RJ's Twitter Hats

When I started my Twitter account right in the midst of the Aurum/Incarna/CQ debacle launch, I had no idea what it would turn into. During that first week the idea of using my Twitter Avatar as a form of Anti-Aurum protest came to me. Personally I think vanity items are stoopid and any mention of a win button for cash just makes my skin crawl.

So at first I started dressing Rixx in a different hat every day. This is a montage of those hats in the order that they appeared:

Click to embiggen!

These became so popular that soon other Tweetfleet members started asking for hats of their own. At first it was just a lark, but it soon became more than that.  Now that the hats are starting to pile up, I thought it was time to organize them and let you know a little about the people under the hats.

(Hundreds of Hats Served and Counting!)

Mark of Eve Travel fame was really the one that started the Twit Collection, as he was the first to request a hat. Yes, he asked for the Dunce cap! His Twitter account is @WebSpaceships

EVE_Arvash (who is now someone else, more on that later) also sorta, kinda suggested a Devo theme for his Twit Hat Collection entry.  I always try to please.

Bucky (@BuckyOhair) is a member of UK, but even so seems like a decent enough person. Anyway, for some reason I chose to use him as my first "didn't ask for it" hat wearing Twit. The yellow sailor hat just really seemed to work well.

One of my favorites! Roc needs no introduction but he wasn't expecting to wake up on Friday morning wearing a beautiful, hand woven pink hat! After several threats to my person I decided to stop using this avatar early. All in good fun.

As you'll see later, some Avatar pictures are harder than others. This was the first one I had to down-size and re-work to make room for a hat. I even turned the Google logo upside down! @Garheade was a good sport and even used this avatar after his day was over. His Eve Commune site is here

Each avatar speaks to me, either the picture or the person. I never really plan anything, I just open 'em up and inspiration hits. For some reason Ramdar Chinken's (@ramdarchinken) said Mexican Chicken Farmer to me, so that's what he got. I think he is still using the hat avatar, so he must have liked it.

Being a perfectionist sucks! Ecliptic Rift's first hat, the brown one above, just didn't turn out the way I was hoping it would. Especially really small, so I decided to re-do it and found the bright green Wonka hat he wore the rest of the day. So he has two, wouldn't be the last time that happened.

Why stop with lowly pilots when you can go all the way to the top? Hilmar Veigar is CEO of CCP! Which is why he is wearing a knitted Viking hat. Which I suspect isn't unusual for Hilmar since he didn't seem to notice. Oh well, we all laughed at you! Especially Ramdar.

The "lost" Twit Hat! I thought this was clever when I did it, but no one saw it when I used it. I think something actually prevented them from seeing it, or it was one of those days when Twitter was acting up. Either way @AidenMourn is CEO of Suddenly Ninjas and his hat is finally revealed to all.

@CCP_Fallout is another CCP employee to get the hat treatment. She missed it when it came out but totally caught it here on the blog! I know she enjoyed it cause she wrote and told me so, and she is even using it on her email sig. That is sooo kewl. (And thanks for the FB mention btw)

Despite being Canadian he is also Crazy! Crazy Kinux is an awesome dood, godfather of eve blogging and whatnot, but he totally deserves being made fun of for not only living in America's Hat but wearing such a terrible hat! And he knows I kid.

CCP_Wrangler on the other hand enjoyed his Twit Hat! I know cause he told me just how much he loved, adored and generally thought very highly of me for doing this to his avatar... lol.  

@lostoffworld (in game pilot name Artemis Septem) just seemed to scream for ice cream in that avatar picture, so I found a large ice cream hat and plopped it down on his/her (who knows?) head. Sorry for the ice cream headache! :(

Chribba. Yoda. Nuff said. lolz.

The man asked for a MintChip hat and the man gets a MintChip Hat. He is Chribba y'know.

@KrispyDingo (Krispy's Korner) well, c'mon, his name has the word Dingo in it!  Plus this was another one in which the avatar's head was cut off, so I had to work with what head I had, hence the droopy street cred version.

Captain Feldane is such a serious dood, he really deserved this.

CCP_Affinity's avatar just makes me wanna cheer her/him up! And a QA Tester for CCP he/she probably needs it, hence the pink smiley face hat. It has to make you smile.

Believe me or not, @CaptainFranklen actually requested this... I don't know anything, you'll have to ask him!

CCP_Manifest just really, really, really needs to relax.

Kirith. Kirith. Tsk tsk, went and put goggles on his avatar! For shame, and for that you get a pink octopus hat!!

@Arydanika (Co-host of Voices from the Void!) avatar illustrates some of the inherent challenges I face every day. Her avatar takes up the entire square and leaves little room for a hat. Sure, I can re-size a bit, but you can't do that too much or you lose the avatar. So it can be difficult to find a hat that fits within the little strip of land left to you. Although somehow I manage.

@kuramanga's avatar was the most challenging (other than Dingos!) I've tried so far. I had to build the top of her head enough to even allow for a hat. So, since the amount of space was so limited, I decided to go with glasses and a headband. Honestly, it is a very striking avatar! Oh baby.

While this one doesn't count as a Tweetfleet hat, I do enjoy some of the challenges my fellow Tweetfleeters throw my way from time to time. Kura challenged me to do something with his real world avatar, which looks like this:

Notice the "no-head" aspect?  So I maintain I can do anything...

New arm, moved the guitar up so I could slide the photo down a little, added bookshelf and then managed to get a cool rock star head and hat on him. Whew, that was some work.

EVE_Rhavas (Who, it turns out, is none other than EVE_Arvash!! Who already had a Twit Hat!) is the first person to unintentionally get two hats. He tricked me!

@_noise_ has a challenging avatar hidden inside a circle no less! I totally suspect he did this primarily to try and avoid wearing a hat!! But it won't work. muhahahaha. Noise writes a blog called Phoenix Diaries and is also co-host of the Starfleet Comms Podcast.

He did eventually update his avatar, so I gave him a new hat. He has fit up 100 Rifters and every time I think of that I always think of one of those WWII bomber guys, you know, the ones that never make it back.

@Eve_Lulzes asked for a My Little Pony hat specifically Fluffy-Wuffy or something like that. I don't have a clue about such things, which is why we invented the internets. This one was tough in that it is based on an animated character not typically made into hats! lol

@MyrhialArkenath writes an excellent blog called Diary of a Pod Pilot, which I highly recommend!  I've been thinking about a Unicorn hat for a long time, but just hadn't found the right person to pull it off. Well, wait no more!! Seems perfect to me.

@Arydanika (Whose first hat you can see a few above) got a SPECIAL HAT. If you are wondering why I would give anyone a special hat, when all hats are special, then you need to read this. Never let it be said that this Pirate doesn't have a heart.

@katrinat (CCP Punkturis) is a UI Programmer in Iceland, which means she more than likely works for you know who! (The guy in the knitted Viking hat!) This is the first "non-Twitter" Twitter Twit Hat since Katrinat uses her real world picture on Twitter instead of the Uber kewl Eve avatar the rest of us use. 
I didn't have a full day, so I decided to make Mark a hat befitting his intrepid explorer status. Much better than the Dunce hat, although it is important to remember he did ask for the Dunce hat. But this is more like it, in fact I'd say this is perfect.

@HLIBIndustry still sports the "old-school" avatar on his Twitter account, so I couldn't pass up the chance to put a hat on that!!  He also writes a Industry blog called Hell's Librarians, which is about subject matter best left to the carebear section I think?

@bel_amar made the mistake of thinking his avatar was hat-proof.

Personally I think the bit of breath is friggin' brilliant, but then again, I've always been my biggest fan. What challenges await?

@Lostineve runs a Eve Podcast called, what else, Lost In Eve! Which I highly recommend. His hat is called the "Man From Mars Radio Hat" and it was actually sold at one time.  See? Twitter Hats are educational too!

@KatiaSae just screamed Cop to me the other day, so she is the lucky first cop wearing Twitter hat. I think her avatar looks especially beautiful in uniform. She also writes a fantastic blog called Sagan Explorations.

@khanhrhh couldn't wait for RJ to make him a Twitter hat so he went and made one himself. And while I don't recommend we all rush out and make our own hats, I include him here to keep the collection complete. Plus, he did a good job.

@LelouchDeGilead - someone made a Dark Helmet comment yesterday and it stuck with me. There are not a lot of avatars it would work on, but Lelouch's happened to be perfect for it. Notice the subtle "Han Shot First" t-shirt addition for us geeks out there.

@csmwhitetree is a journalist at MMORG.com and owner of Whitethorn. She is also the official Twitter account of Ross McDermott (CSM Whitetree).  So the hat seemed especially perfect, and gave his avatar a certain Noir sensibility I think.

@gamerchick42 writes an excellent blog (which is a member of the EVE Blog Pack) at Gamerchick42, of course. Her avatar was so dark it seemed to really need a "ghost" hat from Pac Man!

@CCP_Gamemaster is the... well, he is the Gamemaster at CCP of course! What that really means, who knows? He doesn't have an avatar and they won't let him have one either, how sad is that? So now he wears a Bowler with a purty flower. Feel better Gamemaster, feel better.

@MarcScaurus is not only the CEO of Sinners. but also the writer of a pretty decent Blog Pack Blog called Wanderlust. He also happens to be in the same Alliance as your favorite blogger!  Which is why he gets a hat with pom poms on it. (And I was nice and didn't say balls.)

Marc didn't appreciate the first angry red ball hat. So as CEO of Sinners it seemed appropriate to give him a cool Priest hat. Like a dood in a Tarantino joint.

@Thorvik_EVE is a Ushra 'Khan pilot and a self-described free thinker who really bugged me about getting a hat. Patience is a virtue, although not one usually attributed to U'K. The challenge with head cropped avatars continues, it limits the types of hats you can use. You'd be surprised how many hats are tall!  So U'K = Mongolia = Cropped Head = Low Hat = Tassel = lolz.

@shandreen is the author of a blog called thoughts and other musing shall resume after coffee, which is just another Brit Blog. She says that she has gone more Zen lately (which is great btw!) so I thought she probably needed some help, and nothing helps you get your Zen going better than a Buddhist Pyramid Hat. 

@wensley of Rifter Drifter fame said that he "didn't look good in a hat"! I strongly disagree. I think everyone looks better in a hat of distinction. And yes, I broke my "one hat per day" rule, even giving his new avatar a hat, but if you're gonna break rules it should be for Wensley.

@scarlzor - Sooner or later I knew I'd have to deal with an Amarrian in robes! You might think the red hat is simply random, but that happens to be the Popes red hat! And for good measure I added a plastic squirt flower under the robes. I imagine him entertaining Amarrian children at parties.

@Logan_Fyreite is sporting the official Rote Kapelle Parade Hat, which is quite stimulating I must say! (And itchy) Logan is a good Eve friend and fellow blogger who never writes enough at Eve Opportunist  and still fits medium neuts on his vagabond.

@meanharri is a mean dood that writes a mean blog over at Gun Turret Diplomacy.  Being so mean I figured he could use an Angry Bird hat! 

@Relicc - for some reason every time I look at his avatar I think of Robin Hood, so I've known for a long time now that he would be the one getting the swashbuckler treatment.

@Mynxee do I really need to say anything more? This is the perfect hat for the first lady of low sec.

@RocWeiler This happened only because Mynxee started wearing her hat right away, so I thought I'd be nice to poor Roc and give him a new hat more in keeping with his... well, you know.

@Abby_Baxter is the third hat of the day, I must be going crazy! She writes a blog called The Euclidean Method. And she has a balloon hat now.

@TG_3 is the Red Federation Director and Fleet Commander, as well as author of Through Newb Eyes.  Seemed natural to take a cue from Che and hat it up to the Revolution!

@Freebooted or Seismic Stan, is a good friend who thought he could avoid the hat by using a cropped, huge eye instead.  But it had become the man's trademark, so I couldn't just wimp out and use his full avatar.

So I started with his full avatar and added a paper pirate hat which is extremely recognizable. Some had suggested reflecting this in the huge eye, which I did try, but it was so small you couldn't tell what it was.

Instead I created a hybrid of the two images, cropping in tight on the full avatar, taking the blue eye from the cropped version and adding a sweet pirate party tattoo to his cheek. It keeps the trademark eye crop but shows just enough of the hat so we know he is wearing one.

@thansoli is a Republic Loyalist Caldari that writes a blog called Combat Capitalism which is very good, you should check it out. He is also very persistent. Hence the pointy hat.

@HelicityBoson doesn't need an introduction, if you don't know who she is you've been living under a rock. Hulkageddon?!?? Although that is really just part of the whole story. Helicity hasn't had a hat before now cause she was banned by CCP! (Gasp!) I know right?

@LexHiram is a pilot that does piloty stuff in Eve. More importantly though his avatar is BALD. So I found a hat for bald men that gives the 'appearance' of hair. The things I've learned making Twitter hats. lol

@EVE_Tyen runs the tweetfleet Minecraft server (server at vnome.dlinkddns.com) so he gets a Creeper hat of his very own to wear proudly while building me moar ships to fly in Eve! Minecraft?

@skorpion352 kept threatening to steal or otherwise take Stan's paper pirate hat, so in order to keep the peace I made him this special South Pacific Tribal Cap. Sadly, this did not stop him from stealing Stan's hat after all.

Then, he went and changed his avatar! Sheesh.

@ievecoza's avatar reminded me of David Bowie for some reason and the memory of a photo of him wearing a hat. This is that hat and I think it fits perfectly. Check out his excellent blog called Here Be Monsters.

@soleaterJournal is the author of the creatively titled The Soleater Journal, which is a great blog you should be reading. Now where are my bitches!?  (PS: His avatar was only 78 pixels, so it is a tad blurry.)

@Adainy_ISTL's blog is called I Saw The Lightning so it seemed more than appropriate to give him a Lightning McQueen hat from the Pixar movie Cars. Plus his head was one of the more challenging avatar crops to put a hat on.

@Acute_Dragonis is the author of the blog Out of Pod Experience and a member of Nashh's growing group of malcontented pilots. I thought he needed a furry cap to keep his head warm and why not one with a orange frigate on it?

@swearte is the author of a blog called Confessions of a Closet Carebear. Sometime last week I ran across this awesome bear hat and I've been waiting for the right person to wear it, his blog has the word "carebear" in it, which is good enough for me. 

@EVEJaxley is a Director in Tuskers and writes an excellent blog called Onslaughts of an Outlawed. Tuskers made me think of Pumbaa from Lion King, which made me put him on his head. Pumbaa hat. 'Nuff said.

@EnderCapitalG I have no idea why, but when I opened his avatar picture this morning it made me think of Robotech. Now, one must ask, do we not have this kind of thing in-game? Even I might be tempted to spend Aurum on something like this.

@tsalaroth is apparently passionate about Python, so I thought a nice Monty Python hat would be extremely appropriate. lol

@rickypedia is some dood from Seattle that takes care of managing the #Tweetfleet list for @Eveonline. At some point he mentioned something about shark fins I think, so he gets this cute little shark for his rain-drenched head.

@DruurMonakh is the author of a blog called Hazardous Goods, which is excellent and I recommend it. Somewhere along the line I got the idea that an Engineers hat would be perfect for that bald head, although I suspect the type of engineer might be a tad off.

@paritybit writes one of my favorite blogs, Eve's Parity Bit. It is one of my favorites because he writes stuck-up, arrogant and... no wait, that's me... or is it? I'm confused, but seriously, Parity's blog is always intelligent, thought-provoking and... well, he gets a brain hat.

@CecilArongo is CEO of Ghost Hunters and a Director/Diplomat with Sspectre Alliance. Someone mentioned the Hypnotoad and sure enough I found a hat! That doesn't always work, which could make you stop and think...

@the13january happened to hit me at the right time, I was just thinking about putting a mohawk hat on someone that has a mohawk, when he volunteered to be #90. Weird.

@Mikal_Tylar is apparently a bad person and a bad CEO, at least that's what his Twitter bio says. I don't usually take requests on hats, but I do take suggestions. Sometimes. If it works, and in this case it did. Banzai!

@ArwyddAnwnn is a self-describer bitter vet and podcaster Notalotofnews Newshour. So I thought I'd spread some joy, and you can't spread joy more than this hat does!

@Zievarrenna is a Red Federation pilot and with that striking red hair it seemed only natural to put a Russian white hat on her head.

@Funf_Eve's bio featured a famous quote from Ripley, so I thought a USS Sulaco hat from the movie Aliens would be appropriate.

@MaxTorps is one of the people behind Star Fleet Comms and as such pretty much deserves this Federation style woven cap. Stylin' in Star Fleet!

@Seleene_EVE is the author of Seleene's Sandbox and CSM6 Delegate. As such I thought she could use this Icelandic knit cap to keep warm during all those trips to Iceland. Hope there aren't too many of those in your future. I even added some snow.

@TheMittani. You know who this is.

@RipardTeg blogs almost as much as I do over on Jester's Trek. This morning he made a joke about being a blogging robot from the future, so I couldn't resist. And yes, I spent way to much time on this "hat". Notice I threw a little red hat on his head just so we could keep the hat theme.

@CCP_OhWell doesn't actually work at CCP... or does he? The mystery called to mind a sultry woman of shadows smoking a cigar, hence the mysterious sultry woman smoking a cigar hat. It ain't complicated people!

@slighit y'know, the more serious your avatar is, the more likely I'm just gonna plop something extremely silly on it.

@KaedaMaxwell The 20 Minutes For some reason her avatar said long lost Egyptian warlord princess to me, bad attitude and all.

@OmarrKai just had the look of a Detective about him, always hanging around in bars trying to pick up Dames.

@BlackArcturus is this Australian roleplayer person, and while Australia is a strange and different place normally outside the scope of our understanding, I thought we could bridge the cultural divide through hats.  Or... in a way an Aussie can understand - 

@Eric_Deloitte is CEO of the Flowing Penguins and another Australian, so I turned the day into Aussie day!

@aideronrobotics (Marcel Devereux) is the developer of Aura the Eve App for Android phones. For the longest time his avatar was some weird blob of technology, but he finally wised up so I put a Android mascot hat on his head.

@NashhKadavr finally got himself on Twitter and so I thought I'd encourage him with his very own hat!  Nashh Kadavr's Eve Blog, check it out!

@DSI_PhilR writes a blog as is involved with Depthstrike Industries, "depthstrike" made me think of submarines which is why he gets a British WW2 submarine cap. Honestly, it looks good on him - Dive!

@LtdSpacePig is a serious Amarr Carebear Slayer, SpacePig of d00m. Member of FGRDS and The Kadeshi. C'mon, how could I resist? I couldn't.

@Capital_Murder I so wanted to do an electric chair hat, but seriously those kinda suck. So I went with a stylish Trilby hat instead. Nice huh?

@Cipreh writes a blog called Lost Without Local about his adventures in Wormhole space. Hence the black hole hat of course. Duh.

@Sakaane had a cubicle fall on him/her! For that story of work-place woe, I thought he/she deserved a hat. Especially as a delf-described wanna-be artist, what better choice than the classic?

Xtra bonus hat for an especially tough day. (Not sure of the details)

@dianalynnETC runs EveTimeCode.com and recently updated her/his avatar, which reminded me of a certain pop singer who also likes to wear silly hats... hmmm.

@Saftsuze is a member of the Black Rebel Rifter Club and author of The Criminal Countdown Lounge. Despite his Freddy Mercury look, I decided to go all Smooth Criminal with his hat.

@fergusmeikleour seemed especially down in the dumps, so I figured an especially sunny and happy hat might make all the difference. Or not. His face still seems sad. Poor guy.

@BenosPop is french! C'est la fin des haricots! (That's the end of it, what more do you need to know, something like that, who knows, it's French after all! Sheesh.)

@Drackarn writes an excellent blog called Sand, Cider and Spaceships. And it was about time someone got the Royal Guard hat and he's English, so... 

@CCP_Zymurgist brings us the best Quafe in the galaxy, but his picture needed a Pharoah Hat!! I don't like the look on his face, so let it be written, so let it be done.

@SincFerguson and no, the sunglasses and mustache were already there! I swear! 

@BryceJenkins asked for a hat, so he got one. Sometimes the Mad Hatter is a good person... sometimes he ain't.

@Parismaeve recently joined Lucifer's Hammer (my Corp) and she writes a great blog called  Small Ships FTW, which I recommend. So she gets a small ship hat! Duh.

@Dsan_dk is from Denmark, so I thought this hat was extremely appropriate. And distinctive.

@Grideris runs Dust514.org. In situations like this one, with such an unusual angle on the avatar, my options are limited. But I think this turned out rather nicely. 

@PenelopeStarEOL The perfect hat for a beautiful Minmatar cowgirl

@ReesNoturana Treasure Hunter and Adventurer, writer of Red Rock Mining!

@CCP_Dropbear I waited 125 hats for someone worthy of the tin foil hat, 'nuff said. lol

@Simvastatin asked for a Pirate hat, so who am I to argue? He writes a blog called Eve Online - Everything But Wormholes, check it out.

@Cake_Majestic is the nicest Pirate you'd ever want to meet!

@EzeriaMistanta is CEO of... wait for it... The Nyan Cat Pirates, and exec of Extract. The rest, as they say, is a self-repeating infinite loop!

@PyroTech03 is CEO of Legion of Darkwind and used to write a blog called Wandering the Void.

@Cobalt_Valkyrie likes black ops, hot drops, and long walks on the beach. Ok the hat choice might have been obvious, but sometimes you just have to roll with it.

@HarlonMathuin is a pirate pilot in the Bastards. Not many people could wear this hat and make it work! So well done Harlon. I've been holding on to that hat for about three months now it seems like.

@MaeveTrinity writes a great blog called Wench with a Wrench, which she seriously needs to update more often >cough< However, she left a sad panda comment about not having a hat, so she gets an extra special awesome russian mechanic hat with wrench attachment.

@Squizzc or Squizz Caphinator is just this guy that likes to shoot stuff in Eve. Maybe he should change his name to Sir Squizz? And no, I have no idea why his avatar is smaller than the others.

@RossMP9999 No one had a Koala Hat yet, and really, that's a shame that had to be fixed.

@MaxUrsa is a pilot in the Bastards Pirate Alliance, a true Brutor who flies fast and loud!

@DurzoSmith is the author of the The Durzo Chronicles ( A great blog with a really nice banner!) You really should be reading it. I do.

@Rox_lukas is a Polish player and writer of his own blog, which you should check out. So I thought a traditional Polish hat might be a good way to go, looks pretty awesome I think.

@K162space writes an excellent blog called, of course, K162space. You should read it.

@jestrick_eve is CEO of New Haven Enterprises which is a small gang PvP, light pirating and missioning Corp. Perfect hat.

@Kelduum is the CEO of Eve University. And I thought this Dumbeldore hat was the perfect hat for him.

@Geddonz (or Nick Kluger-langer) is an Eve addict and sometimes civil servant who lives in jolly old England. Hence the Bowler.

@LtColLaurentius is from Norway and that's about all I know about him. Hence the Norway cap for his cold bald head. lol

@CCP_Stillman does something or other at CCP, which means he works with aliens, which means he gets an alien hat.

@ReverendMak Former Hageken industrialist and citizen-warrior, now full-time combat pilot and Navy Deca-Commander with the Abh Empire, a part of IRC. I dunno, seemed like a Pilgrim Hat was the best choice.

@ZeroNRG is Roaming the web, playing EVE! And now with a spiffy new hat! Check him out at zeronrg.com

@Mel_Brandrom looked like a cruise ship Captain to me, so he gets a cruise ship Captain's hat.

@ChYph3r is a member of Multiplex Gaming SpaceMonkey's Alliance AMP - Angry Monkey Podcast Host! Check out the link. So that's why the monkey hat, plus it's cool.

@bunneyman... c'mon, he asked for it!  Check out his blog One Man And His Pod, sadly it is not full of rabbits as one might expect.

@Mr_Kovalente, for some reason his avatar reminded me of a Vulcan, so he gets this Vulcan hat from Star Trek III: The Search for Spock. Which is pretty darn kewl.

@eve_hatchet is a Caldari Industry/miner around the Black Rise region, check out the blog at The Hatchet Express. That hat makes her look like Meryl Streep doesn't it?

Volume One Wallpaper, which collects most of the hats above, is now available HERE.
Hats that appear below this line will be collected into Volume II, which will also contain the above hats. If any of that makes sense, congratulations.

@HelicityBoson since coming back into the game (and to blogging, yeah!) Helicity deserved a new hat. Hope she likes this one.

@SovWarsShalee wanted a sparkly crown. I'm not an ebil person I just play one in Eve.

@Idemonus with a name like InvictusDemonus you really need a hat like that. :)

@KaelDorin By day J.D. Kaad a financial analyst with interests in current events & economics. By night Kael Dorin Intaki explorer, entrepreneur, & soldier of fortune. He asked for the beer hat.

'Nuff said.

@Yaarrbear asked for a hat for his in-game character Horrorscope, which is one of those creatively cropped avatars that present challenges to the Mad Hatter. But nothing we can't overcome.

@eve_syndemic requested a hat for his in-game character Spjke Tijn Wijn, who I noticed is a member of the Imperial Academy. Which means he gets a Russian Imperial Navy cap, which fits nicely.

@kalaratiri writes a blog called Far From Never. And I thought a swashbuckler hat would look great on that beautiful Minmatar head.

@Mal Iss has another one of those difficult cropped avatars. I was stymied until I noticed he belonged to Los Chupacabras and the inspiration struck. Hope he likes it. 

@SindelPellion writes a great blog called Sindel's Universe. I actually did this hat a bit ago, but it somehow got lost in the pile of discarded hats over in the corner. Sorry about that, my Captain's Quarters is a complete mess. Very lucky I found that hat.

@bagehi asked me for a hat the other day. Looking at his avatar the very first thing I thought of was a Stetson, can't believe I hadn't used that hat yet. 

@CozmikR5 who writes a blog you should read at BEYOND SPACE is from Canada. And since I haven't had the chance to use a Mountie hat yet...

@TheSunSeer asked for a hat and his avatar reminded me of some dude you'd see at a beach. So I went with the Patagonia Beach Hat for him.

@CCP_Nullarbor is from Australia and lives in friggid Iceland, so I thought a little taste of home would help cheer him up. Plus it isn't often that someone leaves me enough room for a tall hat. Yes, that is a real hat you can find on the interwebs. ( I had to re-create it because the only image I could find was horrible)

@Blind_Hope (Joseph D Stargazer) asked me for a hat and, by golly, that's exactly what he got! Pretty swanky don't you think?

For @CCP_Paradox :)

@Egwenne asked for a goofy hat like all the other cool kids. Never let it be said that I don't give people what they want.


@HansShotFirst Hans Jagerblitzen

@Novon_Toll 2nd hat by request


@Shinalor - If ever a face needed a dock workers cap, it was this one.

@CryingReaper, Ethan Perry, seemed to cry out for a goth hat with skulls and chains.

@EVE_Scatha - "The best way out of Hell, is through the other side." So, Devil hat. 

@Placid_09 Wanted a Viking hat, and really, who can blame him?

Corelin, @dabigz732, is CEO of the Mad Haberdashers. So a fancy hat, some might say the fanciest hat, for the fancy hat guy.

@TENEveningNews1 wanted a Fez, which looks really good on him. Not everyone can make the Fez work.

Evelgrivion is @Rotosequence's main. This is a stylish Borsalino felt hat for the dandy.

@5pykers hat. I haven't had the chance to use this hat yet, and this grim and determined face was perfect for it.

@CorinKatsuo Sometimes the man finds the hat and sometimes the hat finds the man. I stumbled on this bit of genius and it called out to me.

@wartzilla for some reason this beanie cap with goggles built in seemed to fit.

Xavier Kane @xavmxv I can't believe I hadn't thought of a coonskin cap before!! Duh. Oh well, it fits Xavier perfectly.

@JaceErrata thought he could confound me by using a drawing as a Twitter avatar... not all hats are hats in the classic sense. Some are more profound.

@Muskells is a self-described space Hobo, so he gets a hobo hat. A rather silly hobo hat sure, but it is "hobo" and not "bum".

@DianaLynnETC asked for a new Steampunk hat and I think this one is extremely stylish.

@Pinky_Feldman writes a blog called The Moar you Cry the Less you Pee, this hat seemed perfect.

@zerodotzero Ryan Easte asked for a red beret, but of course I gave him a little more than he asked for.

@CCP_Paradox (or ParaDucks!) gets this very angry duck hat, for obvious reasons. 

@KallaystraEve. I decided to play off the red in her shirt and give her something more elegant to go with the leather jacket. Works well I think. 

@Seleene_EVE already had a "winter" themed hat (see way above somewhere), but it was time for a Summer theme. This one took some doing, but I think it fits her perfectly.

@SWG_Vincent76 is the managing Editor at Eve Stratics and hails from Denmark. Which is interesting because a few weeks ago I ran across this fiber optic hat, which is also from Denmark, that I've been holding onto until someone came along to put it on. Ta Da!

John Cavanagh, or @Saint_Cav, is a RvB pilot on the Blue side, so I figured a nice blue hat for him.

Alua Oresson, or @KareesMoonshade, wanted a evil, wicked hat. With red eyes and a nasty grin, I think this one is both. An RJ original btw.

@roigonEVE - his avatar is bald and for some reason this Sean Connery hat came to mind, I think I've captured something.

@Salhany, Salpun. It is extremely rare to find a sideways looking avatar, so this hat I've been holding onto for months can finally have a home.

@Ishmeiil. With a name like that he just had to have a white whale hat and I couldn't find one anywhere so I made one. And if you don't know why, you really need to read more.

@FirstlyEve is always on the hunt for the big score, which reminded me of fishermen, so he gets this nice Pacific Rainproof Fisherman hat.

@XanderPhoena gets a Wolverine inspired hat.


@Flashfresh is #200. His blog and pirate attitude have long been an inspiration to me, so congratulations my friend. Wear the Fedora with distinction and pride, it suits you.

@Jeg_Elsker has a lot to do with Zebras, so he gets this amazing Zebra hat.

@StayingEngaged, or Jushin Dragon's avatar is a chrome dragon, which doesn't phase me in the least.

@ApollonicShadow if ever an avatar looked like a cowboy...

@CCP_Punkturis has several hats, but she needed a very special one for her RL picture. And since she is awesome, beautiful and incredibly talented I couldn't resist. And yes, hers is a tad bigger than everyone else... how else to get a Icelandic Dragon in there?

Alex Franklin, @LokiElis, is in UK so I thought this traditional Mongolian war helmet was most appropriate. Plus badass.

@Khanhrhh still uses the old school avatar, so I thought he deserved an old school 8-bit Fedora!

@BuckyOhair was the third hat I did for anyone, over a year ago now. So he deserved a new official Bucky O'Hair hat and a special appearance by the rabbit himself.

@DeaconIgunen. I have no idea sometimes what inspires me, but something always does.

@Swearte asked for a Summer bicycle helmet instead of the furry carebear thing he had for Winter.

@Egwene, well sometimes RJ's jokes work and sometimes they don't. I still like the goofy hat, but I'm always willing to make amends.

@KarboxDelacroix - personally I believe in the right of all avatars to have hats, even the lazy default "egg" avatars. lol.

@Krogtronix (David Milward) has a posterized avatar, even that doesn't stop the Mad Hatter!! muhahaha

@Xolves is a self-described "full time stranger" so I thought this stranger hat I found awhile back would fit him perfectly.

@Khanhrhh - Ok, even I make mistakes sometimes and put the hat on the wrong avatar! But I am always willing to correct things and either way, more avatars with hats is win-win in my book.

@Rastuasi is the CEO of an anti-pirate alliance (Boo!) so how do you make an anti-pirate hat? Like that, that's how.

Random Hats

These days I'm not actively making hats for Tweetfleet, but sometimes someone will ask for one. These are they:

Just to be clear, his Corp is named BOOB Heads.

When I was browsing for hats one day I found this great portrait image of a WW2 pilot and immediately thought of my friend Mark at Eve Travel. The idea of not just putting hats on avatars, but incorporating avatars into already photographed scenes isn't new - I've been doing it with Rixx for years. But doing it FOR hats is a new idea I like.

What Rixx might look like at 70 years of age. lolz


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