Ministry of Industry

Needless to say the last few weeks have been brutal in RJ's world, both in-game and out.  As a result I got more behind in my commission work than I like to be.  The past few days I've been working to get caught up again, but for those that are waiting please be patient.  I will get to you soon I promise.  And for anyone looking to have some work done, as always read the Art Commission link above and let me know what you need.

The Ministry of Industry (in-game channel MINISTRY LOBBY) is a Corporation dedicated to building products for the Eve market and is located in Domain.  But they operate in all regions, like Forge.  You can read more about them the usual way, by looking them up in-game.  I know they are working on a website which is currently under construction.

Hatoshi Onohira, the MOI CEO, contacted me about providing a Corp logo and a banner design for the above mentioned soon-to-be-completed website.  As usual I look for my inspiration from a variety of sources, sometimes from client requests, or ideas, but most of the time my own uniquely deranged and heavily trained mind.  In this case the words "Ministry of Industry" made me think of the brilliant movie Brazil.  A kind of Art Deco meets Big Brother Propaganda style in other words, but with a simplicity that comes from graphical moderation.  Or, in other words...

The red graphic is supposed to be symbolic of both smokestacks and a fist, denoting power thru industry.  See how much thought goes into these things?  The dark Eve sky in the background also adds a touch of mystery and ominous power to the whole affair.  Hatoshi requested a touch of gold, so the letters are lightly textured gold.

Which brings up the banner.

I did both vertical and horizontal versions of the logo, so they could be used in a wider variety of applications.  I hope the folks at MOI get years of use from the work and I'd like to thank them again for thinking of me.  As always I am honored to be of service.