Howdy in Local

The past few days have seen me flying around in Empire more than I have in a long time, I'm a zero space kinda guy and I don't spend a lot of time in Empire.  But I've been moving again and this time it demands a large trek through the middle of Empire space.  A funny thing started happening as I moved through system after system and it caught me completely by surprise.  People started saying hello to me in local.  People I don't know.

And this didn't happen just once or twice, this kept happening over and over again.  Maybe a dozen or more times yesterday alone.  It began innocently enough in zero as I was flying out of the North and into Caldari space and continued through the several trips I managed to make.  39 jumps, even in hi-sec, take a long time in a Megathron.

I'm not sure that anyone that doesn't write a blog can fully appreciate how in the dark we are when it comes to our blogs.  Especially me, because I decided from the beginning not to have any sort of tracker or code that keeps track of visitors to the site.  So I have no idea how many visitors I am getting, or how many people read my words on Capsuleer, or thru an RSS aggregator, or any of the other ways you can enjoy Eveoganda.  Don't know.  To be perfectly frank and honest about it, I don't want to know.  I hope it's a lot more than six.  If more than six people are enjoying this blog, then that makes me happy.

But, I'd be an idiot if I didn't suspect that it might be much more than six.  All I have to go on are the people who leave comments (and I know it's hard for you feed people to leave comments, you're excused.) and the things that other people tell me.  Like in local.

I sincerely hope this doesn't translate into combat and suddenly your dear neighborhood blogger finds himself called primary in fights.  That would be the bad side of any popularity.  Would other pilots want to kill me because of this blog?  Is it that bad?  Yikes.  For some reason the thought of that makes me very sad.  Any enemies reading this blog just remember this, here we are all friends.  There is no red or blue or gray here on the blog, we're all some other color.  Like purple, or mauve.

To all those that said hi or will say hi to me in local, just know that I often fly AFK in Empire cause it is sooo boring.  So if I don't say hi back it isn't because I've suddenly become stuck up or arrogant, it's because I'm not really there.  But I'll see your comments when I finally dock and will get a warm fuzzy right in my chest area.  I'll smile and think nice thoughts about my fellow Eve pilots.

So thanks to the more than six people reading Eveoganda.  It makes me happy to know that someone is enjoying this crazy little blog magazine thingie, and that someone isn't only my mom.