Planetary Noob

This is one of my two new Plasma Planet colonies busy producing something or other that will make something or other.  Honestly I have no idea what's going on here, but it seems to be working.  No I'm not dumb, I read through the Eve Uni stuff, watched the Eve tutorial videos, read all of my fellow bloggers posts, studied the manuals (NOT!  I've never even read a Manual, I'm officially Anti-Manual.) but I'm more of a "on-the-job" type when it comes to these things.

So, initial thoughts?

• It isn't hard once you get the hang of it.  The hardest bit is figuring out the loooong list of Schematics and how that works exactly.  Still not sure I get it, but I am making something.

• Submit.  Wow, you sure do have to push that button a lot.  Not sure why, seems if I already pushed the button to Create a Link I might be interested in creating a link.  But this is the same issue I have with my computer asking me if I'm sure I want to shut down when I just told it to shut down.

• I set two of these things up late last evening and this afternoon they were all idle.  It's easy enough to get them going again, but I can imagine that being a pain in the buttocks if you have a lot more chains going.

• It isn't as expensive as I thought it might be, but since I'm still figuring out this whole P1 to P4 thing, I'm not sure what I am actually producing can be sold on the open market.  Nor have I gotten a satisfactory answer about "how" exactly one makes other things out of the things you have, when you only have a few planets, only one thing can go into one factory and only a few things are available on any one planet.  Dunno.  Still looking into it.

This is all through Anastasia of course, Rixx is still trying to get down to zero.  It hasn't helped that I haven't had time to play him at all the last two days.  Being busy stinks.

PS: Notice how some other dude got his extractors into my colonies field?!  Damn, if only we had Dust I could walk over there and blow his stuff up.