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Stay Frosty and A Band Apart Present: FRIGATE FREE FOR ALL (FFA): SATURDAY NOVEMBER 8TH from 16:00 to 22:00

EVEOGANDA and STAY FROSTY/ABA PRESENT in association with NOIR an event for ALL PLAYERS young and old - FRIGATE FREE FOR ALL!! 

The event will take place on Saturday, November 8th from 16:00 to 22:00 UTC and you will be free to engage anything that lands on grid with you, including your alliance mates, blues and fellow corp mates - everyone is fair game! 

A wide range of prizes will be awarded to anyone ONE YEAR old or younger that participates! Prizes will be based on the event killboard, details of which will be released 48hrs prior to the event. All killmails must be posted to the event killboard to be eligible for prizes.


• No link alts allowed - Any boosters in system will be hunted down and destroyed.
• Gangs and Teamwork are not allowed. The is a Frigate Free For ALL!
• No Podding.
• ONLY Tech 1 Frigate hulls are allowed until 20:00, after which any Frigate or Destroyer is allowed.
• Warping off is allowed. We discourage the use of safe spots and the hugging of stations/gates will be strongly discouraged.
• Cloaks are not allowed.
• A variety of FREE fitted T1 Frigates will be available to all participants, until they are exhausted. Stay Frosty has built nearly 5,000 Frigates for you to explode. We also encourage you to bring your own.
• ECM is not allowed, drones and/or modules.

The system name will not be announced until 48hrs before the event, here in this post, on EVEOGANDA and on the forum thread.

Comm information will be made available during the event in the in-game channel EVEOGANDA, feel free to join that channel to discuss. The Event in-game channel is STAY FROSTY FFA and updates and details will be posted there.

PRIZES: (Running list constantly updated!)

• MOST KILLS - 1 x Carrier or Dreadnought of choice to be delivered in lowsec + 1 billion isks

• 2nd MOST KILLS - 1 x T3 strategic cruiser of choice with respective choice of subsystems to be delivered in Jita + 300 million isks

• Most Ludicrous Frigate Loss Mail - Drackarn at Sand, Cider and Spaceships is going to award a 1B ISK Daredevil to the person who losses the most ludicrous Frigate during the event. The top three will be featured on SC&S!

• Stay Frosty pilots with most Solo Kills - 1 x Pirate BS of choice to be delivered in Jita

• Full Set of Amarr AF -> most Minmatar kills
• Full Set of Caldari AF -> most kills with ROCKETS
• Full Set of Gallente AF -> most kills with drones
• Full Set of Minmatar AF -> most Amarr kills

• Police Comet -> Most pirate faction frigate kills
• Federation Navy Comet -> Most frigate losses
• Caldari Navy Hookbill / Imperial Navy Slicer -> Most isk lost 
• Republic Fleet Firetail -> Most top damage kills

• Worm -> Most Navy Faction frigate kills

• Most Expensive Kill with an Atron - 500 million ISK!

DONATIONS: We are looking for special donations and support for this event. Prize donations will be listed here along with donor information. Special ships for mini-events are also appreciated (last time I let everyone shoot me in a Nightmare!). ISK support is also appreciated and ALL donations will be used for the event as usual.


•HIGH DRAG PODCAST - Donated a Dram, Daredevil, Succubus, Worm, Cynabal, Vigilant, Phantasm and Gila!

•KRULL KRULL has once again stepped up huge and donated a Carrier (or Dread) a T3 Cruiser (winner's choice!) and a Pirate BS, along with 1.3 Billion in Prize ISKIES!!

George Gouillot from Stay Frosty has donated a PLEX to the prize pool!

•STAY FROSTY is donating the Full Set Prizes and the Pirate Faction Frigate prizes!

Drackarn at Sand, Cider & Spaceships! A 1B ISK Daredevil.



All rules are subject to change without notice by STAY FROSTY. Feel free to contact us in regards to donations, prizes, or support in the in-game channel EVEOGANDA or by contacting Rixx Javix by eve-mail or at rixxjavix@gmail.com