CDM: Preparing

I have never prepared as much for one fight before!  Getting ready for the Celebrity Deathmatch has been a very interesting and unique experience.  Even if we didn't actually have a fight, it would be worth it just for everything leading up to it.  Although certainly anti-climatic and worthless.  So, not really worth it at all.  But you get what I'm typing hopefully.

Never fear it does look like we will fight after all and it looks like it will be tonight.  Baring any issues that RL might throw our way.

Last evening I hopped in my trusty Buzzard and headed out of deep null up into Empire.  39 jumps from my home system to Jita.  I figured I needed to fit up a new ship so why not Jita?  Remember, I never intended to fly Rixx back to empire - maybe ever - that's what my Alt is for.  So I hadn't been paying much attention lately to the War Dec situation.  You are way ahead of me aren't you?  I tell people all the time, I have the smartest readers!  Yes Jita was full of War Targets when I finally arrived.  Several tried to kill me but I managed to get docked up.  Then I logged for the night, figuring I'd deal with that in the morning.

So more War Targets in system this morning.  I decided to skip Jita and head to Rens to buy and fit my CDM ship.  Of course as soon as I undock they go crazy trying to kill me.  Sadly for them I am not that easy to kill.  Which isn't true, it is mostly due to the fact that my Buzzard has a Warp Core Stabilizer.  I get away and head to Rens.

I take my time and fit up my new ship, which is called DIE NASHH DIE and undock to see how everything works.  More War Targets in Rens!  They start shooting me and I dock up again.  This time though I re-think that and decide to undock and fight them, might as well test out the CDM Deathmachine and see how she does.  To my chagrin the WTs obviously saw that coming and decided to leave local.  Bummer.

Anyway, now I have jumped out to the low-sec system we'll be pounding away in later this evening and docked up.  First I made a mid-warp bookmark and shared it with Nashh.  So now we both have a warp to point in deep space.

All that's left is to wait.