RJ's HUD Setup

So I went out this morning in my Rifter to set up a shot of my HUD for Logan and this post.  I don't fly the Rifter very often because I can only fit T1 cannons right now, CT to Minmitar is still down the road.  But it is a fun little frigate and sometimes I rat in it for the challenge, rats are actually hard to kill in it.  Imagine that.

Anyway, awhile ago Logan asked us to post our HUD set-ups and I forgotted until he reminded me yesterday.  And now that SOB has done it, I figured I better go ahead and do it before things get ugly.

So here is a typical example of my set-up.

Click HERE to see the full-sized version

Since I wasn't in a fleet this morning I added the fleet window from a screen shot from last year, which is why I didn't bother blurring the names in it.

I'm very lucky in that I have a huge monitor to play Eve on, so I have lots of real estate to play with.  This has some consequences when I try to play Eve on my laptop however, it feels cramped and closed-in.  But I try to avoid that.

The cool thing, I think, is that I have my windows so that if I open them all, they all fit without any overlap.  I keep local open on the side for obvious reasons, but all my other chat windows are stacked.  I'll open them individually depending on the situation, but generally speaking I like to keep them stacked and out of the way.  The same with locked targets, they start at the left and stack across to the right, if I have a full locked target list then they bump right up against the overview.  I like to keep all the active mod, target, nav windows clustered there at the bottom so they are easily reachable without much movement.  

My Places window stays open all the time.  I just recently went thru and cleaned out some of my bookmarks but you can see I have them well organized into categories - BOMB, GATE, INSTA, SAFE, SNIPER and TAC (for Tactical).  I leave it open because I am always adding bms and I like to drag them into a folder when I create them.  I do that so that when I right-click in space I can immediately see the type of bm I want.  Click, SAFE, warp.  It has saved my life more times than I can count.

My overview is broken into four main tabs - NORMAL, PVP, ANTI SUPP and MINING.  No, RJ does not mine, that overview is there to show the crap that PvPers normally don't care about, belts, cans, stuff like that.  I keep it over there so it doesn't clutter up the other views.  Normal is what I fly under when I'm just flying around.  PvP shows only pilots that are red to me and anti-supp is my fleet overview.  It isn't really anti-aupport, but its just called that.  I also have created a bunch of presets for my overviews, they are: MINING, NORMAL, PVP GENERAL, PVP REDS ONLY, PVP ANTI-FIGHTERS, PVP-BS, PVP-CAP, PVP-CRUISER, PVP-DRONES, PVP-FRIGS, PVP-LOGI, PVP-POS, PVP-TRIAGE.

Even though the fleet window is shown open, once I move into the proper wing or command position I usually close that up so only the broadcast window is open.  And finally the scan window is also always open, I wish you could set presets for it (360, 30, 15 would be helpful) but it is extremely useful when flying around trying to kill and not be killed.

So that's really it.  Only so much one can do with the way things are set-up at the moment.  I realize that some of the above might make me seem a tad anal, but I'm not at all.  To me proper preparation is extremely important and goes a long way towards helping kill things.