Alliance Tournament

We've had two weekends of AT8 already and while I don't follow the Tournament religiously or anything, I have managed to either watch or catch up on all the matches.  And I have some thoughts.  This is my second Tournament and I enjoy it, think it's great and all that.  So this isn't intended to be negative at all.  But it might get that way.  Since I have no idea at the moment what I am about to write, just thought I'd say that.  Just in case.

• Announcers.  Ok, how does one get this job?  Seriously my five year old could do a better job.  Sometimes I wonder if they're even watching the same match as me.  The worst is the female announcer, and this has nothing to do with the fact that she's a woman (I like women!) but everything to do with the fact that SHE STINKS!  Good grief.  The ship that just exploded was a Thrasher!  I'm going to mail her five bucks so she can go buy a clue.  Pay attention.  It isn't difficult.

Speaking of announcers, what is with the strange biases?  When the Caldari missile based team has just kicked the Amarr laser team's ass, it might not be a good time to talk about how Caldari missile ships suck.  Maybe it's just me, but have you actually played Eve?  Look, we all make mistakes and we say things we regret, but just admit it when you do and move on.  But a Rook that warps to zero isn't a mistake when it locks down the other teams logistics ship and allows your team to win, no matter how many times you say you can't believe it.

Speaking of missile boats, funny how often they are winning these matches isn't it?

• Stealth Bombers.  Ok first of all, if you're bringing SB to the fight, at least practice bombing.  Wow, there have been some seriously fail attempts at bombing runs in this tournament.  On the other side, some teams have really used their bombers in extremely non-fail ways.  Very interesting.

Also, here's a clue.  If you have three Daredevils on your team and the other team has six SBs, those SBs should NOT survive the entire match!  Heck, I could kill six SBs in my Daredevil all by myself.  Not only do SBs launch bombs but they put out a hell of a torp volley.  Kill them quickly, they are paper-thin.

• I love the fact that someone brought three of those Freki Rifters to the match the other day!  30 billion each!  And they lived.  That was an awesome match, congrats to whoever you are.  No, I don't pay much attention to the Alliance names once the match is over.

• Sadly CVA is still alive in this tournament.  One side of me is strangely happy about it and the other side is super angry.  Which side will win?  Seeing that the happy side includes my ass is probably an indication.

• I was rooting for the Tuskers at the start of this thing and I'm saddened that they didn't make it.  But they shouldn't be, good showing guys and better luck next year.

• I wasn't rooting for RAGE, but they did ok.  Hey, I wasn't rooting against them either, I just got there.

• Thanks to Rote Kapelle for beating -A-!  Sometimes dreams do come true. Although UK also won, so boo to Agony.

I have more ranting, but I think I'll leave it till next week.  That way I can do one big yell after it's all over and PL wins again.