Postcards from Rixx: Day Four

Dear Reader,

As usual my instincts have once more proven to be correct.  This morning Ana and I awoke to find both of our children missing from the apartment.  At first we believed they may have gone downstairs to be with her parents but that was quickly pushed aside when we saw the state of their quarters.  They have been kidnapped.

Ana and I both agreed to keep the local Planetary Enforcement out of this for now and handle the situation ourselves.  her parents weren't as easy to convince, but Ana talked them into going along with us for now.  If what I saw yesterday has anything to do with this, heads are going to roll.  Ushra Khan may have pushed me out of Providence but they won't hurt a single hair on my children's heads.  I can guarantee you that much.

We spent the morning tracking down those Shuttles and finally found out where they landed.  It quickly became apparent that the U'K markings were not real, and that their use was simply a subterfuge.  We may be dealing with more than meets the eye here.

The call came sooner than expected.  They want ISK of course, but something tells me there is more to this than simple ransom.  They want the drop to happen tomorrow morning.  That's fine for them, but I want my children back now.  Even if I was willing to wait, Ana would not be.

We managed to get a lock on their signal.  I hacked Combat Probe yesterday in anticipation, if you know what you're doing they make the basis for a great signal tracker.  So Ana and I are headed cross-planet now.  We'll see what happens later tonight when we get there.  Wish us luck.

Keep the courage,
Rixx Javix