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So yesterday's post about my Top Ten Ships got me thinking about Stay Frosty and where we might land on some of those lists. Of course a top ten for a corporation is a bit different than one for an individual, but we do have our own list.

8 out of 10 of those ships are Frigates. The other being a pod, which just proves how aggressive we are, and the ever reliable Thrasher - which is just Low Sec speak for "awesome choice". But that only tells us one side of the story and I wanted something deeper, something that speaks more clearly to the impact we've had on the Eve ecosystem over the past nine years. Ah, let's look at all-time rankings in all the Frigates shall we.

A few words first, Stay Frosty is nine years old this year - which means Eve existed for almost 11 years without us. Sad I know, but still the truth. How Eve existed without us is a mystery, but it must have been a lonely, sad, dark place without the friendly neighborhood pirates around to add some fun and Yarrr into local. As a result we've only had the past nine years to rack up statistics often against other corporations that have been around much longer. And yet...

So here is where Stay Frosty ranks all-time in kills among the mainline frigates: (In alphabetical order)

#12 - Astero 

#17 - Atron

#6 - Breacher

#19 - Hookbill

#20 - Condor

#5 - Fed Navy Comet

#43 - Cruor

#2 - Damavik

#33 - Daredevil

#24 - Dramiel

#14 - Executioner

#18 - Garmur

#10 - Slicer

#15 - Incursus

#12 - Kestrel

#22 - Merlin

#35 - Police Comet

#15 - Punisher

#6 - Firetail

#20 - Rifter

#22 - Skybreaker

#13 - Slasher

#3 - Succubus

#7 - Tormentor

#10 - Tristan

#6 - Venture

#3 - Vigil Fleet

#33 - Worm

This is an impressive list. In fact, having spent some time yesterday digging around on other classes of ships, it is challenging to find a ship that Stay Frosty isn't ranked for. Obviously with some ship classes those pilots in Null will use them a lot more than we do. A good example is the Gnosis, which we use a lot, but you won't find us in the all-time ranks because wow do pilots in Null Sec use those ships a lot! So it does happen when you start to get above Frigs.

But our focus is primarily on Frigate PvP traditionally. So it is great to see that we've had such a significant impact over the years on the use of these ships. Heck, another nine years and who knows?

You should come fly the friendly skies and help us pew pew everyone.

Stay Frosty.


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