Undocked Megathron

There she is.  Today I returned from the Memorial Day break and undocked for the first time in a Megathron.  Fully T2 fitted Sniper.  I have some more skills to finish before I can fit large blasters, but that's only a little over a week away at this point.  Isn't she purty?  Ok, not really, but this is a big moment for me in-game and I think it represents a turning point that shouldn't go unnoticed.

As a Caldari born character Rixx has been able to fly a Raven for a long time.  I can even fit a decent sniper Rokh and I'm really well skilled for a Scorpion.  (Now I can also fully T2 fit that Rokh as well.) But Caladri Battleships leave a little to be desired don't they?  The Raven is a great mission boat or PVE ship, but mostly useless when it comes to PvP combat.  The Rokh is an awesome sniper, but not much use in other applications because it is a shield boat.  Although I've heard good things about blaster Rokhs I don't see the right fleets for those.  The Scorpion is a very specialized ship and can fit into RRBS gangs rather easily, which is generally when I fly them since it was the only RRBS option I had.  Until today.

Now the Megathron is a Battleship that I can use in almost any situation that calls for a Battleship.  It works as a sniper, a blaster boat and fits perfectly into RRBS fleets or gangs.  Yeee.  So this is kinda the first real Battleship that I've been able to fly in the game.  No insult to the poor Raven, or to the awesome looking Rokh, or even to the amazingly cool Scorpion, but I think most of my readers will understand what I mean.

This is a big deal because it represents the culmination of several skill plans that I've been working on a long, long time.  Not that any skill plan is ever actually finished finished in Eve, but undocking in my Mega is the result of armor skills, gun skills, drone skills and others that came about when I started cross-training Galentee back at the end of last Summer.

So I'll be flying it around some today and showing it off some.

Oh, and it is good to back from Holiday.  Hope you missed me as much as I missed you.  Or more.