In-Game History of Rixx

The History of Rixx Javix

Rixx Javix was born on September 21st, 2008 in Todaki, Caldari Space. 

Not much is known about his history before becoming a capsuleer. What we do know is that his parents were both murdered by Gallente invaders and that Rixx was forced to live on the streets of his home planet before he could exact his revenge. The incident that followed resulted in the loss of his eye (which he elected to keep when he became a capsuleer), and his eventual incarceration in a Caldari prison. The rest of the story is only legend, rumor and myth.

How he came to be a student in the School for Applied Knowledge is unknown, but it is public record that he became a Capsuleer on September 21st, 2008 and undocked in Todaki Station for the first time as a near immortal.

It was nearly a month before he found his way into his first Corporation. During a routine mission for the Sister's of Eve Rixx had encountered a Gallente prisoner that he had met during his time in a Caldari prison, Angor Mau. Angor encouraged Rixx to join Phoenix Industrial Technologies and help provide security for their industrial operations. Rixx agreed and thus began a long and storied history between the two, one which would not always end well for either of them.

Within two weeks PIT joined the Libertas Fidelitas Alliance (LFA), which was operating in the Null Security region of Providence as part of the CVA Coalition there. With only a Merlin to his name, Rixx made the trek south to PI-5 and took up residence in Providence. It was here that he would learn the skills and political savy that would serve him well during his career. These days were full of adventure and enemies lurked around every corner, Goons, Against All Authorities, Ushra'Khan and many, many others. It was also a breeding ground for PvP combat and Rixx would make friends and connections that would last for years. His days of protecting miners and ratters made him long for more direct combat experiences and in fleets he would talk to other pilots about learning and expanding his combat horizons.

One such pilot was FloridaJ and soon Rixx and Angor joined Dusty Death Enterprise and started their path towards becoming pure combat oriented pilots, soldiers of Null Sec, and guardians of Providence. It wasn't long however before internal politics within the Corporation and strong personality disagreements began to tear it apart. Rixx and Angor, along with a few friends, made the decision to leave Dusty and start a mercenary career in Low Security space - based in Piekura. Inglorious Basterds was born. While a bold step, they quickly realized how much they still had to learn about New Eden. (I mean seriously, Rixx barely had 6 million skill points!)  The Corporation failed to attract pilots, contracts went undone, and a larger entity in Piekura forced them to close their doors. Despite the failure, many important lessons were learned that would serve Rixx well down the road.

They returned briefly to Dusty Death, just as the Corporation finally exploded and FloridaJ ran off to High Security space with most of the Corporation's assets. Additional members began to flee and the rumor mill was full of mindless speculation. In the chaos Rixx and Angor, along with a few others, decided to start another Corporation called Brutal Company and join the LFA Alliance. It was during this time that Rixx began talking to Alliance Leadership, in particular Alliance Executor Lasterax and Alliance Fleet Commander Progodlegend. Before Dominion changed the landscape of Null Space forever, each Corporation in the Alliance had to contribute a Player Owned Structure (POS) to the Alliance. Shortly after the Brutal Company's POS went up it was stolen by one of its members. Angor managed to save some of the modules, but subsequently lost them on the way to Empire space.

Brutal Company fell apart only a few days after it was formed and once again Rixx and Angor fled to the four Empires. This time they joined a bunch of misfits calling themselves Tropical Killer Bananas, a group of High Security Space war pilots. During his first mission with the group Rixx became horribly disgusted with their lack of training and reckless manner and quit the group. In anger, Angor went off and joined a Corporation in Ushra'Khan, enemy of Providence. But Rixx couldn't bring himself to give up on what he had worked so hard to save and returned to Providence, joining a Corporation called Setenta.

It wasn't long before some members of the Corporation began talk of leaving Providence for new pastures in Fountain. Rixx had just returned and was unwilling to consider a move. He began looking around for another home and turned to one of the oldest Corporations in all of Eve, Dissonance Corp. (Dion) This was the first Corporation in his career to date that he truly felt at home in. Dion's mix of experienced pilots and younger members involved in all aspects of Eve became the template against which he would later design his own Corporations.

It was during this time that Rixx became even more involved with Alliance leadership and he began several rounds of Fleet Commander training, designing Alliance propaganda, and eventually became an official Providence FC and head of covert operations under Progodlegend. As well as "unofficially" the Minister of Propaganda. The situation in Providence was heating up and Dion decided to move out of Providence and head to new pastures in Insmother. Despite his attachment to Providence, Rixx relented and made the move to the new region. Dion flirted with several Alliances in Insmother, but nothing stuck.

It was at this time that reports from Providence seemed to indicate a war was on the immediate horizon. And so Rixx returned once more to his old-stomping grounds and joined a purely PvP oriented Corporation called Smegnet Incorporated (SMEGI). He arrived back in the region just as the wheels of war started turning. Provi Bloc was to invade Catch and push Against All Authorities and their minions back from their borders. With CVA's backing, the LFA Alliance led the way and quickly moved to take several systems between DG and HED - the long fought after border systems between the two Capitals. Despite being short of much needed Capital Ship power, LFA knew that CVA's Titans and Super Caps would back them up when needed. The campaign went smoothly at first and system after system began to fall. It looked like they would get away with making a new buffer between their old enemies and their home ground.

The situation quickly turned as -A- forces pushed back against them. It wasn't long before word spread that they fully intended to invade Providence and push CVA and their Alliances out completely. Rixx prepared for all out war and the forces met on the field in D-GTMI in what was, up until then, the largest battle that New Eden had ever seen. Despite assurances to the contrary, CVA failed to deliver the majority of their Super Cap fleet in support of the fight. In spite of all their efforts the system fell and most of the forces in Providence, including Rixx, felt betrayed by CVA.

The LFA Alliance shattered. Other Alliances bailed, CVA disappeared into Amarr low security. And SMEGI fractured. Several pilots, including Rixx and Angor, decided to hi-tail it to Stacmon and form a new Corporation called Unforgiven Blood. Once again, despite the best intentions, the Corporation simply failed to get off the ground. Rixx and Angor moved to join some other former SMEGI pilots in the Great Wildlands under the More Cowbell banner. They spent a month there before it too began to fall apart. All the moving, wars, and tension of the past six months had taken their toll. So they decided to take a break and found a new Corporation called Lucifer's Hammer. The Hammer was formed to house Rixx's wife Anastasia Javix and other alts, while Rixx and Angor took a break from the constant fighting to make some much needed isk and determine their next steps.

While on break they began to once again hear reports from friends in Providence. The Paxton Federation, due to staying out of the previous war, had managed to survive with several systems in the newly occupied "playground" that -A- had built in Providence. CVA had even held on to many systems in the northern part of the region and things seemed to have settled down once more. So they joined M3 Corp in Paxton and returned to Providence again.

A rather complicated series of events quickly turned an uneasy truce once more into full fledged war. (It seemed to follow Rixx wherever he went.) And soon m3 and Paxton were once more toe-to-toe with the forces of -A-. And once more, despite assurances, CVA managed to bail on commitments and leave the Alliance holding the bag. Once more forced to flee the region, m3 moved quickly to Tribute. They would eventually become part of the Great Blue North, but Rixx was not happy about being so far from the action.

Instead he re-joined his old friends in Dion, this time in The Spire just as they began to take several systems for their own on the border with Insmother and the Russians there. It wasn't long before the Alliance they were a part of once again failed and began to fall apart. Dion decided to join the Circle-of-Two Alliance just as they... decided to invade Providence! (true story!)

So Circle-of-Two moved into Providence and began a campaign to invade Catch and Tenerifis. System after system fell before their onslaught and Rixx and the folks in Dion were there every step of the way. Large battles and small battles were fought and the situation always seemed to favor the invader, but as is often the case in the region, the enemy was only biding their time. Eventually the opposition became stronger as more and more forces showed up for every fight. One large engagement on the doorstep of HED involved dozens of Titans and thousands of players. That fight did not go our way and a strange malaise spread through-out the Alliance. Essentially Co2 gave up the fight and large chunks of the Alliance never bothered to show up again. (Out here in the real world they just went afk and didn't come back.)

Fed up with one failed Alliance after another, Dion decided to take their destiny in their own hands and form their own Alliance. And so they moved to Syndicate and started the Black-Mark Alliance. It was in Syndicate and its proximity to Low Sec that Rixx began to get a taste for the Pirate life-style. He moved Lucifer's Hammer into the Alliance as a PvP arm, and began recruiting other pilots. Before long their ranks were filled with other former Pirates and they began spending more and more time in Low Sec. Eventually the path that Black-Mark was on and the path that Lucifer's Hammer was on diverged and they decided to leave the Alliance on good terms.

Lucifer's Hammer joined Rote Kapelle and moved to a different section of Syndicate, near Ostingele. Shortly after getting settled Rote decided to make an excursion to Curse, so Lucifer's Hammer followed along. The Rote environment and the growing LH environment did not always see eye-to-eye, to say the least. From the beginning there was tension between the two parties. Eventually it all boiled down to some of the LH pilots tendency to fit small neutralizers on Vagabonds. Seriously. This issue snow-balled on forums and in fleet chat to the point that Rixx decided to leave Rote and join Ninja Unicorns with Huge Horns in Ostingele. Lucifer's Hammer was in Ninja's less than a day when one of our transport pilots was killed on the incoming gate. A huge row erupted, threats were made, and Lucifer's Hammer was kicked from the Alliance.

Lucifer's Hammer moved to Lisbaetanne in Verge Vendor and set up shop. Several other Corporations showed an interest in Lucifer's style of play and so it was decided to form an Alliance called Burn Away. We had a blast and fought alongside and with some great neighbors in the region, Tuskers, Shadow Cartel and many others. Rixx and his fellow pilots had many great adventures together. Tensions within the Alliance increased however. (Truthfully this is the time I was losing my real world business and one of my boys had to be committed to a hospital, but that's out-of-game.) The in-fighting broke up the team of Lucifer's Hammer and Rixx escaped to help some old friends down in Delve in Macabre Votum for a short time.

When he returned to Lucifer's Hammer it was no longer the same. The Alliance had broken up and the pilots had scattered to the four winds. Rixx stayed in the Corporation for awhile, hanging out in Lisb and wondering where to go next. He finally decided it was time to hand the Corporation over to Anastasia and he decided to join The Tuskers, who he had fought with and against over the past few years.

Rixx's history with the Tuskers went back years from encounters he had in Low Security space with them. He had also flown with them many times and had fought them even more often, and he always respected their pilots. KaJolo had built a solid Pirate corporation on principle and code that he could admire. It was the sort of place were he thought he could stay for a long time.

Rixx enjoyed his time in the Tuskers and learned a lot from the many great pilots he flew with there. But Tusker leadership was moving in different directions and Rixx felt very strongly that Low Sec piracy was the direction he wanted to pursue. Eventually these internal tensions erupted and from the ashes was formed a new Corporation named Stay Frosty.

Stay Frosty would be built upon the original Tusker Code that KaJolo had created and in the same spirit of old-fashioned solo and small gang piracy that they had abandoned. Immediately the Corporation caught the attention of like-minded pilots from all over New Eden and began to grow. 

Over the next few years Stay Frosty would grow to become the largest pirate corporation in all of New Eden. Soon they added other like-minded Corporations and A Band Apart was born. And they moved to Ishomilken.

Today A Band Apart is made up of amazing Corporations that each share the spirit that made Stay Frosty so successful. Each representing a different approach to the challenges of New Eden. And in 2015 ABA participated in their very first Alliance Tournament, they were eliminated in the first weekend but that only set the stage for their Top 16 finish in the 2016 AT Tournament. And 11th place finish in 2017!

Now based in Ouelletta, Stay Frosty and A Band Apart continue to haunt the space lanes all around New Eden. Hosting record-breaking events, appearing in the Alliance Tournament, and looking to bring good fights and plenty of YARRR with them wherever they go.

Stay Frosty recently celebrated its 10th year anniversary and along with other like-minded Corporations that have joined ABA, continue to be the dominant Pirate group in all of New Eden.