Eve Pirate Trading Cards

Back in the early nineties I worked with Marvel/Fleer Entertainment and designed, or was the Creative Director, on many of the trading card sets released during the height of the industry's popularity. I was thinking about that time the other day and hit upon the idea of a similar card set based on Eve's notorious Pirates. 

So here is the growing set of Eve Pirate Trading Cards for you to collect and share with your friends.

If you are interested in larger, print quality, versions of these cards, I have a Set running over on Flickr.

Any suggested Pirates missing from the collection? Feel free to make suggestions in the comments.


  1. Well... Santo Trafficante should be in there, imo.

  2. Love these will, print! If permitted, a lot of Shadow Cartel in there (I applaud your good taste)

  3. Zappity, of course.

  4. Check out Max Evangelion, leader of the notorious gallente militia corp, Rapid Withdrawal (RDRAW)


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