I'm up to my armpits in Eve Commissions right now and I'm loving every minute of it!  Doing this work not only helps to pay for my PvP but more importantly it keeps me from losing my mind.  My life is extremely busy, at any one time I have 10-20 projects going at once.  You might think that adding more would be a bad idea, but it isn't.  It's what keeps me going, keeps me interested and gives me an outlet for trying new things.

I do appreciate everyone being patient as I work my way through the pile though.  Don't worry, your project is just as important to me as any other project.  And I will get around to you as soon as possible.  This past Holiday weekend did put me a bit behind schedule, but I'm working to catch up.

This project was another good one.  Moira.Vanguard is a Gallente faction Corporation that wanted two posters (or Wallpapers to be precise, I like the wallpaper format since it serves multiple functions) and ended up getting five.  They added one and I gave them two other alternatives.  I do that sometimes when the inspiration strikes.

This one is the base version:
Click HERE for embiggened version

This one is the fun version:

Click HERE for embiggened version

And this is the serious version:
Click HERE for the embiggened version

The other two were just variations on these, color and effects.  All in all I'm very pleased with how these turned out and can't wait to get started on the next project.  I hope you guys in Moira.Vanguard enjoy your new wallpapers and they serve you well.  Thanks again for thinking of me.  Much appreciated.