In R.A.G.E.

M3 is now part of R.A.G.E. Alliance, which is located primarily in the Vale of the Silent region.  I know that they won their Alliance Tournament round yesterday and that they are part of the Northern Coalition, beyond that I dunno.

I'm not privy to any of the decision making decisions that went into making this decision, so obviously it is a decision that... well, how many more times can I work the word 'decision' into a sentence?  I can't decide.

I know one thing, that is a region of my map without any red dots in it.  Which means I've never been up there before, so that's exciting.  I know that it will be awesome to be a part of a new Alliance that isn't in Providence again, and that hopefully isn't fail like some I've been in.  I know I'm excited about being in my shiny new Tengu as of yesterday! (More on that later.)   I also know that M3 rocks when it comes to logistics, huge kudos for all those that made the move so professional, I'm in awe honestly.

Other than those things, this move is completely unknown and I like it.  Hopefully I'll blow something up soon, this drought is making me thirsty.