, remote tracking and remote sensor modules are rarely used and that is a missed opportunity. In fact the remote sensor boost is stronger than the on-board sensor boost.


    P.S. There are some players who complained that Titan, Super/Dreadnought made the sub-cap fights become irrelevant. Well, my Titan and Dreadnought fit should address this complain.

    The fleet fight will first involve the sub-Cap fight in order to eliminate the sub-cap which are boosting the Titans...


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