The past few weeks have been dedicated to moving, getting settled in and the myriad of logistical structures one must overcome in a new region of zero space.  I also decided to put Lucifer's Hammer into cold storage and move Anastasia into DION again and move her down to the Spire as well.  This involved moving our industrial infrastructure, gathering up the BPC/BPO assets (along with selling our Providence) and other assets and finding a way to transport them the 50 odd jumps into the middle of nowhere.

That second decision was based solely on potential, the potential industrial rewards of operating in zero far outweigh the potential of operating in high security space.  Getting the network up and running in zero is going to take some time and effort, but I believe the long-term rewards will be worth it.  And once again Ana can help Rixx buy all the cool toys he'll need.

Speaking of cool toys, I undocked my Tengu in anger on Tuesday.  The Corp organized a roam and I decided to bring my T3 along to break her in.  I remain of two minds on the issue of T3 Cruisers and after flying her for a few days I still remain that way.  I'd like to report that she went head-to-toe with some valiant enemies and prevailed, but I can't report that yet.  While she remains alive, the enemies were pathetic.  Almost all of which were small interceptors, stealth bombers and their ilk.  Although yesterday I followed a Solar Fleet gang a few jumps and managed to get her into a scrape with a Hurricane and a Drake.  They exploded and she did not.

I can report that the Interdiction Nullifier works as promised.  It is an amazing thing not being affected by bubbles, warping directly to the gate while others have to boat in for example.  The ship, despite my continuing reservations (which mostly center around the cost-power-result ratio, ie I still believe my Drake, which is far cheaper, could take it easily in a 1v1) instills a level of confidence that I haven't experienced in another ship.  When I jumped through the gate with the 20 man Solar Fleet gang I felt extremely confident that no matter what was on the other side of the gate, she could handle it.  That is an unusual feeling that I enjoyed.

The good news is that she has tasted blood finally.  The bad news is that not a single one of those kills was worthy of her.  She remains, in my mind at least, an expensive toy that will mostly remain docked until I can figure out her role in the new order.