Battlecruiser V

Two more days.  Two more days and Rixx will have completed his longest skill train yet, the monumental Battlecruiser V.  Why monumental?  Many reasons actually, mostly because of what it represents.  First of all finishing BCV will get me into a Nighthawk shortly, which has been a goal of mine for almost a year.  Secondly it will open the door for me to finally finish Large Hybrid Turrets V which I keep putting off due to the choices I've been making in-game.  And LHTV means I can finally fully Tech 2 fit a Rokh and a Megathron.  I know, I've been putting that off for way to long.

From the beginning I've tried to take the long view with Rixx' skill plan.  I say "try" because it hasn't been easy to do so.  The one down-side to so many in-game changes, corps falling apart and corps switching alliances and starting and stopping your own corps, is that each of those changes brought their own set of priorities.  Want to start your own corp? Well then, you'll need some skills for that.  Want to put up your own POS?  Well then, you'll need some skills for that.  This Alliance favors T2 RRBS fleets, this one favors Sniper BS fleets, and this one favors HACs instead.  While I am content with Rixx' skills at this point, he does tend to be an extremely well-rounded character, I have missed out on some of the fun a more single-minded approach may have given him.

So it is nice to finally start catching up.  But once I'm in my Nighthawk and can properly fly a fully T2 fitted BS, both RR and Sniper, then what?  Do I focus on my Drone skills?  I can already use T2 Warriors, Hobs and Hammers, but should I burn to mediums and heavies?  Or do I skill up Destroyer V and go straight into Interdictors?  Or do I start cross-training Minmatar?  Or T3 and get into a Tengu?

Oh Eve, you do tempt me so.


  1. I'm right there with you although I went the covops/recon route I really love the NH and it has proven well worth the time/ISK investment. I've gone back and forth about Vulture vs. Tengu (unprobable) for actual CS functions as it really is situation dependent. Soon I begin the BSV/LHTV climb. Hehe, I got diverted to finish up some T1 frigate PvP bits to screw around in. Damned shiny internet boats!! :-)

  2. LOL I hear ya Latro. Always something that needs attention. It just never ends and I guess that is a good thing, keeps us going.

  3. Do you have a Nighthawk fitting in mind you can share?

  4. Mykola, will have to wait and see, I like to test fits out in real world situations before I settle on one or another. But certainly the NH has ship bonuses to consider, so it will be heavies in the highs and probably a neut, tank and point in mids (probably a passive and active version, depending on the situation) and then bcs in the lows, maybe a power diag depending on the fit or a dcII. Rigs probably core extenders, or resists. Will have to wait and see what the native resists are once CS is trained to lvl IV or V.

  5. And then a mission fit, which I haven't worked out yet.


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