EON Magazine

Way back in January one of my LFA Propaganda posters appeared in an issue of EON Magazine.  In fact, several of them, although the rest were small images that were used in an article about LFA.  Which is another example of bad timing, since January was the beginning of the end for the Alliance.

The good news however, and doesn't every black cloud have a silver lining, is that Richie Zapatero (Editor) wrote me an email after that issue and we've been trading emails from time to time since then.  Like any magazine that I've ever been associated with the deadlines are brutal and while I almost made it into the last issue, the timing was just bad and the opportunity didn't happen.  Which is one reason why I dropped everything yesterday when Richie wrote me again for my help.

So the next issue of EON will have two of my pieces in it, slight alterations to work you've already seen here on Eveoganda, but different enough that they'll seem like new pieces.  This is great to me for several reasons.  First of all I respect the work that goes into producing a quality magazine and EON is a great magazine.  We are very fortunate to have such a resource and I fully support that, even from the sidelines.  Mostly however it's just cool to have some of my work featured and help the effort more directly.  It's awesome in other words.

I think this might lead to a more involved partnership in the coming months, so we'll have to see how things go.  I for one would welcome the opportunity to be of service in some small or larger way.  Just for fun of course.  I even got a mention on EON's Facebook page.  So thanks Richie for thinking of me and for the opportunity.  Best of luck with the issue.

And for anyone that wants a laugh, this Norwegian boy saved his sister with skills he learned playing WOW.  I'm not sure what real world scenario could be helped by knowing how to bubble a gate...