Rixx Statistics

Manasi and Nashh are doing it, so I figured why not?  Statistics, love 'em or hate 'em they are part of the game of Eve.  Killboards collect your data and there really isn't much you can do about it.  I've had this talk before, so my readers know my feelings.  My kills could easily be three times what they are if I had gate camped more or trained guns sooner, or any number of other things.  But that's not my style.  What is my style you ask?  I could be flip and say my style is aggressive, but that wouldn't be the whole truth.  I take risks I shouldn't take, I jump when I shouldn't jump, I stay and fight when I should've warped away, I honor 1v1's even when the enemy doesn't, I race towards the Vaga - not away from it.  Those things have gotten me some great kills, but they've also gotten me killed more often than I should have been.

Because of all the moving around, I don't have a 100% accurate Corp killboard, so I'm using Battleclinic.  Despite its flaws it is the only relatively accurate record, mostly due to dozens of missing killmails.

Kills: 526
Losses: 172
75.36%  (I like to keep it above 75% as much as possible)

Rank: #42,372  (I was once ranked as high as 9,000, then we moved to Insmother.)

Isk Lost: 7,596,271,293
Isk Destroyed: 64,572,858,400
Success Ratio: 9:1
Average ISK Kill: 122,762,088

Lifetime Damage Inflicted: 1,931,382
Lifetime Damage Received: 924,554
Success Ratio: 2:1

Favorite Prey: Battleship
Ship lost most frequently: Capsule
Total pods killed: 27  (Being mostly a missile guy I hardly ever bother trying)

I've killed:
115 Battleships (Lost 9)
95 Battlecruisers (Lost 24)
53 HACs (Lost 2)
41 Ceptors (Lost 37)
29 Cruisers (Lost 9)
13 Combat Recons, 24 Frigates, 7 Carriers, 12 Dictors, 16 Heavy Dictors, 13 Logi, etc.

The M3 Killboard, which isn't complete, says these are my favorite ships:
Drake 103
Crow 59
Rokh 41
Taranis 26
Ares 23
Hawk 20
Harpy 18
Scorpion 17
Caracal 9
Brutix 8
Blackbird 7
Rook 7
Ferox 5
Enyo 5
Raven 2
Nighthawk 1
Daredevil 1
Falcon 1

You could add about 20 or 30 to each of these for the real numbers.  The killboard grabbed about 375 of my kills when it went live, so its missing about 200.  I have over a 100 kills in my Crow, for example.

I admit statistics are interesting and they do tell a story, just not the whole story.  I die a lot because I fight a lot and that won't change.  I really don't care about rankings, or how others view these, what is important to me is how I play the game.  Many of my deaths have come in defense of my mates, rushing to their aid or staying to fight when I could have gotten away.  That won't change.  It's just the way I am.