RJ's Journal: One Year Ago

I completely forgot about this.  Around this time last year I decided, in my infinite wisdom, that I would start keeping a daily journal or log.  The idea was to document some of the things that I was doing, so I wouldn't forget what had happened and learn from what I had done.  I only managed to keep it going for about a month before I came to my senses and stopped.  Why didn't I think of writing a blog back then?

ENTRY 5.26.09

I realized today that one of my Crow's (ZipLock) has been alive for more then three weeks, which is the longest I've had an Inty and not gotten popped.  I almost regretted noticing that as I barely escaped a red bait trap inside the F9E-DG gate today.  Half into armor before I could get away and I spent ten minutes hiding in F9E before the red blob gave up and went back to the SV5 gate.  I did get a good Harpy kill warping in to the station, someone had already gotten point, but I managed to contribute to the kill.  The Harpy kill gives me 50 kills.  Yeah!

I jumped on again later in the day for a roaming gang into Catch.  It didn't go well, we found nothing to fight all the way deep into enemy territory.  So we turned back and went into SV5 to the HED gate again.  {name removed} was our FC and I have to say that he let us down, communications were not clear and we managed to get blobbed pretty hard in HED on the SV5 gate.  I did manage to get in on a Drake kill (51) before the blob arrived, but I was burning towards the Keberze gate when the reds dropped four or five bubbles around us.  The fleet was split between gates and orders were garbled. Reds started popping around us, so I made the decision to burn to the gate and jump out.  It would be all about timing, but this time my lucky Crow let me down.  In hindsight I should have warped away to a safe spot, but that would mean leaving my fleet mates behind and that is just not my style.  So I woke up in Meetpoint in a new body minus my lucky Crow.  Oh well, I have another one fitted and ready to go.